Miscellaneous Technical

Miscellaneous technical

2300 ⌀ Diameter Sign
  00F8 ø latin small letter o with stroke
  2205 ∅ empty set
2301 ⌁ Electric Arrow
  from ISO 2047
  symbol for End of Transmission
2302 ⌂ House
2303 ⌃ Up Arrowhead
  005E ^ circumflex accent
  02C4 ˄ modifier letter up arrowhead
  2038 ‸ caret
  2227 ∧ logical and
2304 ⌄ Down Arrowhead
  02C5 ˅ modifier letter down arrowhead
  2228 ∨ logical or
  2335 ⌵ countersink
2305 ⌅ Projective
  22BC ⊼ nand
2306 ⌆ Perspective
2307 ⌇ Wavy Line
  2E3E ⸾ wiggly vertical line
  3030 〰 wavy dash

Ceilings and floors

These characters are tall and narrow mathematical delimiters, in contrast to the quine corners or half brackets. They are also distinct from CJK corner brackets, which are wide quotation marks.
2308 ⌈ Left Ceiling
  =APL upstile
  2E22 ⸢ top left half bracket
  300C 「 left corner bracket
2309 ⌉ Right Ceiling
  20E7 ◌⃧ combining annuity symbol
  2E23 ⸣ top right half bracket
230A ⌊ Left Floor
  =APL downstile
  2E24 ⸤ bottom left half bracket
230B ⌋ Right Floor
  300D 」 right corner bracket
  2E25 ⸥ bottom right half bracket


230C ⌌ Bottom Right Crop
  set of four "crop" corners, arranged facing outward
230D ⌍ Bottom Left Crop
230E ⌎ Top Right Crop
230F ⌏ Top Left Crop

Miscellaneous technical

2310 ⌐ Reversed Not Sign
  =beginning of line
  00AC ¬ not sign
2311 ⌑ Square Lozenge
  =Kissen (pillow)
  used as a command delimiter in some very old computers
  2BCF ⯏ rotated white four pointed cusp
2312 ⌒ Arc
  =position of any line
  25E0 ◠ upper half circle
2313 ⌓ Segment
  =position of a surface
2314 ⌔ Sector
2315 ⌕ Telephone Recorder
2316 ⌖ Position Indicator
  =true position
  2BD0 ⯐ square position indicator
2317 ⌗ Viewdata Square
  22D5 ⋕ equal and parallel to
2318 ⌘ Place Of Interest Sign
  =command key (1.0)
  =operating system key (ISO 9995-7)
2319 ⌙ Turned Not Sign
  =line marker

User interface symbols

231A ⌚ Watch
  23F0 ⏰ alarm clock
  1F550 🕐 clock face one oclock
231B ⌛ Hourglass
  =alchemical symbol for hour

Quine corners

These form a set of four quine corners, for quincuncial arrangement. They are also used in upper and lower pairs in mathematic, or more rarely in editorial usage as alternatives to half brackets.
231C ⌜ Top Left Corner
  2E00 ⸀ right angle substitution marker
  2E22 ⸢ top left half bracket
231D ⌝ Top Right Corner
231E ⌞ Bottom Left Corner
231F ⌟ Bottom Right Corner

Integral pieces

2320 ⌠ Top Half Integral
  23AE ⎮ integral extension
2321 ⌡ Bottom Half Integral

Frown and smile

2322 ⌢ Frown
  2040 ⁀ character tie
2323 ⌣ Smile
  203F ‿ undertie

Keyboard symbols

2324 ⌤ Up Arrowhead Between Two Horizontal Bars
  =enter key
2325 ⌥ Option Key
2326 ⌦ Erase To The Right
  =delete to the right key
2327 ⌧ X In A Rectangle Box
  =clear key
  2612 ☒ ballot box with x
2328 ⌨ Keyboard
  1F5A6 🖦 keyboard and mouse
  1F5AE 🖮 wired keyboard

Deprecated angle brackets

These characters are deprecated and are strongly discouraged for mathematical use because of their canonical equivalence to CJK punctuation.
2329 〈 Left-Pointing Angle Bracket
  003C < less-than sign
  2039 ‹ single left-pointing angle quotation mark
  27E8 ⟨ mathematical left angle bracket
  3008 〈 left angle bracket
232A 〉 Right-Pointing Angle Bracket
  003E > greater-than sign
  203A › single right-pointing angle quotation mark
  27E9 ⟩ mathematical right angle bracket
  3009 〉 right angle bracket

