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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#11199 Macedonia [FYROM] changing name to Republic of North Macedonia accepted data critical 35 main
#7657 da: Incorrect date and currency format accepted data major upcoming main
#8212 Incomplete Spanish translations for currency names accepted major upcoming next-survey
#8503 Change default short time pattern for French accepted data major upcoming datetime
#10412 the default date format for Chinese (zh-cn) accepted data major 34 datetime
#11192 firstDay of Week in ga-IE reviewing data major 34 datetime
#11195 en-IN has American, not Indian, formatting accepted data major 34 unknown
#11221 Pashto ► ps-variant: precision needed accepted site major 34 main
#11347 ko: the character for month is duplicated in some calendars reviewing data major 34 survey
#5825 New feature: support localized descriptions of emoji characters design enhancement assess UNSCH unknown
#5869 Requests to change "firstday" for AU, BR, DZ, JP design defect assess UNSCH unknown
#8755 incorrect display of examples on Report tab accepted data assess upcoming datetime
#8960 Change "seconds" unit string for Chinese Simplified accepted data assess upcoming units
#8962 zh-Hant units: there should be no space after or before the number accepted data assess UNSCH units
#9077 Internal tool to get history of changes design tools assess upcoming unknown
#9283 Romanian - Number formats - Wrong word for 10 to the 12th power accepted data assess upcoming numbers
#9535 Cannot add entries for missing items/fix missing items – en-GB accepted survey assess 34 survey
#9681 various Alternatives and Corrections to de_DE data accepted data assess UNSCH datetime
#10030 Reopen ticket 9950; the resolution is erroneous; The names of the Swedish "län" (provinces/regions) in subdivisions/en.xml are in error design unknown assess 34 Subdivision
#10501 TC flag logic accepted site assess 34 unknown
#10762 ru: translation of "Islands" in territory names is all over the place design data assess 34 main
#10768 Translation guide udpate: Country/region-Territory accepted site assess 34 translation-guide
#4991 Forum redesign: Add "unread" icon to the Forum link and other improvements accepted enhancement medium UNSCH survey-ui-design
#6404 Adjusting default case value during vetting design enhancement medium upcoming unknown
#6806 Review locales for inconsistencies in spacing in intervals. accepted data medium upcoming main
#7514 ST: list Dashboard at the bottom in the sidebar design enhancement medium upcoming survey-ui-design
#8128 Estonian should have : as a time separator? accepted data medium upcoming main
#8395 The Norwegian name for United States should not be the same as the short name, 'USA' design data medium upcoming main
#8496 child locale accept inheritance flexibility accepted site medium upcoming unknown
#8756 incorrect display of examples on Report tab accepted data medium upcoming datetime
#8806 zh_Hant: d E should be used for Flexible Format of Ed in ROC calendar accepted data medium upcoming survey
#9102 "Grouping" (thousands) separator in CLDR contradicts DIN standard and the "Duden" accepted data medium upcoming numbers
#9605 Date format in es_419 accepted data medium 34 main
#9778 Comments on CLDR 30 alpha, locale sv (main) accepted data medium 34 main
#9826 Consider patterns for names of emoji flags, keycaps, and ZWJ sequences design data medium 34 main
#10160 Handling date range for old currency in Bidi accepted data medium 34 numbers
#10826 ST: update docs about length warnings on emoji translations accepted docs medium 34 survey
#11040 Emoji keyword unique to specific culture accepted docs medium 34 unknown
#6383 Spurious commas in "and" lists, and a few other "list" issues accepted data minor upcoming main
#10238 Dates in Danish are wrong accepted data minor 34 datetime
#10614 Make the top of cldr.org clearer accepted site minor 34 unknown
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