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Afrikaans Delta

CLDR Version 33 Index

Lists data fields that differ from the last version. Inherited differences in locales are suppressed, except where the source locales are different. The collations and metadata still have a raw format. The rbnf, segmentations, and annotations are not yet included.

Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChinese ► zh_Hansafzh_HansChinees (Vereenvoudig)basic
Chinese ► zh_Hantzh_HantChinees (Tradisioneel)
Geographic RegionsAfrica202202Afrika suid van die Saharamoderate
CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: MauritaniaMRO-nameMauritaniese ouguiyaMauritaniese ouguiya (1973–2017)
MRU-nameMRUMauritaniese ouguiya
MRO-name-oneMauritaniese ouguiyaMauritaniese ouguiya (1973–2017)
MRU-name-oneMRUMauritaniese ouguiya
Middle AfricaMiddle Africa: São Tomé & PríncipeSTN-nameSTNSão Tomé en Príncipe dobra
Middle Africa: São Tomé & Príncipe: STD (old)STD-nameSão Tomé en Príncipe dobraSão Tomé en Príncipe dobra (1977–2017)comprehensive
CharactersSmileysface-neutral😒 –keywords
ontevrede gesig
🙃 –keywords
onderstebo gesig
face-negative😨 –keywords
bang gesig
😵 –keywords
duiselig gesig
face-sick🤢 –keywords
naar gesig
body🤛 –keywords
vuis links
🤜 –keywords
vuis regs
Peopleperson-role🤰 –keywords
swanger vrou
person-activity🕺 –keywords
man dans
Animals & Natureplant-flower💮 –keywords
wit blom
plant-other🌲 –keywords
immergroen boom
Food & Drinkfood-fruit🍎 –keywords
rooi appel
🍏 –keywords
groen appel
food-prepared🍲 –keywords
bak kos
drink☕ –keywords
warm drankie
Travel & Placesplace-geographic🗻 –keywords
berg foedji
place-building🏚 –keywords
vervalle huis
transport-air🛬 –keywords
vliegtuig land
Activitiesevent🎇 -namevonkstok | skitterstokkievonkstok
Objectssound🔊 –keywords
luidspreker hard
🔕 –keywords
klok verbode
book-paper📖 –keywords
oop boek
📗 –keywords
groen boek
📘 –keywords
blou boek
📙 –keywords
oranje boek
lock🔓 –keywords
oop slot
Symbols2warning🚭 –keywords
rook verbode
alphanum🔢 –keywords
invoer syfers
🔣 –keywords
invoer simbole
geometric⚪ –keywords
wit sirkel
⚫ –keywords
swart sirkel
🔴 –keywords
rooi sirkel
🔵 –keywords
blou sirkel

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