Keyboard symbol

232B ⌫ Erase To The Left
  =delete to the left key

Chemistry symbol

232C ⌬ Benzene Ring

Drafting symbols

232D ⌭ Cylindricity
232E ⌮ All Around-Profile
232F ⌯ Symmetry
2330 ⌰ Total Runout
2331 ⌱ Dimension Origin
2332 ⌲ Conical Taper
2333 ⌳ Slope
  25FA ◺ lower left triangle
2334 ⌴ Counterbore
  2423 ␣ open box
2335 ⌵ Countersink
  2304 ⌄ down arrowhead


2336 ⌶ Apl Functional Symbol I-Beam
2337 ⌷ Apl Functional Symbol Squish Quad
  2395 ⎕ apl functional symbol quad
  25AF ▯ white vertical rectangle
  2AFF ⫿ n-ary white vertical bar
2338 ⌸ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Equal
2339 ⌹ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Divide
233A ⌺ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Diamond
  26CB ⛋ white diamond in square
233B ⌻ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Jot
  29C7 ⧇ squared small circle
233C ⌼ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Circle
233D ⌽ Apl Functional Symbol Circle Stile
233E ⌾ Apl Functional Symbol Circle Jot
  229A ⊚ circled ring operator
  29BE ⦾ circled white bullet
233F ⌿ Apl Functional Symbol Slash Bar
  1019A 𐆚 roman as sign
2340 ⍀ Apl Functional Symbol Backslash Bar
  29F7 ⧷ reverse solidus with horizontal stroke
2341 ⍁ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Slash
  29C4 ⧄ squared rising diagonal slash
2342 ⍂ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Backslash
  29C5 ⧅ squared falling diagonal slash
2343 ⍃ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Less-Than
2344 ⍄ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Greater-Than
2345 ⍅ Apl Functional Symbol Leftwards Vane
2346 ⍆ Apl Functional Symbol Rightwards Vane
2347 ⍇ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Leftwards Arrow
2348 ⍈ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Rightwards Arrow
2349 ⍉ Apl Functional Symbol Circle Backslash
  29B0 ⦰ reversed empty set
234A ⍊ Apl Functional Symbol Down Tack Underbar
  =up tack underbar
  preferred naming for APL tack symbols now follows the London Convention in ISO/IEC 13751:2000 (APL Extended)
  22A5 ⊥ up tack
234B ⍋ Apl Functional Symbol Delta Stile
234C ⍌ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Down Caret
234D ⍍ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Delta
234E ⍎ Apl Functional Symbol Down Tack Jot
  =up tack jot
  22A5 ⊥ up tack
234F ⍏ Apl Functional Symbol Upwards Vane
2350 ⍐ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Upwards Arrow
2351 ⍑ Apl Functional Symbol Up Tack Overbar
  =down tack overbar
  22A4 ⊤ down tack
  3012 〒 postal mark
2352 ⍒ Apl Functional Symbol Del Stile
2353 ⍓ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Up Caret
  2BB9 ⮹ up arrowhead in a rectangle box
2354 ⍔ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Del
2355 ⍕ Apl Functional Symbol Up Tack Jot
  =down tack jot
  22A4 ⊤ down tack
2356 ⍖ Apl Functional Symbol Downwards Vane
2357 ⍗ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Downwards Arrow
2358 ⍘ Apl Functional Symbol Quote Underbar
2359 ⍙ Apl Functional Symbol Delta Underbar
235A ⍚ Apl Functional Symbol Diamond Underbar
235B ⍛ Apl Functional Symbol Jot Underbar
235C ⍜ Apl Functional Symbol Circle Underbar
235D ⍝ Apl Functional Symbol Up Shoe Jot
  2A40 ⩀ intersection with dot
235E ⍞ Apl Functional Symbol Quote Quad
235F ⍟ Apl Functional Symbol Circle Star
  229B ⊛ circled asterisk operator
2360 ⍠ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Colon
2361 ⍡ Apl Functional Symbol Up Tack Diaeresis
  =down tack diaeresis
  22A4 ⊤ down tack
2362 ⍢ Apl Functional Symbol Del Diaeresis
2363 ⍣ Apl Functional Symbol Star Diaeresis
2364 ⍤ Apl Functional Symbol Jot Diaeresis
2365 ⍥ Apl Functional Symbol Circle Diaeresis
2366 ⍦ Apl Functional Symbol Down Shoe Stile
2367 ⍧ Apl Functional Symbol Left Shoe Stile
2368 ⍨ Apl Functional Symbol Tilde Diaeresis
2369 ⍩ Apl Functional Symbol Greater-Than Diaeresis
236A ⍪ Apl Functional Symbol Comma Bar
236B ⍫ Apl Functional Symbol Del Tilde
236C ⍬ Apl Functional Symbol Zilde
236D ⍭ Apl Functional Symbol Stile Tilde
236E ⍮ Apl Functional Symbol Semicolon Underbar
236F ⍯ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Not Equal
2370 ⍰ Apl Functional Symbol Quad Question
  2BD1 ⯑ uncertainty sign
2371 ⍱ Apl Functional Symbol Down Caret Tilde
2372 ⍲ Apl Functional Symbol Up Caret Tilde
2373 ⍳ Apl Functional Symbol Iota
2374 ⍴ Apl Functional Symbol Rho
2375 ⍵ Apl Functional Symbol Omega
2376 ⍶ Apl Functional Symbol Alpha Underbar
2377 ⍷ Apl Functional Symbol Epsilon Underbar
2378 ⍸ Apl Functional Symbol Iota Underbar
2379 ⍹ Apl Functional Symbol Omega Underbar
237A ⍺ Apl Functional Symbol Alpha

