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Changeset 14943

03/14/19 21:31:27 (9 days ago)

cldrbug 10023: Enhance "rg" value to accept regular unicode_subdivision_id

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  • trunk/specs/ldml/tr35.html

    r14941 r14943  
    26832683        <td>"uszzzz"<br> 
    26842684        <br></td> 
    2685         <td rowspan="2">The value is a <a href= 
     2685        <td rowspan="2">The value is a <span class="changed"><a 
     2686        href= "#unicode_subdivision_id">unicode_subdivision_id</a> 
     2687        of type “unknown” or “regular”; this consists of a</span> 
     2688        <a href= 
    26862689        "#unicode_region_subtag">unicode_region_subtag</a> for a 
    2687         regular region (not a macroregion), suffixed by "ZZZZ" 
    2688         (case is not significant). For example, “en-GB-u-rg-uszzzz” 
     2690        regular region (not a macroregion), suffixed 
     2691        <span class="changed">either by “zzzz”</span> (case is not 
     2692        significant) <span class="changed">to designate the region 
     2693        as a whole, or by a unicode_subdivision_suffix to provide 
     2694        more specificity</span>. For example, “en-GB-u-rg-uszzzz” 
    26892695        represents a locale for British English but with 
    26902696        region-specific defaults set to US for items such as 
    27172723        "#unicode_subdivision_id">unicode_subdivision_id</a>, which 
    27182724        is a <a href= 
    2719         "#unicode_region_subtag">unicode_region_subtag</a>concatenated 
    2720         with a unicode_subdivision_suffix.<br> 
     2725        "#unicode_region_subtag">unicode_region_subtag</a> 
     2726        concatenated with a unicode_subdivision_suffix.<br> 
    27212727        For example, <em>gbsct</em> is “gb”+“sct” (where sct 
    27222728        represents the subdivision code for Scotland). Thus 
    30413047        <p>The type name <strong>"RG_KEY_VALUE"</strong> is 
    30423048        reserved for region codes in the format required by the 
    3043         "rg" key; this is a region code from the idValidity data in 
    3044         common/validity/region.xml (with certain exclusions, listed 
    3045         below) followed by "zzzz". The excluded region codes are 
    3046         those with idStatus='unknown' and 'macroregion'; region 
    3047         codes with idStatus='deprecated' should not be generated, 
    3048         and those with idStatus='private_use' are only to be used 
    3049         with prior agreement. Thus the value for the "rg" key will 
    3050         normally be a region code with idStatus='regular' followed 
    3051         by "zzzz"; this set of values is the same as the 
    3052         subdivision codes with idStatus='unknown' from the 
     3049        "rg" key; this is a <span class="changed"> subdivision 
     3050        code with idStatus='unknown' or 'regular'</span> from the 
    30533051        idValidity data in common/validity/subdivision.xml.</p> 
    30543052        <h5><a name="SUBDIVISION_CODE" href="#SUBDIVISION_CODE" id= 
    91319129        </ul> 
    91329130      </li> 
     9131      <li><strong>Section <a href="#Key_And_Type_Definitions_">3.6.1 Key And Type Definitions</a></strong> 
     9132        <ul> 
     9133          <li>Note that the value for a region subtag "rg" is really a unicode_subdivision_id; 
     9134          extend it to also support unicode subdivision ids of type 'regular' 
     9135          (unicode_region_subtag + unicode_subdivision_suffix) in addition to those of 
     9136          type 'unknown' (unicode_region_subtag + "zzzz"): [<a href= 
     9137          "http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/ticket/10023">#10023</a>]</li> 
     9138        </ul> 
     9139      </li> 
    91339140      <li><strong>Section <a href="#Validity_Data">3.11 Validity Data</a></strong> 
    91349141        <ul> 
    91639170          shortened the table to not be a complete listing but just 
    91649171          representative examples[<a href= 
    9165           "http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/ticket/11563">#11752</a>]: 
     9172          "http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/ticket/11752">#11752</a>]: 
    91669173          <ul> 
    91679174            <li>area-dunam</li> 
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