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Ticket Summary Status Owner Milestone Component
#10068 Moldovan ro_MD.xml new emmons to-assess locale-create
#10102 Latin "la.xml" + "la-VA.xml" new emmons to-assess locale-create
#10384 ST users list has inconsistent terminology new tbishop 37-optional surveytool-UI
#10645 Need to fix the tooling for CDF verify charts ( BuildIcuCompactDecimalFormat.java ) once the fix for ​Icubug:13073 is in place. new mark 36-optional charts
#10651 Review and clarify the criteria for metazone new yoshito to-assess timezone
#10693 Prevent vetter changes for spacing needs in Date & Time combo format new pedberg assessed datetime
#10709 Finnish negative decimals are not parsed with a hyphen sign new emmons to-assess numbers
#10720 update test to check for dead pathdescription links new srl to-assess infrastructure
#10725 Add Language Acholi ach_UG new emmons to-assess locale-create
#10732 Burmese sorting fix for canonically ordered text new markus to-assess collation
#10736 Kazakhistan switching to Latin new emmons to-assess locale-create
#10746 Add territory to Occitan (oc) new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#10876 en-XA pseudolocalizer converts space into EM-spae new srl to-assess infrastructure
#10879 Aragonese new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#10892 JSON npm packages are not valid modules new emmons to-assess json
#10952 Please add Moksha language to CLDR new emmons to-assess locale-create
#10953 Please add Skolt Sámi language to CLDR new emmons to-assess locale-create
#10963 Request to add new locale: Aragonese (an) + sumission of original core data new emmons to-assess locale-create
#10964 Fix info for Spanish (es) in Philippines (PH) new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#10965 Add language to Canada(CA) new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#10966 Add language to Russia(RU) new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#10967 Runic German? new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#10988 Please add Altay to CLDR new emmons to-assess locale-create
#10991 Primary name of crh should be "Crimean Turkish" rather than "Crimean Tatar" new pedberg assessed locale-codes-names
#11004 Change [lg] from Ganda to Luganda new pedberg assessed locale-codes-names
#11020 TR35 - fix redirections of some links new pedberg to-assess docs-spec
#11021 Corrections relating to Ogham in the Likely Subtags chart new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#11022 Add territory (Canada) to Punjabi (pa) new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#11026 Ship derived data files based on the output of DTDData new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11043 Two meta zone in active use (Turkey and Urumqi) do not have display name new yoshito to-assess timezone
#11058 Confusing example in part 4, example 7.1 new pedberg assessed docs-spec
#11059 cldr-json licensing metadata is incorrect new emmons to-assess json
#11082 ST: carry forward winning votes from the organization rather than individual new tbishop discuss surveytool-other
#11084 Metazones missing for Barnaul, Kirov, and Tomsk new yoshito to-assess timezone
#11101 UNicode report of kMandarin errors for U+8BBD, U+8BC6 new markus assessed collation
#11105 CheckWidths fix? new pedberg to-assess surveytool-warnings
#11131 put cldr-apps revision in the .war manifest? new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11136 Document Import of Winning votes to a locale you no longer have contribution rights new fredrik to-assess docs-site
#11180 A number format value in some locales new emmons to-assess numbers
#11208 Enhance Gear > List … Users > Download .csv new tbishop discuss surveytool-UI
#11239 CLDR Data stability guideline is inappropriate and should be discarded new fredrik to-assess docs-site
#11245 Wikipedia handling guideline new tbishop discuss surveytool-other
#11247 Percent and permille displaying with a breakable space new emmons to-assess numbers
#11248 Sections BCP47 & Supplemental show up in ST, but are empty new tbishop discuss surveytool-other
#11253 Survey Tool automatic page reload compromises efficiency new tbishop discuss perf
#11255 Measurement spacing fixes in LDML file to upload? new tbishop discuss surveytool-other
#11264 Symbol narrow of currency DKK new emmons to-assess json
#11266 E-Mail Alerts from CLDR new fredrik to-assess docs-site
#11267 Typography section not so typographic new fredrik to-assess docs-site
#11274 Collision error not flagging both items new mark 36 exemplars-etc
#11275 Examples for Scottish Gaelic plurals are wrong because the data from the Survey Tool has not been implemented new emmons to-assess numbers
#11279 Suppress Warnings new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11280 Review New and English Changed in priority items new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11281 chn should be renamed to "Modern Chinook" new pedberg assessed locale-codes-names
#11286 Ability to add a TC flag or similar to 8 vote items new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11291 Please review several entries for Spanish (es) in Numbers | Compact_Decimal_Formatting new emmons to-assess numbers
