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Owner: tbishop (37 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Priority Milestone Component Keywords
#11103 Vote Status informaiton for sub locales are carried over from the main locale accepted critical 35 survey-backend inheritance
#11157 ST: sub-locales are not showing emoji code identifiers accepted critical 36 survey-backend
#11488 Implement new Survey Tool automated test framework and infrastructure accepted critical 35 survey-backend automated integration performance testing
#11517 ST: Import of losing votes accepted critical 35 survey-frontend
#11571 Avoid rebuilding entire table on Survey Tool update new critical 35-optional survey-frontend
#10990 Fix synchronize (threading) accepted major 35 survey-backend performance
#11121 "voting participation" hard to get to accepted major UNSCH survey-frontend voting participation
#11148 New translation added is not visible on main data entry page accepted major UNSCH survey-backend STP1
#11161 Add wildcard locale to ST URLs accepted major 35 survey-backend
#11186 ST admin: need to vote transfer tool to look farther back accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#11238 browser console shows error message, there is INHERITANCE_MARKER without inheritedValue accepted major 35 survey-backend
#11261 Voting for winning Flagged item is disallowed accepted major 35 survey-backend inheritance
#11270 Use floating point instead of integers for vote counts accepted major 35 survey-backend
#11276 check-mark indicating my votes is shown accepted major 35 survey-backend
#11283 Make regular automated backups of Survey Tool database design major UNSCH survey-backend
#11312 Make all id attributes unique for valid html in SurveyTool accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#11385 Favor the last-release value in Survey Tool tie-breaking accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#11172 CLDR code names plural, English name singular, translated name which of both? new assess UNSCH survey-frontend
#11182 st: strange crash in German (smoketest) accepted assess UNSCH survey-frontend
#11208 Enhance Gear > List … Users > Download .csv new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11236 Improve the Information Panel new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11251 Survey tool voting on Alphabetic info for Tajik doesn't work accepted assess 35 survey-backend
#11272 Accurate digital representation of French boycotted though Unicode-conformant new assess UNSCH survey-frontend
#11279 Suppress Warnings new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11280 Review New and English Changed in priority items new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11289 Adding code point scalar values in LDML new assess UNSCH survey-frontend
#11290 Survey tool log accepted assess 35 survey-backend
#11296 Request for correction of typo in two items in fr new assess UNSCH survey-frontend
#11298 SurveyTool displays wrong inheritance markup, confusing vetters new assess UNSCH survey-frontend
#11303 Fixing remaining errors in French new assess UNSCH survey-frontend
#11364 Hint being shown inline in survey tool new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11368 Enable Survey Tool features even when RO new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11420 Fix inconsistent methods of getting Bailey value in Survey Tool design assess to-assess survey-backend
#11524 Coverage:Comprehensive obfuscated in documentation and communication, while useful goal new assess UNSCH survey-backend
#11151 NPE during setup prevents ST setup from scratch accepted medium 35 survey-backend
#11495 Further fixes for LocaleCoverageLevel accepted medium 35-optional locale-codes
#11482 Cleanup API for useKeywordAnnotationVoting accepted minor 35 survey-frontend

Owner: frontend (38 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Priority Milestone Component Keywords
#7306 clipping problems in tool accepted major UNSCH survey-frontend STGen
#8722 ST: consistent colors for aliases accepted major 35-optional survey-backend Inheritance
#9326 Survey tool left nave BCP47 and Supplemental reviewfeedback major 35 survey-frontend STGen
#9554 inherited nits accepted major 35-optional unknown Inheritance
#9560 spurious 'account is locked' for guest users accepted major 35-optional survey-frontend STGEN
#9888 Survey tool: Dashboard gets trapped in threading/caching problems accepted major 35-optional survey-backend Dashboard
#9998 Auto import inherited votes design major 35-optional unknown Voting
#10366 The website takes about +10 seconds to register the input. accepted major 35-optional survey-frontend Performance
#11162 CLDR view not updated of votes on behalf of me accepted major UNSCH survey-backend STGEN
#7569 TRY-symbol-narrow in Currencies is corrupted accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend Voting
#9422 admin panel - missing tabs accepted assess 35-optional unknown AdminUI
#9463 Activity vs Vot count accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend AdminUI
#9473 Remove votes for codes in alt values. accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend STGEN
#9577 ST: Color description key pointer accepted assess UNSCH survey-frontend Inheritance
