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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#10882 CLDR 33 BRS Activities accepted data critical 33 main
#3109 RLMs in Arabic date formats revisited design defect major UNSCH unknown
#8137 Better mechanism for handling short zone abbreviations accepted data major UNSCH main
#8230 Policy and tools to determine threshhold to be in "common" design tools major UNSCH unknown
#8338 ST: "alt" values should be optional for translators in survey tool accepted tools major UNSCH survey
#8528 Implement "Not used in this locale" button accepted survey major UNSCH survey
#8669 Add more available-format consistency checks accepted tools major UNSCH datetime
#8694 English UK shows missing items, incorrectly accepted survey major UNSCH survey
#8858 CheckWidths performance accepted data major UNSCH perf
#8893 Synchronize bs and bs_Cyrl accepted tools major UNSCH util
#9078 ST: make a snapshot of votes and discussion data available to TC before clearing accepted survey major UNSCH survey
#9099 Change XMLSource to avoid hard-coded lists accepted tools major UNSCH util
#9195 Use Noto web fonts in ST accepted survey major UNSCH unknown
#9353 Logical groups for flexible date formats accepted tools major UNSCH datetime
#9756 What to do with factbook_literacy? accepted tools major upcoming infrastructure
#9828 Fragile code in PathHeader accepted tools major upcoming unknown
#10014 new locale: ISO8601 design data major upcoming datetime
#10044 SupplementalDataInfo fails when default locale ≠ en-US accepted tools major upcoming json
#10100 Flow direction of mathematical formula for ar* locales accepted data major 34 numbers
#10156 Better tests for CDF accepted unittest major upcoming unknown
#10576 Don't list fields where every possible answer is wrong accepted tools major UNSCH timezone
#10589 Bogus error, currency symbol \u200B collides with missing symbols for other currencies accepted datatest major upcoming currency
#2871 Sanskrit collation accepted data assess UNSCH collation
#3000 Thai, proposed standard collation rules fix accepted data assess UNSCH collation
#3099 Ewe calendar design enhancement assess UNSCH unknown
#3123 Feedback on URL ?|x=r_steps|_=ee|step=wide_months accepted defect assess UNSCH survey
#3349 Proposal calendar based holiday data design defect assess UNSCH unknown
#3954 Unique date and time format for Eʋe accepted defect assess UNSCH survey
#5955 Consider a compositional approach to units. design enhancement assess UNSCH unknown
#6392 List of problems with the weather related units accepted data assess UNSCH main
#8383 ST: drop derby support, mysql only, pre-setup html accepted unknown assess UNSCH unknown
#8514 request addition of pop-up alert for sublocale inheritance accepted survey assess UNSCH unknown
#8629 glitches on ST page accepted survey assess UNSCH survey
#8994 Currency tables accepted unknown assess UNSCH currency
#9061 CLDR JSON data only includes crucial information in dictionary keys design data assess UNSCH json
#9062 CLDR JSON data only encodes characters and ranges as UTS #35 UnicodeSet design data assess UNSCH json
#9069 Remove Components that are identical with Types accepted tools assess UNSCH infrastructure
#9196 Use Noto web fonts in Charts accepted tools assess UNSCH charts
#3059 Reconsolidate Nordic collation specifications (fi/se/sv/nn/nb/da/fo/is/kl) accepted data medium UNSCH collation
#4152 Make the Survey Tool available in French accepted enhancement medium UNSCH survey
#4541 Add bogus locale in seed accepted data medium UNSCH main
#5173 Metazone display collisions - short generic vs. short standard accepted task medium UNSCH unknown
#5416 Add a new locale (be-tarask - Belarusian (Taraškievica)) accepted data medium UNSCH main
#5502 Retention policy for currencies ? design enhancement medium UNSCH unknown
#6342 Improve checking of examples accepted unittest medium UNSCH unknown
#7079 Add translations for cardinal directions design enhancement medium UNSCH unknown
#8213 longer names for currencies design data medium UNSCH main
#8264 Create tests for JSON validity accepted unittest medium upcoming unknown