Graphics for control codes

237B ⍻ Not Check Mark
  from ISO 2047
  symbol for Negative Acknowledge

Miscellaneous technical

237C ⍼ Right Angle With Downwards Zigzag Arrow

Graphics for control codes

237D ⍽ Shouldered Open Box
  from ISO 9995-7
  keyboard symbol for No Break Space
  2423 ␣ open box
237E ⍾ Bell Symbol
  from ISO 2047
237F ⍿ Vertical Line With Middle Dot
  from ISO 2047
  symbol for End of Medium

Keyboard symbols from ISO 9995-7

2380 ⎀ Insertion Symbol
2381 ⎁ Continuous Underline Symbol
2382 ⎂ Discontinuous Underline Symbol
2383 ⎃ Emphasis Symbol
2384 ⎄ Composition Symbol
2385 ⎅ White Square With Centre Vertical Line
2386 ⎆ Enter Symbol
2387 ⎇ Alternative Key Symbol
2388 ⎈ Helm Symbol
  2638 ☸ wheel of dharma
2389 ⎉ Circled Horizontal Bar With Notch
238A ⎊ Circled Triangle Down
  =interrupt, break
238B ⎋ Broken Circle With Northwest Arrow
238C ⎌ Undo Symbol

Electrotechnical symbols from IR 181

238D ⎍ Monostable Symbol
238E ⎎ Hysteresis Symbol
238F ⎏ Open-Circuit-Output H-Type Symbol
2390 ⎐ Open-Circuit-Output L-Type Symbol
2391 ⎑ Passive-Pull-Down-Output Symbol
2392 ⎒ Passive-Pull-Up-Output Symbol
2393 ⎓ Direct Current Symbol Form Two
2394 ⎔ Software-Function Symbol
  2B21 ⬡ white hexagon


2395 ⎕ Apl Functional Symbol Quad
  2337 ⌷ apl functional symbol squish quad
  25AF ▯ white vertical rectangle

Keyboard symbols from ISO 9995-7

2396 ⎖ Decimal Separator Key Symbol
2397 ⎗ Previous Page
  1F519 🔙 back with leftwards arrow above
2398 ⎘ Next Page
2399 ⎙ Print Screen Symbol
239A ⎚ Clear Screen Symbol
  20E2 ◌⃢ combining enclosing screen

