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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Created
#4648 delete old LDML2ICUConverter & pull out pieces called from other tools accepted anybody major UNSCH 7 years
#6628 Daylight / Standard patterns missing from ICU accepted anybody major UNSCH 6 years
#6651 Fix ant dependencies in NewLDML2ICUConverter accepted srl major UNSCH 6 years
#8221 Enhance TestLdml2ICU accepted pedberg major UNSCH 4 years
#8348 cachRounding not being transferred to ICU accepted travis major UNSCH 4 years
#10048 changes to LDML2ICUConverter to support ICU building improvements accepted srl assess 36-optional 2 years
#11931 Consider removing --makefile option from LDML2ICUConverter new mark assess to-assess 5 weeks
#6676 Change unittest to verify all CLDR data copied to ICU accepted anybody medium UNSCH 6 years
#6812 Have aggressive minimalization in LDML2ICU accepted anybody medium UNSCH 5 years
#6983 Add defaultContent to LDML2ICU conversion accepted anybody medium UNSCH 5 years
#6984 Add missing alias data to LDML2ICU converter accepted anybody medium UNSCH 5 years
#7087 NewLdml2IcuConverter accepted anybody medium UNSCH 5 years
#8046 ICU: curr directory has th_TH_TRADITIONAL with calendar entry accepted pedberg medium UNSCH 4 years
#8134 remove LDML2ICU converter design srl medium UNSCH 4 years
#8413 Instrument RegexLookup for detecting multiple hits accepted mark medium UNSCH 4 years
#9215 LDML2ICU Segmentation output issue accepted srl medium UNSCH 3 years
#10141 Add filter to remove some data from ICU design mark medium 36 2 years
#6864 Get shorter minimal pairs accepted anybody minor UNSCH 5 years
#7095 Review escaping in LDML2ICUConverter accepted markus minor UNSCH 5 years
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