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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#3997 Fill in country language user percentages to total nearer 100% in supplemental data accepted rick major UNSCH other-supplemental
#7326 Survey Tool action for send-password should give better feedback accepted srl major UNSCH surveytool-other
#2526 Create a process page for adding new locales accepted anybody assess UNSCH to-assess
#9735 Research and add pop figures for Hmong. accepted rick assess UNSCH other-supplemental
#10325 ST users list view should have search function accepted backend assess 37-optional surveytool-UI
#11012 TR35 - numbers section, possible link update accepted pedberg assess UNSCH docs-spec
#11020 TR35 - fix redirections of some links new pedberg assess to-assess docs-spec
#11590 Changing e-mail address produces error upon password reset new srl assess to-assess infrastructure
#7928 ST needs better feedback in add/manage user actions accepted srl medium UNSCH surveytool-UI
#8261 A row has zero height in table "Scripts, Languages, and Territories" accepted mark medium UNSCH charts
#8511 Revamp "List Users" ( ST User Management page) accepted srl medium UNSCH surveytool-UI
#8636 Sending e-mail from ST after changing e-mail address in ST doesn't work accepted srl medium UNSCH surveytool-other
#9432 After add-user function, ST gives no feedback on send-password function accepted frontend medium 37-optional surveytool-UI
#10340 Survey Tool should hand-craft e-mail for better targeting of errors accepted frontend medium 37-optional surveytool-other
#2371 rewrite PRODUCTION SurveyTool organization field with strict enum values accepted srl minor UNSCH surveytool-other
#8981 Stray reference to "cldr.css" in tr35-numbers.html accepted emmons minor UNSCH docs-spec
#10384 ST users list has inconsistent terminology new tbishop minor 37-optional surveytool-UI
#10385 Do we really need those Gravatar images in ST? accepted tbishop minor 37-optional surveytool-UI
#10474 Check / update Scottish Gaelic pop/literacy accepted rick minor UNSCH locale-demographics
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