Bracket pieces

239B ⎛ Left Parenthesis Upper Hook
239C ⎜ Left Parenthesis Extension
239D ⎝ Left Parenthesis Lower Hook
239E ⎞ Right Parenthesis Upper Hook
239F ⎟ Right Parenthesis Extension
23A0 ⎠ Right Parenthesis Lower Hook
23A1 ⎡ Left Square Bracket Upper Corner
23A2 ⎢ Left Square Bracket Extension
23A3 ⎣ Left Square Bracket Lower Corner
23A4 ⎤ Right Square Bracket Upper Corner
23A5 ⎥ Right Square Bracket Extension
23A6 ⎦ Right Square Bracket Lower Corner
23A7 ⎧ Left Curly Bracket Upper Hook
23A8 ⎨ Left Curly Bracket Middle Piece
23A9 ⎩ Left Curly Bracket Lower Hook
23AA ⎪ Curly Bracket Extension
23AB ⎫ Right Curly Bracket Upper Hook
23AC ⎬ Right Curly Bracket Middle Piece
23AD ⎭ Right Curly Bracket Lower Hook

Special character extensions

23AE ⎮ Integral Extension
  2320 ⌠ top half integral
  2321 ⌡ bottom half integral
23AF ⎯ Horizontal Line Extension
  used for extension of arrows
  23D0 ⏐ vertical line extension

Bracket pieces

23B0 ⎰ Upper Left Or Lower Right Curly Bracket Section
  =left moustache
23B1 ⎱ Upper Right Or Lower Left Curly Bracket Section
  =right moustache

Summation sign parts

23B2 ⎲ Summation Top
23B3 ⎳ Summation Bottom
  2211 ∑ n-ary summation

Horizontal brackets

These characters are also used as delimiters of vertical text in non-CJK terminal emulation.
23B4 ⎴ Top Square Bracket
  FE47 ﹇ presentation form for vertical left square bracket
23B5 ⎵ Bottom Square Bracket
  FE48 ﹈ presentation form for vertical right square bracket
23B6 ⎶ Bottom Square Bracket Over Top Square Bracket
  only used for terminal emulation

Terminal graphic characters

23B7 ⎷ Radical Symbol Bottom
23B8 ⎸ Left Vertical Box Line
23B9 ⎹ Right Vertical Box Line

Scan lines for terminal graphics

The scan line numbers here refer to old, low-resolution technology for terminals, with only 9 scan lines per fixed-size character glyph.
23BA ⎺ Horizontal Scan Line-1
23BB ⎻ Horizontal Scan Line-3
  scan line-5 is unified with the box-drawing graphic character 2500 ─
23BC ⎼ Horizontal Scan Line-7
23BD ⎽ Horizontal Scan Line-9

Dentistry notation symbols

23BE ⎾ Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical And Top Right
  2308 ⌈ left ceiling
23BF ⎿ Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical And Bottom Right
  230A ⌊ left floor
23C0 ⏀ Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical With Circle
23C1 ⏁ Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal With Circle
23C2 ⏂ Dentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal With Circle
23C3 ⏃ Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical With Triangle
23C4 ⏄ Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal With Triangle
23C5 ⏅ Dentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal With Triangle
23C6 ⏆ Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical And Wave
23C7 ⏇ Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal With Wave
23C8 ⏈ Dentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal With Wave
23C9 ⏉ Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal
  22A4 ⊤ down tack
  252C ┬ box drawings light down and horizontal
23CA ⏊ Dentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal
  22A5 ⊥ up tack
  2534 ┴ box drawings light up and horizontal
23CB ⏋ Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical And Top Left
  2309 ⌉ right ceiling
23CC ⏌ Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical And Bottom Left
  230B ⌋ right floor

Miscellaneous technical

23CD ⏍ Square Foot

Keyboard and UI symbols

23CE ⏎ Return Symbol
  may be shown with either hollow or filled glyph
  21B5 ↵ downwards arrow with corner leftwards
  2B90 ⮐ return left
23CF ⏏ Eject Symbol
  UI symbol to eject media

Special character extension

23D0 ⏐ Vertical Line Extension
  used for extension of arrows
  23AF ⎯ horizontal line extension

Metrical symbols

23D1 ⏑ Metrical Breve
23D2 ⏒ Metrical Long Over Short
23D3 ⏓ Metrical Short Over Long
23D4 ⏔ Metrical Long Over Two Shorts
23D5 ⏕ Metrical Two Shorts Over Long
23D6 ⏖ Metrical Two Shorts Joined
23D7 ⏗ Metrical Triseme
  1D242 ◌𝉂 combining greek musical triseme
23D8 ⏘ Metrical Tetraseme
  1D243 ◌𝉃 combining greek musical tetraseme
23D9 ⏙ Metrical Pentaseme
  1D244 ◌𝉄 combining greek musical pentaseme

