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Ticket Summary Milestone Status Priority Component
#2404 LDML2ICUConverter - convert supplementalData/territoryInfo 23 closed major xxx-tools
#2733 Develop Tools to produce JSON from LDML 23 closed major xxx-tools
#3371 SupplementalDataInfo and SupplementalData need to merge 23 closed medium xxx-tools
#3921 Fix description of coverage levels 23 closed major xxx-docs
#4054 LDML2ICUConverter generated bogus values for certain punctuation characters. 23 closed critical xxx-tools
#4591 GMT-## zones aren't in pathheader or coverage 23 closed major xxx-tools
#4765 in-jar and out-of-jar usage of relative paths 23 closed major xxx-tools
#4932 Survey Tool can't find find com.ibm.icu.text in tools/java sometimes 23 closed medium surveytool-other
#4961 Old data in Language Plural Rules table 23 closed major xxx-charts
#4988 Survey Tool account creation (Welsh) 23 closed assess surveytool-other
#5101 Split the LDML specification 23 closed major xxx-spec
#5189 fix up references to specific xml files in tr35 23 closed medium xxx-spec
#5211 BRS instruction for updating currency codes is out of date 23 closed medium xxx-docs
#5213 docs: describe why zh_Hant only has "default=stroke" 23 closed medium xxx-spec
#5241 New LDML2ICUConverter: Should fail gracefully on empty Revision 23 closed medium xxx-tools
#5242 Sweep out Arabic presentation forms 23 closed medium xxx-tools
#5308 Split the LDML Spec: Part 1 23 closed major xxx-spec
#5309 Split the LDML Spec: Part2 23 closed major xxx-spec
#5310 Split the LDML Spec: Part3 23 closed major xxx-spec
#5311 Split the LDML Spec: Part4 23 closed major xxx-spec
#5331 LDML search collator: define semantics 23 closed medium xxx-spec
#5401 Split the LDML Spec: Part 6 Info and Part 7 Keyboards 23 closed major xxx-spec
#5412 More tools cleanup 23 closed minor xxx-tools
#5417 bad links? 23 closed medium xxx-spec
#5419 LDML spec prepare for release 23 23 closed assess unknown
#5460 Get rid of (prefix|postfix)@noparse RBNF variants 23 closed minor other
#5461 Provide RBNF number testing tool 23 closed minor surveytool-other
#5513 Add Georgia ISI to organizations 23 closed assess unknown
#5545 Invalid JSON in plurals.json 23 closed assess json
#5559 Can't find out progress in current release 23 closed major surveytool-other
#5560 Use smaller icon for lock 23 closed medium xxx-tools
#5583 LDML: move most of index characters description into collation part 23 closed major xxx-spec
#5586 CLDR 23 - Armenian - Changing item - Others: punctuation 23 closed medium other
#5599 UTS #35 has bogus XML reorder syntax 23 closed medium xxx-spec
#5606 Document behavior for language+region combinations not in CLDR 23 closed medium xxx-spec
#5631 "abbreviation" pattern char? 23 closed medium xxx-spec
#5649 Tool/Test cleanup; BRS work 23 closed medium xxx-tools
#5667 LDML collation normalization=off cannot sort all FCD strings correctly 23 closed medium xxx-spec
#5676 Metazone mapping description in LDML 23 closed minor xxx-spec
#5681 Update Win-Olson mapping for CLDR 23 23 closed major timezone
#5685 Improve numbering-year for Japanese RBNF 23 closed medium other
#5687 Add command-line parameters to CasingInfo 23 closed medium xxx-tools
#5690 Number Format Tester update 23 closed assess surveytool-other
#5693 Zzzz sample character U+FFFD has sc=Common not Zzzz 23 closed major other
#5694 CLDR 23 release tasks 23 closed major other
#5695 Duplicate lines in lang;pop spreadsheet 23 closed major other
#5697 Currency codes missing for many languages used in territories that have that currency. 23 closed major other
#5700 CLDR 23 - BRS activities 23 closed critical other
#5722 Ldml2JsonConverter: error in usage string 23 closed minor json
#5732 CLDRModify - does config file mods when -fk not specified 23 closed blocker xxx-tools
#5737 Error on Downloads webpage 23 closed medium other
#5738 Add tools to assist with generation of language tables in ICU 23 closed medium xxx-tools
#5742 Throw exception when invalid date parsed 23 closed assess xxx-tools
#5744 Missing English names for some keys/types 23 closed major other
#5755 <attributeValues> entries for new <timeData><hours> attributes? 23 closed medium other
#5761 tzdata2013a update 23 closed major timezone
#5763 SVN merge conflict markers left in TimeZoneFormatter.java 23 closed minor xxx-tools
#5771 CLDR 23 BRS: clean up imports / format 23 closed medium xxx-tools
#5779 Document new character/lineOrder elements in orientation 23 closed assess xxx-spec
#5788 Document the new <primaryZones> element 23 closed major xxx-spec
#5789 Document the new <timeData> element 23 closed major xxx-spec
#5790 Deprecate <timezoneData> and top-level use of <metazoneInfo> 23 closed major other
#5793 Reference to deprecated <timezoneData> in the spec 23 closed major xxx-spec
#5805 Prep newly split LDML spec parts for release 23 23 closed critical xxx-spec
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