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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Created
#11083 en: Swaziland has changed their name to eSwatini reviewing pedberg critical 35 10 months
#11199 Macedonia [FYROM] changing name to Republic of North Macedonia accepted roozbeh critical 35 8 months
#2975 Support legacy grapheme break accepted pedberg major UNSCH 9 years
#9064 Add locale key to specify time separator (and possibly short date separator)? design pedberg major UNSCH 3 years
#10338 add linebreak option nodict -u-lb-nodict design pedberg major 36 21 months
#10634 Add to cldr unit tests for locale matching design mark major 35-optional 18 months
#11054 'dangi' is a misnomer for Korean luni solar calendar. design pedberg major 36-optional 11 months
#11447 Add aliases accepted mark major 35 5 months
#11538 specify "alphabetical order" for Unicode locale IDs accepted pedberg major UNSCH 4 months
#11539 Unicode locale ID: no duplicate variants, singletons, attributes, keywords accepted pedberg major UNSCH 4 months
#11584 en_BE not inheriting from en_150? reviewing pedberg major 35 3 months
#11644 Incorrect Chinese translation of "Bopomofo" in CLDR accepted pedberg major 35 3 months
#11841 Name for Hinglish accepted mark major 36 2 weeks
#11860 North Macedonia translations new kristi major 35.1 8 days
#9238 Request of separate sublocale for Old Churc Slavic language for "cu" locale accepted anybody assess discuss 3 years
#10030 Reopen ticket 9950; the resolution is erroneous; The names of the Swedish "län" (provinces/regions) in subdivisions/en.xml are in error design fredrik assess 35-optional 2 years
#10071 Add locale for Wondrous/Badi calendar accepted pedberg assess UNSCH 2 years
#10547 please add ewts to CLDR/common/bcp47/transform.xml reviewing mark assess 35-optional 19 months
#10548 please add iast to CLDR/common/bcp47/transform.xml reviewing mark assess 35-optional 19 months
#10619 Should we use CLDRFileTransformer to "fill in" bs_Cyrl? design anybody assess discuss 18 months
#10667 Possible subregion name extraction issue design mark assess 17 months
#10769 New code for Montenegrin: cnr accepted anybody assess discuss 15 months
#10991 Primary name of crh should be "Crimean Turkish" rather than "Crimean Tatar" new pedberg assess to-assess 11 months
#11004 Change [lg] from Ganda to Luganda new pedberg assess to-assess 11 months
#11060 Future speculation: can autogenerate traditional chinese? accepted pedberg assess discuss 10 months
#11068 sgn-{FR,GB,DK, etc} are not 'canonicalized' to their preferred values. accepted pedberg assess UNSCH 10 months
#11198 SignWriting in French script names accepted anybody assess discuss 8 months
#11281 chn should be renamed to "Modern Chinook" new pedberg assess to-assess 7 months
#11297 PH subdivisions in wrong province accepted pedberg assess UNSCH 7 months
#11358 Add test: Bad names for ky new pedberg assess to-assess 6 months
#11557 Define 'rg' as taking a subdivision code accepted pedberg assess UNSCH 3 months
#11569 en: Use exonym for Bengali (bn) language and ( instead of endonym new pedberg assess to-assess 3 months
#11627 Error in change detection new pedberg assess to-assess 3 months
#11628 Short name may not be different from long name new pedberg assess to-assess 3 months
#11743 Taiwan wrong name in all languages new pedberg assess to-assess 2 months
#11834 Enhance English names for Chinese variants new pedberg assess to-assess 2 weeks
#11879 Treat macroregions differently (split from 10938) new mark assess 36 13 minutes
#11880 Elevate awareness of parentLocale to implementers (split from 10938) new mark assess 36 12 minutes
#9300 Reduce the number of supported BCP47 variants accepted mark medium 35-optional 3 years
#9831 Name for language nds accepted meikeh medium 35 2 years
#10700 German translation of Tunisian governorates accepted mark medium 35-optional 17 months
#10938 Add missing defaultContent locales [No substantive change in commit] design emmons medium 35 12 months
#10996 Add Open Location Codes to -u- extension design mark medium 36-optional 11 months
#11231 language tkl English name Tokelauan accepted pedberg medium 35 8 months
#11413 CLDR 34 BRS A23 Verify BCP key-type values in en.xml accepted pedberg medium 35-optional 5 months
#11495 Further fixes for LocaleCoverageLevel accepted tbishop medium 35-optional 4 months
#11526 Falklands/Malvinas naming inconsistency design roozbeh medium 35 4 months
#11844 Undesired changes in Persian data reviewing roozbeh medium 35 13 days
#7956 Make bcp47 collation reordering tags be explicit accepted yoshito minor UNSCH 4 years
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