Electrotechnical symbols

23DA ⏚ Earth Ground
23DB ⏛ Fuse

Horizontal brackets

These are intended for bracketing terms of mathematical expressions where their glyph extends to accommodate the width of the bracketed expression.
23DC ⏜ Top Parenthesis
  FE35 ︵ presentation form for vertical left parenthesis
23DD ⏝ Bottom Parenthesis
  FE36 ︶ presentation form for vertical right parenthesis
23DE ⏞ Top Curly Bracket
  FE37 ︷ presentation form for vertical left curly bracket
23DF ⏟ Bottom Curly Bracket
  FE38 ︸ presentation form for vertical right curly bracket
23E0 ⏠ Top Tortoise Shell Bracket
  FE39 ︹ presentation form for vertical left tortoise shell bracket
23E1 ⏡ Bottom Tortoise Shell Bracket
  FE3A ︺ presentation form for vertical right tortoise shell bracket

Miscellaneous technical

23E2 ⏢ White Trapezium

Chemistry symbol

23E3 ⏣ Benzene Ring With Circle

Miscellaneous technical

23E4 ⏤ Straightness
23E5 ⏥ Flatness
23E6 ⏦ Ac Current
23E7 ⏧ Electrical Intersection
23E8 ⏨ Decimal Exponent Symbol
  Algol-60 token for scientific notation literals

User interface symbols

23E9 ⏩ Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle
  =fast forward
23EA ⏪ Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle
  =rewind, fast backwards
23EB ⏫ Black Up-Pointing Double Triangle
23EC ⏬ Black Down-Pointing Double Triangle
23ED ⏭ Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle With Vertical Bar
  =skip to the end or next file/track/chapter
23EE ⏮ Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle With Vertical Bar
  =skip to the start or previous file/track/chapter
23EF ⏯ Black Right-Pointing Triangle With Double Vertical Bar
  =play/pause toggle
23F0 ⏰ Alarm Clock
  231A ⌚ watch
  1F550 🕐 clock face one oclock
  1F570 🕰 mantelpiece clock
23F1 ⏱ Stopwatch
23F2 ⏲ Timer Clock
23F3 ⏳ Hourglass With Flowing Sand
  231B ⌛ hourglass
23F4 ⏴ Black Medium Left-Pointing Triangle
  =reverse, back
  preferred to 25C0 ◀ black left-pointing triangle
  2BC7 ⯇ black medium left-pointing triangle centred
  1F780 🞀 black left-pointing isosceles right triangle
23F5 ⏵ Black Medium Right-Pointing Triangle
  preferred to 25B6 ▶ black right-pointing triangle
  2BC8 ⯈ black medium right-pointing triangle centred
  1F782 🞂 black right-pointing isosceles right triangle
23F6 ⏶ Black Medium Up-Pointing Triangle
  preferred to 25B2 ▲ black up-pointing triangle
  2BC5 ⯅ black medium up-pointing triangle centred
  1F781 🞁 black up-pointing isosceles right triangle
23F7 ⏷ Black Medium Down-Pointing Triangle
  preferred to 25BC ▼ black down-pointing triangle
  2BC6 ⯆ black medium down-pointing triangle centred
  1F783 🞃 black down-pointing isosceles right triangle
23F8 ⏸ Double Vertical Bar
  2016 ‖ double vertical line
23F9 ⏹ Black Square For Stop
  25FC ◼ black medium square
23FA ⏺ Black Circle For Record
  26AB ⚫ medium black circle
  1F534 🔴 large red circle

Power symbols from ISO 7000:2012

23FB ⏻ Power Symbol
  IEC 5009 standby symbol
  IEEE 1621 power symbol
23FC ⏼ Power On-Off Symbol
  IEC 5010 power on-off symbol
23FD ⏽ Power On Symbol
  use 2B58 ⭘ for power off symbol
  2B58 ⭘ heavy circle

Power symbol from IEEE 1621-2004

23FE ⏾ Power Sleep Symbol
  263E ☾ last quarter moon

Miscellaneous symbol

23FF ⏿ Observer Eye Symbol