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Status: accepted (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority Component Resolution Created
#9238 Request of separate sublocale for Old Churc Slavic language for "cu" locale anybody assess locale-codes-names 3 years
#10769 New code for Montenegrin: cnr anybody assess locale-codes-names 14 months
#11029 Number Formatting fallback anybody assess numbers 10 months
#11060 Future speculation: can autogenerate traditional chinese? pedberg assess locale-codes-names 9 months
#11198 SignWriting in French script names anybody assess locale-codes-names 7 months
#11217 change thousands separator from NBSP to NNBSP anybody assess numbers 7 months
#11423 Group separator migration from U+00A0 to U+202F kristi assess exemplars-etc 4 months
#11430 Support month name inflection for Slovenian pedberg assess datetime 4 months
#11471 Incorrect currency symbols for GBP/EUR in en-AU fredrik assess currency 3 months
#11648 Support for the Oxford comma when formatting lists anybody assess lists 6 weeks
#11653 Preformatted superscript ordinal indicators were ruled out of RBNF, should be restored to-assess assess exemplars-etc 6 weeks
#11668 Allow cldrmodify-config format files in bulk upload? anybody medium surveytool-UI 5 weeks

Status: design (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority Component Resolution Created
#10886 Consider having DAIP convert space to NBSP in time patterns anybody major datetime 12 months
#11431 Add new structure for better control of number range formatting shane major numbers 4 months
#9713 Move "standard" to "generic" anybody assess timezone 2 years
#9980 Revive time separator anybody assess datetime 2 years
#9983 Change process for updating language data rick assess infrastructure 2 years
#10421 Add more punctuation categories anybody assess exemplars-etc 19 months
#10575 Only require 4 votes for comprehensive items anybody assess surveytool-UI 17 months
#10581 Logical Group very confusing for users anybody assess surveytool-UI 17 months
#10619 Should we use CLDRFileTransformer to "fill in" bs_Cyrl? anybody assess locale-codes-names 17 months
#10674 Survey Tool should display bidi examples in both RL and default context anybody assess numbers 16 months
#10832 Many unit display names are too long anybody assess units 13 months
#11002 Overlap between Timezone and Territory names anybody assess timezone 10 months
#11018 ST: currency decimal place isn't accurate in the examples anybody assess numbers 10 months

Status: new (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority Component Resolution Created
#11667 New (12.0) geometric shape emoji are lacking the "geometric" keyword mark major emoji 5 weeks
#11082 ST: carry forward winning votes from the organization rather than individual tbishop assess surveytool-other 9 months
#11245 Wikipedia handling guideline tbishop assess surveytool-other 7 months
#11255 Measurement spacing fixes in LDML file to upload? tbishop assess surveytool-other 6 months
#11670 Diya lamp emoji should have more and different keywords mark assess emoji 5 weeks
#11425 Charts: Invisibles and confusables need to be easily checked mark medium exemplars-etc 4 months
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