#8406 Move filtering all to coverageLevels.xml accepted tools medium UNSCH unknown
#8458 How to set coverage level for locale+children accepted data medium UNSCH unknown
#8527 short currency forms (compact decimal) shouldn't show up for non default numbering systems accepted data medium UNSCH supplemental
#8651 Please add a Dhivehi collation tailoring to CLDR accepted data medium UNSCH collation
#8709 Examples for full and long timezones should use an appropriate timezone accepted tools medium UNSCH survey
#8724 linkify error messages accepted survey medium UNSCH survey-ui-design
#8777 ST: Day periods should only show forms for which we have rules. accepted survey medium UNSCH survey
#8842 Optimize Coverage accepted tools medium UNSCH supplemental
#8854 Performance Improvements for unit tests and production code. new unittest medium UNSCH perf
#8882 XMLSource consistency checks or fixes accepted tools medium UNSCH util
#8903 No localized country name for lrc_IQ, lrc_IR, nus_SS accepted data medium UNSCH main
#8912 SupplementalDataInfo has public fields accepted tools medium UNSCH unknown
#8926 Ldml2JsonConverter Directory creation issue when no package is selected accepted tools medium UNSCH json
#8945 Use UCharacter for normalization of hyphens in DAIP accepted tools medium UNSCH infrastructure
#9259 Bad sample characters in script metadata accepted tools medium UNSCH supplemental
#9399 GeneratePOSIX cs_CZ@collation=digits-after fails accepted tools medium upcoming posix
#9738 Speed up RegexLookup accepted tools medium UNSCH perf
#10021 Missing time zone aliases in JSON accepted tools medium upcoming json
#10137 Tailored Locale required accepted spec medium upcoming collation
#10164 CompactDecimalFormats without a zero. accepted data medium upcoming numbers
#10182 Charts don't handle dot-dot releases well accepted tools medium upcoming charts
#10397 missing data on languageMatching in JSON distribution accepted tools medium upcoming json
#10743 CLDR 32 availableLocales.json includes invalid locale "yue" accepted tools medium 33 json
#10860 Failed to build JSON for CLDR 32.0.1 accepted tools medium 33 json
#10940 Request addition of Erzya accepted data medium 34 main
#3863 Currency BRR should be changed from "Cruzeiro" to "Cruzeiro Real" accepted defect minor UNSCH unknown
#4119 Gender in Slavic languages RBNF rules; and ordinal spellout for Slavic languages accepted data minor UNSCH main
#5775 refactor //ldml-specific code out of XMLSource / CLDRFile design enhancement minor UNSCH unknown
#6047 JSON: manifest files accepted enhancement minor UNSCH json
#6725 grouping clarification, test accepted tools minor UNSCH supplemental
#7182 Test that we don't use collections accepted unittest minor UNSCH supplemental
#7325 Ordering rules for the languages spoken in Finland (FI) accepted data minor UNSCH collation
#7475 Exemplar set formatting. accepted tools minor UNSCH util
#7880 parallelize ldml2json converter accepted unknown minor UNSCH json
#7914 More work on ant tasks for building json and zip files accepted tools minor UNSCH unknown
#8497 ST: child locale information drop-down seems broken accepted survey minor UNSCH survey
#8843 Use DtdData sorting whenever possible. accepted tools minor UNSCH other
#8981 Stray reference to "cldr.css" in tr35-numbers.html accepted spec minor UNSCH unknown
#9695 Describe how to use the tools for POSIX and JSON accepted docs minor upcoming json
#10181 JSON Generating missing some version info accepted tools minor upcoming json
#10184 Cache logical groups accepted tools minor upcoming util
#10364 Problems with importing votes accepted survey minor upcoming util
#10368 d_fmt should use %d instead of %e inside "<SOLIDUS><SOLIDUS>" accepted tools minor 33 posix
#10394 <LATIN_CAPITAL_LETTER_A_WITH_RING_ABOVE> and <ANGSTROM_SIGN> use bogus weights accepted tools minor upcoming posix
#10942 Currency code MVP? accepted tools minor 34 currency
#3394 Add currency00Fraction element (among currencyDecimal and currencyGroup) accepted defect trivial UNSCH unknown
#8697 Smoketest instructions update accepted survey trivial UNSCH survey
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