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Status: closed (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority Component Resolution Created
#11284 Use Arabic Letter Mark instead of Right-To-Left Marker in generated bidi pseudolocale data nrunge major other-supplemental needs-more-info 6 months
#10747 Issues with the local Bangla (Bangladesh) kristi assess fix-in-survey-tool as-designed 15 months
#11566 A few problems noticed in https://www.unicode.org/cldr/charts/latest/delta/sv.html fredrik assess fix-in-survey-tool fix-in-surveytool 2 months
#11669 Streamlining emoji keywords thanks to emoji default indexing in CLDR/ICU-consuming software anybody assess emoji needs-more-info 6 weeks
#11674 Plural rules for Meadow Mari (mhr) mark medium plurals needs-more-info 6 weeks
#11631 General lenient (%) might include COMMERCIAL MINUS SIGN mark minor exemplars-etc as-designed 7 weeks
#11302 Ordinal minimal pairs for French mark trivial plurals as-designed 6 months
#11659 Units should be grouped by unit, not by unitLength shane trivial units wontfix 7 weeks
#11671 Streamlining the TTS name of the diya emoji mark trivial emoji as-designed 6 weeks

Status: reviewing (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority Component Resolution Created
#11395 Two small but annoying issues in annotations/sv.xml fredrik medium fix-in-survey-tool 5 months
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