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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#7351 ST: Make disputes show up as such on the dashboard accepted srl critical UNSCH survey-backend
#7360 Dashboard contents on losing items accepted diab critical UNSCH survey-backend
#7590 ST : Dashboard - Make column headers remain in fixed position accepted diab critical UNSCH survey-backend
#11509 CLDR 35 release prep activities accepted emmons critical 35 other
#3109 RLMs in Arabic date formats revisited design emmons major UNSCH unknown
#3813 CLDRModify -fi shouldn't move stuff up from cross-script accepted mark major UNSCH unknown
#5608 Bad draft status - exemplars accepted srl major UNSCH exemplars-etc
#6651 Fix ant dependencies in NewLDML2ICUConverter accepted srl major UNSCH ldml2icu
#7119 Some duplicate minimal pairs accepted mark major UNSCH plurals
#7482 Garbage characters in forum posts accepted srl major UNSCH survey-backend
#7982 ST - Project manager dashboard design srl major UNSCH survey-frontend
#8196 ST - misalignment between phases and CheckCLDR.phase accepted srl major UNSCH survey-backend
#8212 Incomplete Spanish translations for currency names accepted fredrik major UNSCH fix-in-survey-tool
#8230 Policy and tools to determine threshhold to be in "common" design emmons major UNSCH unknown
#8433 Trac "new ticket" screen should not show things that are set by the committee accepted srl major UNSCH infrastructure
#8528 Implement "Not used in this locale" button accepted emmons major UNSCH survey-backend
#8858 CheckWidths performance accepted emmons major UNSCH perf
#8946 Refine day period collision tests accepted mark major 35-optional infrastructure
#9756 What to do with factbook_literacy? accepted emmons major UNSCH infrastructure
#10156 Better tests for CDF accepted emmons major UNSCH other-unittest
#11513 Make cldr-ref survey tool easier to get to accepted emmons major 35 other
#3099 Ewe calendar design emmons assess UNSCH unknown
#3349 Proposal calendar based holiday data design emmons assess UNSCH unknown
#3999 Consider what to do with 0/1 forms for plurals design mark assess UNSCH unknown
#4376 Investigate Kurdish issues accepted ccornelius assess UNSCH unknown
#6811 Supplemental metadata language aliases should include extlang subtags accepted mark assess UNSCH unknown
#7138 export CLDR as Linked Data / RDF? accepted srl assess UNSCH infrastructure
#7362 ST -> Reports -> Numbers accepted diab assess UNSCH survey-backend
#8290 3 collators fail (follow-up) accepted markus assess UNSCH collation
#8710 Use GSON for json serialization in survey tool accepted srl assess UNSCH survey-backend
#10645 Need to fix the tooling for CDF verify charts ( BuildIcuCompactDecimalFormat.java ) once the fix for ​Icubug:13073 is in place. new anybody assess to-assess unknown
#2690 Need policy for handle locales that appear to be moribund accepted anybody medium UNSCH docs-site
#2737 Date formats in test files don't respect default numbering system accepted mark medium UNSCH other-unittest
#2831 Review the fields that don't get minimized accepted anybody medium UNSCH unknown
#3880 Hook in SVN for properties accepted anybody medium UNSCH unknown
#5173 Metazone display collisions - short generic vs. short standard accepted emmons medium UNSCH unknown
#5502 Retention policy for currencies ? design emmons medium UNSCH unknown
#5899 ST: Document structure of the SQL db accepted srl medium UNSCH survey-backend
#7133 Problems with languageInfo test accepted mark medium UNSCH other-unittest
#7642 ST: Translation hints shouldn't appear in the left side navigation bar or in titles accepted diab medium UNSCH survey-backend
#8095 Agree on abbreviations in English, such as USA vs U.S.A. design pedberg medium UNSCH other
#8259 Fix issues in exemplars data accepted mark medium UNSCH exemplars-etc
#8264 Create tests for JSON validity accepted emmons medium UNSCH other-unittest
#8527 short currency forms (compact decimal) shouldn't show up for non default numbering systems accepted emmons medium UNSCH other-supplemental
#8709 Examples for full and long timezones should use an appropriate timezone accepted emmons medium UNSCH survey-backend
#8777 ST: Day periods should only show forms for which we have rules. accepted emmons medium UNSCH survey-backend
#8854 Performance Improvements for unit tests and production code. new emmons medium UNSCH other-unittest
#8899 mzn and lrc locales missing days of the week accepted shervin medium UNSCH datetime
#8903 No localized country name for lrc_IQ, lrc_IR, nus_SS accepted emmons medium UNSCH other
#8945 Use UCharacter for normalization of hyphens in DAIP accepted emmons medium UNSCH infrastructure
#9259 Bad sample characters in script metadata accepted emmons medium UNSCH other-supplemental
#10164 CompactDecimalFormats without a zero. accepted emmons medium UNSCH numbers
#10182 Charts don't handle dot-dot releases well accepted emmons medium UNSCH charts
#11409 Currency date ranges design emmons medium 35-optional currency
#7095 Review escaping in LDML2ICUConverter accepted markus minor UNSCH ldml2icu
#7475 Exemplar set formatting. accepted emmons minor UNSCH exemplars-etc
#7914 More work on ant tasks for building json and zip files accepted emmons minor UNSCH unknown
#8843 Use DtdData sorting whenever possible. accepted emmons minor UNSCH other
#10181 JSON Generating missing some version info accepted emmons minor UNSCH json
#10255 ST: Votes by day in statistics page gives an SQL Exception accepted backend minor 35-optional survey-frontend
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