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Filipino Delta

CLDR Version 33 Index

Lists data fields that differ from the last version. Inherited differences in locales are suppressed, except where the source locales are different. The collations and metadata still have a raw format. The rbnf, segmentations, and annotations are not yet included.

Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica202fil202Sub-Saharan Africamoderate
CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: MauritaniaMRO-nameMauritanian OuguiyaMauritanian Ouguiya (1973–2017)
MRU-nameMRUMauritanian Ouguiya
MRO-name-oneMauritanian ouguiyaMauritanian ouguiya (1973–2017)
MRO-name-otherMauritanian ouguiyasMauritanian ouguiyas (1973–2017)
MRU-name-oneMRUMauritanian ouguiya
MRU-name-otherMauritanian ouguiyas
Middle AfricaMiddle Africa: São Tomé & PríncipeSTN-nameSTNSão Tomé & Príncipe Dobra
STN-name-oneSão Tomé & Príncipe dobra
STN-name-otherSão Tomé & Príncipe dobras
Middle Africa: São Tomé & Príncipe: STD (old)STD-nameSão Tomé & Príncipe DobraSão Tomé & Príncipe Dobra (1977–2017)comprehensive
STD-name-oneSão Tomé & Príncipe dobraSão Tomé & Príncipe dobra (1977–2017)
STD-name-otherSão Tomé & Príncipe dobrasSão Tomé & Príncipe dobras (1977–2017)
CharactersFood & Drinkdrink🍷 –keywords
wine glass
🍸 –keywords
cocktail glass
🍺 –keywords
beer mug
Travel & Placesplace-geographic🗻 –keywords
bundok fuji
place-religious⛩ –keywords
shinto shrine
place-other🎢 –keywords
roller coaster
🎪 –keywords
circus tent
transport-ground🚚 –keywords
delivery truck
🛵 –keywords
motor scooter
hotel🛎 –keywords
bellhop bell
Activitiesevent🎏 –keywords
carp streamer
sport🏈 –keywords
american football
🏉 –keywords
rugby football
🥊 –keywords
boxing glove
Objectssound📯 –keywords
post horn
music🎚 –keywords
level slider
computer💻 –keywords
laptop computer
🖥 –keywords
desktop computer
🖱 –keywords
computer mouse
💾 –keywords
floppy disk
light & video🎥 –keywords
movie camera
📽 –keywords
film projector
📹 –keywords
video camera
📡 –keywords
satellite antenna
money💴 –keywords
yen bill
💵 –keywords
dollar bill
💶 –keywords
euro bill
💷 –keywords
pound bill
💳 –keywords
credit card
mail📤 –keywords
outbox tray
📥 –keywords
inbox tray
office📁 –keywords
file folder
🗒 –keywords
spiral notepad
📇 –keywords
card index
📊 –keywords
bar chart
🗄 –keywords
file cabinet
other-object🛒 –keywords
shopping cart
Symbols2transport-sign🛂 –keywords
passport control
warning🚭 –keywords
bawal manigarilyo
🚯 –keywords
bawal magkalat
🚷 –keywords
bawal tumawid
arrow🔜 –keywords
soon arrow
religion☯ –keywords
yin yang
av-symbol📳 –keywords
vibration mode
other-symbol🔱 –keywords
trident emblem

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