#11301 Issues in the Arabic data of Displaying Lists new kristi 36-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#11305 Bug tracker newTicket page should display preview new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11306 Can't vote for Alphabetic_Information new fredrik to-assess docs-site
#11315 Ambiguity regarding exponential and superscriptingExponent new pedberg assessed docs-spec
#11328 Investigate whether bidi marks (LRM, RLM) are needed with plus & minus sign in Hebrew new emmons to-assess numbers
#11333 Clarify/fix Alphabetic sets new mark 36-optional surveytool-examples-daip
#11339 Punctuation needs categorization like letters (in Core data / Alphabetic information) new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11353 Clean up tests new pedberg to-assess surveytool-warnings
#11355 Number separators and date format for Swiss territory new emmons to-assess numbers
#11358 Add test: Bad names for ky new pedberg to-assess locale-codes-names
#11363 Unit minute is not localized in hu-HU new shane to-assess units
#11364 Hint being shown inline in survey tool new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11368 Enable Survey Tool features even when RO new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11375 Start date for the Meiji era is wrong for the Japanese Calendar new yoshito to-assess datetime
#11389 unusual spaces in data new shane to-assess units
#11393 Wrong Italian Language Plural Rule new mark to-assess plurals
#11394 Modify CLDRModify to only result in changed files new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11404 Address missing Core data: change coverage, add collation new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11407 fr: Spelt out date past 1999 should use multiples of a thousand new emmons to-assess numbers
#11419 frisian (fy) collation differs from root collation new markus to-assess collation
#11425 Charts: Invisibles and confusables need to be easily checked new mark discuss exemplars-etc
#11442 Wrong alphabet order in KAB locale new markus to-assess collation
#11452 Specify cutoff between "small" and "normal" unitPreferences new shane to-assess units
#11464 Also change displayName for fathom from fm to fth in various locales? new shane to-assess units
#11468 ST: give vetters more control of importing old votes new tbishop to-assess surveytool-other
#11480 Likely script for Tai Dam [blt] and Tai Dón [twh] new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#11481 Vague language and incorrect examples in UTS #35 LDML, Part 6: Supplemental, Section 2.1 Supplemental Territory Containment new pedberg to-assess docs-spec
#11562 Hindi (hi) spelling of October should use ट (TTA) instead of त (TA) new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11567 Nahuat Pipil (ppl) new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#11569 en: Use exonym for Bengali (bn) language and ( instead of endonym new pedberg to-assess locale-codes-names
#11581 XOF and XAF currencies doesn't have the same symbol new emmons assessed currency
#11583 Add "lastRelease" directory for unittest server new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11585 migrate to maven new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11586 IDR, COP, HUF, PKR, RSD, VND : # of default fractional digits should be 0 instead of 2 ? new emmons to-assess currency
#11587 Suspected inappropriate unit split new shane to-assess units
#11588 Possible Coverage optimizations new tbishop to-assess perf
#11590 Changing e-mail address produces error upon password reset new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11594 RO Units - Digital: byte/byți vs. octet/octeți new shane to-assess units
#11595 Duration units for en-AU, en-CA do not need a full stop new shane to-assess units
#11599 The common unit for wind speed is m/s not km/h new shane to-assess units
#11600 Remove commenting out for liter-per-mile-scandinavian new shane to-assess units
#11601 mile-scandinavian is commonly used in SE&NO new shane to-assess units
#11602 More dimensionless units: basis-point, percentage-point new shane to-assess units
#11603 Literacy in Lanna script new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#11606 Add header & page information for translators new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11609 Consolidate placeholder testing new shane to-assess units
#11617 Consider fleshing out locale info new pedberg to-assess docs-spec
#11618 Change {0}, {1}… to ⓪,①,②, ?? new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11619 Use NNBSP as grouping in Root? new emmons to-assess numbers
#11627 Error in change detection new pedberg to-assess locale-codes-names
#11628 Short name may not be different from long name new pedberg to-assess locale-codes-names
#11629 Speed up auto-import? new tbishop to-assess perf
#11640 Request for North Frisian (frr) new emmons to-assess locale-create
#11645 Identical units new shane to-assess units
