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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5839 JSON: use a standard library for JSON output accepted srl enhancement major upcoming
#10044 SupplementalDataInfo fails when default locale ≠ en-US accepted emmons tools major upcoming
#9061 CLDR JSON data only includes crucial information in dictionary keys design emmons data assess UNSCH
#9062 CLDR JSON data only encodes characters and ranges as UTS #35 UnicodeSet design emmons data assess UNSCH
#8926 Ldml2JsonConverter Directory creation issue when no package is selected accepted emmons tools medium UNSCH
#10021 Missing time zone aliases in JSON accepted emmons tools medium upcoming
#10397 missing data on languageMatching in JSON distribution accepted emmons tools medium upcoming
#10743 CLDR 32 availableLocales.json includes invalid locale "yue" accepted emmons data medium 33
#10860 Failed to build JSON for CLDR 32.0.1 accepted emmons tools medium 33
#6047 JSON: manifest files accepted emmons enhancement minor UNSCH
#7880 parallelize ldml2json converter accepted emmons unknown minor UNSCH
#9695 Describe how to use the tools for POSIX and JSON accepted emmons docs minor upcoming
#10181 JSON Generating missing some version info accepted emmons tools minor upcoming
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