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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Created
#8401 Add more per-unit cases accepted mark critical UNSCH 4 years
#11389 unusual spaces in data new shane critical to-assess 5 months
#4045 More units design chrish major UNSCH 8 years
#8380 Add units for periodic events design mark major UNSCH 4 years
#8972 Support additional alt values, especially for units. design mark major UNSCH 3 years
#9178 Consider more complex mapping of usage to units design mark major UNSCH 3 years
#10831 Short form of Storage Units (MB,GB) are over translated in zh-CN, ar, fa and ka accepted fredrik major 35 13 months
#11350 'Value with unit' formats must have a {0} for the value accepted pedberg major 35-optional 5 months
#11360 Add collision test for typographic terms reviewing mark major 35 5 months
#11582 length-point not in common/validity/unit.xml reviewing mark major 35 2 months
#11605 kilobyte and kilobit mistakenly use capital KB and Kb in five locales accepted roozbeh major 35 7 weeks
#1815 Missing/incorrect example messages for units, part 2 accepted srl assess UNSCH 11 years
#5955 Consider a compositional approach to units. design emmons assess UNSCH 6 years
#8960 Change "seconds" unit string for Chinese Simplified accepted fredrik assess UNSCH 3 years
#8962 zh-Hant units: there should be no space after or before the number accepted fredrik assess UNSCH 3 years
#10604 Concerns about units in Chinese accepted fredrik assess 35 17 months
#10832 Many unit display names are too long design anybody assess discuss 13 months
#11256 Liter-per-kilometer to be converted to Kilometer-per-liter new shane assess to-assess 6 months
#11308 Measurement data is incorrect for US unincorporated territories new shane assess to-assess 6 months
#11310 Narrow display forms of units should be under Modern accepted shane assess UNSCH 6 months
#11363 Unit minute is not localized in hu-HU new shane assess to-assess 5 months
#11452 Specify cutoff between "small" and "normal" unitPreferences new shane assess to-assess 4 months
#11454 Add more units for CLDR 35? design mark assess 36-optional 4 months
#11464 Also change displayName for fathom from fm to fth in various locales? new shane assess to-assess 3 months
#11543 Inconsistent spaces for French narrow measure format with hour & minute accepted shane assess UNSCH 3 months
#11587 Suspected inappropriate unit split new shane assess to-assess 2 months
#11594 RO Units - Digital: byte/byți vs. octet/octeți new shane assess to-assess 2 months
#11595 Duration units for en-AU, en-CA do not need a full stop new shane assess to-assess 8 weeks
#11599 The common unit for wind speed is m/s not km/h new shane assess to-assess 8 weeks
#11600 Remove commenting out for liter-per-mile-scandinavian new shane assess to-assess 8 weeks
#11601 mile-scandinavian is commonly used in SE&NO new shane assess to-assess 8 weeks
#11602 More dimensionless units: basis-point, percentage-point new shane assess to-assess 8 weeks
#11609 Consolidate placeholder testing new shane assess to-assess 7 weeks
#11642 Remove periods from Hindi measure units new shane assess to-assess 6 weeks
#11645 Identical units new shane assess to-assess 6 weeks
#11649 Precipitation measured in length/time, not just length new shane assess to-assess 6 weeks
#11665 Appropriateness of short and narrow display names of units new shane assess to-assess 6 weeks
#11703 Change solar-luminosity type? new shane assess 35 4 weeks
#6547 Improve test feedback on units to prevent errors accepted mark medium UNSCH 5 years
#6678 Consider having mapping for CLDR unit codes accepted ccornelius medium UNSCH 5 years
#7170 Add measurement system info to units design pedberg medium UNSCH 5 years
#7908 Alternate per Unit format design mark medium UNSCH 4 years
#8076 Proposal: add units for dot density and pixel density design pedberg medium UNSCH 4 years
#8746 No Short Versions for Most Units accepted mark medium UNSCH 4 years
#9187 Add aliases for units, for BCP47 design mark medium 35-optional 3 years
#9715 Check for spacing around placeholders accepted pedberg medium 35 2 years
#9996 Add units for pixels , ems, and display resolution accepted pedberg medium 35-optional 2 years
#10968 Rainfall in liter per square meter design pedberg medium UNSCH 11 months
#11314 miles or kilometers for road lengths? new shane medium to-assess 6 months
#11365 Another alternative for composite duration formats accepted pedberg medium 35-optional 5 months
#11382 Some issues with coordinates accepted pedberg medium 35 5 months
#11520 Provide list format with "&" reviewing mark medium 35 3 months
#11541 Problematic kilobyte, megabyte, etc abbreviations in Malayalam (ml) reviewing roozbeh medium 35 3 months
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