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Ticket Summary Review Owner Status Priority Component
#4413 TestMixedScirpt problems with UScript.getScriptExtensions mark emmons closed blocker xxx-tools
#4409 Prep TR35 for release 22 update -> 21.0.1 update srl rick closed critical xxx-spec
#4410 CLDR 21 maint branch, 21.0.1 bug roll-in, tag & release emmons pedberg closed critical other
#4425 Adjust availFmts/intvlFmts data for ICU inheritance fix emmons pedberg closed critical other
#4446 tzdata2012a updates emmons yoshito closed critical other
#4467 CLDR 21 files with DOS line endings andy pedberg closed critical other
#4469 Lingala has "phonemic" collation, should be "phonetic" emmons pedberg closed critical collation
#4493 CLDR 21.0.1 release steps for UTS #35 pedberg rick closed critical xxx-spec
#993 Ireland - Start of Week chrish pedberg closed major other
#4395 Fix / flesh out Chinese calendar date format data yoshito pedberg closed major other
#4399 Ensure likely subtags / locales reasonably complete emmons mark closed major other
#4401 Two files cldr/tools/java/org/unicode/cldr/ incompatible with OpenJDK environment yoshito mark closed major xxx-tools
#4414 LDML2ICUConverter: Convert allowsParsing attribute in RBNF yoshito emmons closed major xxx-tools
#4436 Current maint-21 branch produces spurious resources for ICU emmons pedberg closed major xxx-tools
#4474 Update CLDR to near-final post-ICU49rc ICU4J libs emmons pedberg closed major xxx-tools
#4484 Fix root alias for islamic-civil emmons pedberg closed major other
#3439 LanguageMatcher: root matching root yoshito mark closed medium xxx-spec
#4012 Need way in ST to say that value is not used pedberg mark closed medium xxx-spec
#4393 LDML2ICUConverter: Support for otherNumberingSystems yoshito emmons closed medium xxx-tools
#4431 Spec and data bcp47 description bug pedberg mark closed medium other
#4110 UTS#35 (LDML) Annex N (Transforms) minor editorial bug umesh mark closed minor xxx-spec
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