#11646 Enhanced support of bulk submission during partial or full survey new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11647 Please add HTTPS and HSTS new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11649 Precipitation measured in length/time, not just length new shane to-assess units
#11660 Filter timezones and metazones new yoshito to-assess timezone
#11663 Needed button to get cc-ed somebody on tickets that he or she is not the reporter of new srl to-assess infrastructure
#11665 Appropriateness of short and narrow display names of units new shane to-assess units
#11670 Diya lamp emoji should have more and different keywords new mark discuss emoji
#11672 Feature Request: "Dismiss" button on the Dashboard new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11673 Unable to use spellchecker in the Survey Tool new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11675 The Hindu Temple emoji is lacking keywords new mark to-assess emoji
#11678 Need <territoryInfo> data for English in AE (UAE) new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#11683 “Pinching hand” emoji is ill-named, misleading localizers new mark to-assess emoji
#11687 ST code maintenance Update to newer version of dojo new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11696 Priority items / Dashboard new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11706 Gender-specific emoji should have same keywords as gender-neutral, plus gender new mark to-assess emoji
#11707 U+1F9C3 beverage box emoji extended keyword set new mark to-assess emoji
#11709 Issue with warning: "Needed to meet basic coverage level" new tbishop to-assess surveytool-other
#11711 Emojification transforms U+2B55 HEAVY LARGE CIRCLE to red ring new mark to-assess emoji
#11713 Emojification strategy should be user experience optimized new mark to-assess emoji
#11716 Upper limit of emoji keyword number new mark to-assess emoji
#11717 Day Periods for Javanese new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11718 Emoji design underspecification compromises interoperability, accessibility, and UX consistency new mark to-assess emoji
#11723 No possibility to add missing items w/ warning "needed to meet modern coverage level" new pedberg to-assess surveytool-warnings
#11725 cldr-core supplemental/languageMatching.json seems to be missing most information new emmons to-assess json
#11726 en_HN locale should be added for English in Honduras new emmons to-assess locale-create
#11727 Additional wording needed to complete the wording for item 151, the vulcan hand gesture. new mark to-assess emoji
#11743 Taiwan wrong name in all languages new pedberg to-assess locale-codes-names
#11745 Hungarian ordinal, incorrect new mark to-assess plurals
#11756 Add more countries using Islamic calendar in <calendarPreferenceData> new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11759 Waffle emoji needs all keywords listed in the proposal new mark 36-optional emoji
#11770 Explicit mention the difference about key between RFC6067 and UTS35 new pedberg 36 docs-spec
#11778 Avoid NullPointerException for email in reset.jsp new tbishop to-assess surveytool-other
#11779 Fix and detect redundant negative sub-patterns in number formats new emmons to-assess numbers
#11784 take Mong out of historic new tbishop discuss surveytool-UI
#11789 Adding a new local for the Kazakh language new emmons to-assess locale-create
#11790 Adding a new local for the Kazakh language new emmons to-assess locale-create
#11792 Incorrect example for significant space in number patterns new pedberg to-assess docs-spec
#11798 Access to Priority Items Summary for Manager Accounts new tbishop discuss surveytool-UI
#11801 Track number of disputes and forum responses in ST new tbishop discuss surveytool-other
#11808 typography names alts are not obvious in the survey tool new tbishop to-assess surveytool-other
#11812 Contribution level communciation to cldr users and survey tool vetters new kristi 36 docs-site
#11815 The Hebrew plural rules are wrong new mark to-assess plurals
#11816 The Hebrew plural rules are wrong new mark to-assess plurals
#11820 languagePopulation info for FO Faroe Islands new rick to-assess locale-demographics
#11822 Survey tool UI issue when not all vetters are participating new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11825 Bad reference to type="tense" new mark to-assess other-supplemental
#11831 BRS: faulty test for timeSeparator new pedberg 36 datetime
#11840 Collation weight for composed characters new markus to-assess collation
#11848 Missing language aliases for deprecated ISO 639-3 codes new mark to-assess other-supplemental
#11849 New approach to preventing cross-script inheritance new emmons to-assess locale-create
#11852 Wrong currency symbol position in IT locale new emmons to-assess currency
#11858 Corrections in the Odia data new mark to-assess surveytool-examples-daip
#11862 Consider changing the standard time formats in en_001 to use H new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11865 Some units missing from By-Type charts new fredrik to-assess docs-site
#11866 Log who imported old votes manually new tbishop 36-optional surveytool-other
