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Ticket Summary Milestone Type Status Priority Component
#10146 CLDR v31.0.1 Maintenance release 31.0.1 data closed blocker other
#10125 zh: pattern "1000-count-other" shouldn't exist for Asian countries 31.0.1 data closed critical numbers
#10139 Fix collation charts 31.0.1 charts closed critical charts
#10172 Integer parseException in TestCoverageCompleteness 31.0.1 tools closed critical other
#10040 LDML2ICU: %version% ? 31.0.1 tools closed major ldml2icu
#10122 Inconsistent subdivision names in Czechia 31.0.1 data closed major other
#10126 Create full list of emoji names 31.0.1 data closed major unknown
#10127 Fix collisions in emoji names 31.0.1 data closed major unknown
#10131 Negative subpatterns in compact decimal formatting 31.0.1 data closed major numbers
#10135 availableLocales.json contains es-BZ but there's no locale content in the JSON repo 31.0.1 tools closed major json
#10162 Bulgarian number format issue 31.0.1 data closed major numbers
#10165 Workaround due to lack of CDF "from scratch" constructor 31.0.1 tools closed major numbers
#10163 Somali : CompactDecimalFormats without a zero 31.0.1 data closed minor numbers
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