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Ticket Summary Status Priority Milestone Component Created
#1458 Establish procedure for dealing with deprecated locales design major UNSCH unknown 11 years
#2644 Updating tool to verify available time zone codes accepted major UNSCH unknown 9 years
#2771 consolidate "zone" and "metazone" design major UNSCH unknown 9 years
#3718 Consider adding table of possible Timezone Formats to spec accepted major UNSCH docs-spec 8 years
#3787 Thoughts on making metazones easier and more uniform design major UNSCH unknown 8 years
#5109 Exemplar city for Asia/Shanghai should be Beijing accepted major UNSCH timezone 6 years
#6923 Collect more localized names for islamic calendar variants (and update?) design major UNSCH other 5 years
#8935 CheckHtmlFiles fixes for tr35-general.html accepted major UNSCH docs-spec 3 years
#9693 Make picking up the ISO 4217 be automatic design major 35-optional unknown 2 years
#9746 Russian metazones by offset from Moscow design major UNSCH timezone 2 years
#10742 Change of format for timestamps in metazone data design major 35 timezone 13 months
#11204 Metazone dates incorrect for Pyongyang, part II accepted major 35-optional unknown 5 months
#2186 Fix TimezoneFormatter to deal with metazones accepted assess UNSCH unknown 10 years
#2212 ICU2LDMLWriter problems accepted assess UNSCH unknown 10 years
#3357 LocaleIDParser and LanguageTagParser overlap accepted assess UNSCH unknown 8 years
#3992 zoneAlias data in supplementalMetadata.xml design assess UNSCH unknown 7 years
#3994 support old time zone names and aliases design assess UNSCH unknown 7 years
#4157 America/Juneau is not in the windows timezone mapping accepted assess UNSCH unknown 7 years
#4303 CLDR sentence break - UAX 29 design assess UNSCH unknown 7 years
#4343 AM/PM for Japanese accepted assess UNSCH fix-in-survey-tool 7 years
#4365 Should we delete old IETF drafts? accepted assess UNSCH docs-site 7 years
#4800 Important notes to those vetting ee accepted assess UNSCH docs-site 6 years
#5372 Do we need policy/guidance for ja/zh language & script names? design assess UNSCH unknown 6 years
#5556 Optional digits in fractional seconds pattern design assess UNSCH datetime 6 years
#5706 JDK/JSR-310 compatible date format pattern design assess UNSCH datetime 6 years
#7802 CLDR unittest should not depends on ICU4J's time zone accepted assess UNSCH other-unittest 4 years
#7899 Add BRS item for 'design' bugs accepted assess UNSCH infrastructure 4 years
#8556 Missing Windows Timezone keys accepted assess UNSCH timezone 3 years
#8904 Update the BRS instruction and tool for checking a list of tzid accepted assess UNSCH infrastructure 3 years
#9471 CLDR Tests / ICU moved to JUnit accepted assess UNSCH other-unittest 2 years
#9892 'Asia/Calcutta', 'Asia/Saigon' and 'Asia/Katmandu' are canonical even though they became obsolete in 1993 accepted assess UNSCH timezone 2 years
#11076 metaZones.xml issues accepted assess 35-optional timezone 7 months
#11400 Deprecate Japanese era data before Meiji design assess 35 other-supplemental 3 months
#2533 Improvement for building and running CLDR tools accepted medium UNSCH unknown 9 years
#3106 Set appropriate compiler warning level for CLDR Java tools design medium UNSCH unknown 8 years
#3665 Additional time zone offset format including second field accepted medium UNSCH other 8 years
#3754 short alternative accepted medium UNSCH other 8 years
#4131 Move genldml tool to somewhere else accepted medium UNSCH unknown 7 years
#4295 Tools for maintaining Win-Olson mapping data accepted medium UNSCH other-supplemental 7 years
#4308 CLDR needs a style guide for each language/locale accepted medium UNSCH docs-site 7 years
#4871 Feedback on Language/Locale Names Translation Guidelines accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend 6 years
#5589 America/Havana is missing from windowsZones.xml accepted medium UNSCH timezone 6 years
#5717 Remove metazones no longer used accepted medium UNSCH timezone 6 years
#5863 Quarter for Japanese design medium UNSCH unknown 6 years
#6191 Apply Cleanup tool to fix problems. accepted medium UNSCH infrastructure 5 years
#6414 Add unit tests accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest 5 years
#6766 Add default timezone for country accepted medium UNSCH other 5 years
#7666 Consider renaming Further-eastern European Time accepted medium UNSCH timezone 4 years
#8293 Timezones: Localized GMT formats (O and OOOO) needs clarification design medium UNSCH docs-spec 4 years
#8490 Channel Islands not present in the timezone map, timezone fallback is wrong accepted medium UNSCH timezone 4 years
#8621 Japanese "relativeTimePattern-count-other" doesn't requires spaces accepted medium UNSCH other 3 years
#9217 Deprecate zone ID - America/Santa_Isabel? accepted medium 35-optional timezone 3 years
#10017 Simplify CLDR tool build.xml accepted medium 35-optional infrastructure 22 months
#10057 Add Svalbard in metaZones.xml accepted medium 35-optional other-supplemental 21 months
#10175 Generic location format misleading for America/Argentina/San_Juan design medium 35-optional docs-spec 20 months
#11487 Many metazones are incomplete accepted medium 35 timezone 4 weeks
#11496 ICUServiceBuilder equals and hashCode accepted medium 35 other 4 weeks
#3531 missing country for timezone accepted minor UNSCH unknown 8 years
#4091 Windows->TZID accepted minor UNSCH other 7 years
#6639 FindBugs: continue ticket:5762 accepted minor UNSCH other 5 years
#7093 Fix reformatting settings accepted minor UNSCH infrastructure 5 years
#7956 Make bcp47 collation reordering tags be explicit accepted minor UNSCH locale-codes 4 years
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