#11869 Support 10h45 format for French times of day new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11874 Include subdivision into Json data new emmons to-assess json
#11875 Incorrect data for British English date format new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11876 Plural rules for Cornish (kw) new mark UNSCH plurals
#11879 Treat macroregions differently (split from 10938) new mark 36 locale-codes-names
#11880 Elevate awareness of parentLocale to implementers (split from 10938) new mark 36 locale-codes-names
#11881 Add keywords for groups? (split from 11667) new mark discuss emoji
#11882 Provide better name for Hinglish, etc. new pedberg 36 locale-codes-names
#11883 hours preferences for some English locales is incorrect new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11884 ES Spanish Language populationPercent is way off for PY Paraguay new mark to-assess other-supplemental
#11885 FR French Language populationPercent is way off for CD Congo new mark to-assess other-supplemental
#11886 FR French Language officialStatus is incorrect for SY Syria new mark to-assess other-supplemental
#11887 FR French Language populationPercent is way off for HT Haiti new mark to-assess other-supplemental
#11888 FR French Language populationPercent is way off for DJ Djibouti new mark to-assess other-supplemental
#11890 Likely subtags for S. America (und-005) new pedberg UNSCH locale-codes-names
#11891 Investigate issues with coverage/ST display for short zone GST in en_AE, ar new yoshito to-assess timezone
#11897 Consider fixed list of paths for all locales new srl assessed infrastructure
#11900 Provide CLDRFileFilter for memory reduction new srl assessed infrastructure
#11905 en-AU currency symbols new emmons to-assess currency
#11906 HUF corrections new emmons to-assess currency
#11913 Azerbaijani (az) plural minimal pairs are wrong new mark to-assess plurals
#11920 More parentage information needed for Portuguese locales new roozbeh 36 other-supplemental
#11921 v36 Information hub content new kristi to-assess docs-translation-guide
#11931 Consider removing --makefile option from LDML2ICUConverter new mark to-assess ldml2icu
#11932 CLDR needs test that standard time format time cycle matches timeData preferred value new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11939 fa, persian calendar formats fall back to generic which has wrong comma new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11940 Comments on emoji names for people holding hands, from Kent new mark to-assess emoji
#11941 Currency is wrong in Belgian dutch new emmons to-assess currency
#11942 More enhancement to -rg nehavior and spec new pedberg to-assess docs-spec
#11943 Implement automated testing for Survey Tool table updating new tbishop to-assess surveytool-other
#11946 Latvian narrow/short days and Latvian State Language Centre prescription new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11947 Exclude anonymous users from tc-emaillist new tbishop to-assess surveytool-other
#11949 Revise Survey Tool status icons to clarify inheritance new tbishop to-assess surveytool-UI
#11950 Send clickyLink.href instead of inheritedLocale and inheritedXpid to the client new tbishop to-assess surveytool-other
#11956 Clean up spec (canonicalization, ABNF,…) new mark assessed docs-spec
#11958 unitsShort/digital-gigabit needs to be fixed for Malayalam new shane 36 units
#11960 Split from ticket 11251 enable Collabor impact asessment new tbishop to-assess surveytool-other
#11974 zh_Hant/yue data for "quarter - wide" and "months - wide" should use character new pedberg to-assess datetime
#11982 lv.xml collation missing char from ordering new markus to-assess collation
#11989 Keep ↑↑↑ in trunk new mark 36 infrastructure
#11994 Review localeId display names new pedberg to-assess locale-codes-names
#11995 Symbol for HRK in hr new emmons to-assess currency
#11996 Hanifi Rohingya new emmons to-assess locale-create
#11998 Locale correction for country Nepal new emmons to-assess numbers
#12004 Clean up keyboard ids, fix test new mark assessed charts
#12010 Add new plural operand to CLDR / ICU new emmons to-assess numbers
#12011 Update Cantonese plural rules new mark to-assess plurals
#12012 Consistency check between territory/timezone names new pedberg to-assess locale-codes-names
#12013 Extended grapheme support for tamil language new mark to-assess segmentation
#12016 Verify consistency when generating vxml new tbishop to-assess surveytool-other
#12017 could not add Foreign Key constraint to DBUtils.Table.REVIEW_HIDE new pedberg to-assess surveytool-warnings
#12018 I want to change some tools in my account new mark to-assess keyboards
#12019 Bug? Bulgarian bg locale currencyFormat has no grouping sizes new emmons to-assess numbers
#12020 Speed up DataSection.getExampleBuilder by not recreating for each http request new tbishop to-assess perf
#12021 Continue performance profiling of ConsoleCheckCLDR new tbishop to-assess perf
#12023 Speed up LogicalGrouping.getPaths by returning null instead of empty collection new tbishop to-assess perf
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