#10264 Reply from old forum post has a dangling parent ID accepted assess 35-optional unknown Forum
#10326 Survey tool: Jump to first abstaining vote accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend Voting
#10484 Add more tracking data design assess 35-optional unknown Dashboard
#10528 Assamese Error shown in Dashboard does not show in the data point accepted assess 35-optional unknown Dashboard
#10533 Ability to close a forum thread accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend Forum
#10682 ST: display of ' ' (quotation) in the Winning column is inconsistent design assess 35-optional unknown Voting
#10865 Dashboard suggestion: breakdown of categories accepted assess 35-optional survey-backend Dashboard
#10866 Dashboard suggestion for New accepted assess 35-optional survey-backend Dashboard
#7629 Translation hint is clipped and unreadable accepted medium UNSCH survey-frontend Voting
#8725 ST: Flexible notification? accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend STGEN
#9380 don't show "4 votes required" if locale is locked accepted medium 35-optional survey-frontend Voting
#9432 After add-user function, ST gives no feedback on send-password function accepted medium 35-optional survey-frontend AdminUI
#9969 Previous data is not indicated with a star in the Survey Tool design medium 35-optional unknown Voting
#10261 Old forum post date/time stamp takes you to the curren Forum page accepted medium 35-optional survey-frontend Forum
#10268 Survey tool clips "news message" accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend STGEN
#10340 Survey Tool should hand-craft e-mail for better targeting of errors accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend STGEN
#10562 ST: when English value isn't available display <not available in english> (Frontend) design medium 35-optional survey-frontend STGEN
#9415 Survey tool: dashboard is not loading (improve error message) accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend Dashboard
#9417 Shared Locale Data - CLDR 30 - Round 1 - No Radio Buttons for "Core Data/Alphabetic Info" accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend Voting
#9423 no tests for VettingViewer itself? accepted minor 35-optional other-unittest Dashboard
#9576 TC member could not set user to Expert accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend AdminUI
#9886 Survey tool: need a dashboard filter to show all abstained votes for the user accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend Dashboard
#10256 ST: clicking on language from the forum page does not go back to the language accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend Forum
#10269 General forum post appends "Re:" in the Subject line accepted minor 35-optional survey-frontend Forum

Owner: backend (25 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Priority Milestone Component Keywords
#7428 Freeze collators (the only trunk change was reverted) accepted major UNSCH infrastructure working
#8689 During vetting, have fast path design major UNSCH survey-frontend Voting
#9584 "Manager" can't see "Priority Items Summary" accepted major 35-optional survey-backend Reporting
#10363 Disallow pt_BR, &c. in vetter locales accepted major 35-optional survey-frontend
#10462 users being blocked from creating tickets accepted major 35-optional infrastructure
#10564 Logical groups that generate errors should be in same coverage level accepted major 35-optional unknown
#10773 For Errors on the Priority items, show comprehensive accepted major 35-optional survey-frontend Reporting
#11007 How to best accomodate working with New emoji for vetters accepted major 35-optional emoji
#9841 convert users.xml into a .csv accepted assess 35-optional survey-backend
#9970 Separate data and tools design assess 35-optional unknown
#10325 ST users list view should have search function accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend AdminUI
#10485 Automatically import votes design assess 35-optional unknown Voting
#10572 Consistent error counts design assess 35-optional unknown Dashboard
#10591 ST: Tooltip for <not available in english> English column (Backend) accepted assess 35-optional unknown Voting
#10595 Distinguish dependent errors from others design assess 35-optional unknown
#11226 ST: Survey Tool is down with SQL exception accepted assess 35-optional survey-backend
#11228 ST: notify TC members of responses in the forum accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend
#7984 survey: tomcat -> j2ee design medium UNSCH survey-backend
#9382 Flag if the parent value has changed accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend
#9435 reword ST's emails to not get caught by spam filters accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend STGEN
#9548 Consider making alt values do auto aliasing accepted medium 35-optional unknown
#9830 Cleanup for Ticket 6301 accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend
#9879 Update keyboard extractor accepted medium 35-optional keyboards
#10063 Tool for gathering UN, EU, EZ lists design medium 35-optional unknown
#10183 Fix XPathParts() accepted medium 35-optional infrastructure
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