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Ticket Summary Review Status Owner Priority Milestone
#8522 "import old votes" silently fails if no permission accepted srl blocker UNSCH
#8654 ST hang accepted srl blocker UNSCH
#2439 Survey tool easy steps doesn't allow items with warnings accepted srl critical UNSCH
#2624 "established" in the voting process should only apply to well-used parts of well-used locales design anybody critical UNSCH
#5062 Smoketest resolves parent locale against CLDR_OLDVERSION data accepted srl critical UNSCH
#7351 ST: Make disputes show up as such on the dashboard accepted srl critical UNSCH
#7360 Dashboard contents on losing items accepted diab critical UNSCH
#7390 Fix managing users documentation accepted srl critical UNSCH
#7408 Add ordinal dates accepted anybody critical UNSCH
#7583 Divy up CheckCldr survey tool tests, and add unit tests for them accepted mark critical UNSCH
#7590 ST : Dashboard - Make column headers remain in fixed position accepted diab critical UNSCH
#7675 Enforce/encourage entry of priority strings design mark critical UNSCH
#7689 Don't leave vetting until we are at 100% modern coverage accepted srl critical UNSCH
#8035 Have a progress bar for the locale accepted mark critical UNSCH
#8401 Add more per-unit cases accepted mark critical UNSCH
#8462 Add sideways inheritance for "alt" values accepted mark critical UNSCH
#8588 Automatically convert default-content locales accepted srl critical UNSCH
#8666 Have confirmation on each Report accepted srl critical UNSCH
#8667 Unicode JSP hanging on smoketest? accepted mark critical UNSCH
#8726 Inconsistent Required Ordering when run against old data accepted srl critical UNSCH
#8753 VoteResolver hotspot! accepted srl critical UNSCH
#8823 PathHeader should not generate Jan/Feb/Mar for non gregorian calendars! accepted srl critical UNSCH
#8827 Update data drawn from Unihan for collation/translit accepted mark critical UNSCH
#8909 Change RBNF format to be flat rules accepted grhoten critical UNSCH
#10321 Revise specification for dateTimeFormat patterns. design pedberg critical 35
#10475 Find better way to prevent regressions design mark critical 35-optional
#10994 Modify root BreakIterator data for aksaras accepted mark critical 35
#11125 Adjust standard Eclipse Java formatter accepted mark critical 35-optional
#11157 ST: sub-locales are not showing emoji code identifiers accepted tbishop critical 36
#11199 Macedonia [FYROM] changing name to Republic of North Macedonia accepted fredrik critical 35
#11295 pt_PT currency position accepted kristi critical 35
#11311 Modern coverage for Relateive day short and Narrow to modern new pedberg critical to-assess
#11389 unusual spaces in data new shane critical to-assess
#11488 Implement new Survey Tool automated test framework and infrastructure accepted tbishop critical 35-optional
#11571 Avoid rebuilding entire table on Survey Tool update accepted tbishop critical 35-optional
#11589 Emoji collation finish-up accepted mark critical 35
#11610 ST: unneeded warning over duplicate names for Macau accepted pedberg critical 35
#11615 [es-419] Latin Spanish decimal and thousands separators are flipped accepted kristi critical 35
#11623 Fix Bengali Compact Decimal Notation new emmons critical to-assess
#11650 test bug accepted tbishop critical 35-optional
#11658 Walk through CLDR environment process accepted tbishop critical 35
#827 French updates from ISO 15924 accepted anybody major 35-optional
#882 Java tools improvements accepted srl major UNSCH
#1079 Language-sensitive titlecasing accepted mark major UNSCH
#1100 Survey Tool should disallow bad entries accepted srl major UNSCH
#1130 Combined date/time format accepted anybody major UNSCH
#1152 Show invisible characters in all data & allow typing of them accepted srl major UNSCH
#1156 Survey tool UI enhancements accepted srl major UNSCH
#1191 Transliteration: Indic transforms accepted sascha major UNSCH
#1212 check dtd backwards compatibility accepted mark major UNSCH
#1236 Hard to see missing data accepted srl major UNSCH
#1255 Nickel Rounding accepted chrish major UNSCH
#1270 Survey tool UI: leaving page and example columns accepted srl major UNSCH
#1354 Add additional 4 different ways to represent Japanese imperial era accepted chrish major UNSCH
#1356 CCJK - Suggest supporting the full-width digits and ideographic characters number in date/time design pedberg major UNSCH
#1362 Simplify option selection accepted srl major UNSCH
#1373 Problems embedding \uNNNN literals in patterns accepted srl major UNSCH
#1375 ST: Different calendars should be separated accepted srl major UNSCH
#1376 Simplify currency update process accepted mark major UNSCH
#1406 Make it easier to do days/months accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#1458 Establish procedure for dealing with deprecated locales design yoshito major UNSCH
#1473 Add to tests of data consistency accepted mark major UNSCH
#1498 Add Data For Hindi Calendar accepted srl major UNSCH
#1659 Fix example generator for QQQ accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#1790 Use "no" as parent for "nb" & "nn" design pedberg major UNSCH
#1834 Break up supplementalData into separate files accepted mark major UNSCH
#1911 Add Transform (Transliteration) tests from ICU accepted mark major UNSCH
#1967 Script Variants / Aliasing supplemental data accepted srl major UNSCH
#1974 Fix collation based on index work accepted markus major UNSCH
#1982 Check that root & en have data for all calendars in supplemental accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#2034 Exemplars: Improved Han exemplars accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#2079 Plural Rule of Portuguese accepted chrish major UNSCH
#2108 Use "permalinks" for zoomed view accepted srl major UNSCH
#2119 Survey tool should log exceptions to email accepted anybody major UNSCH
#2121 Warn on generic quotes: " and ' accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#2133 Need better way to present availableFormats in ST accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#2156 New level accepted anybody major UNSCH
#2173 Fix Japanese translit to have standard $disambig, do OH, and w (ウェ) accepted sascha major UNSCH
#2237 Word breaking issues accepted srl major UNSCH
#2264 Machine-Readable CLDR special codes accepted mark major UNSCH
#2265 Need design proposal: "stand alone" is overloaded accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#2266 Arabic misspellings in other sections than currencies accepted chrish major UNSCH
#2284 Remove old dtd references in tools accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#2288 Transliteration: Add IPA converters for transcription accepted sascha major UNSCH
#2310 Gregorian dates for "ja" inconsistent accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#2311 Stand-alone vs Format for Timezones design pedberg major UNSCH
#2348 Transliteration: Bug fixes to the BGN transforms accepted sascha major UNSCH
#2383 Have model language as a preference and do casing test on a per item basis accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#2396 LDML2ICUConverter - convert new dayPeriods element accepted anybody major UNSCH
#2398 LDML2ICUConverter - convert supplementalData/characters/character-fallback accepted anybody major UNSCH
#2406 Add locale keywords to specify the type (or variant) of word & grapheme break design pedberg major UNSCH
#2421 Investigate survey tool change to present & vote on some data as sets (month & day names…) accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#2424 Add JSP that will test a bulk import file accepted anybody major UNSCH
#2450 Disentangle CLDR code directories accepted anybody major UNSCH
#2578 ISO continuing to change languages into macrolanguages accepted mark major UNSCH
#2627 Add examples to the EasySteps accepted anybody major UNSCH
#2643 Check DisplayAndInput processor behavior for spaces accepted pedberg major UNSCH
#2644 Updating tool to verify available time zone codes accepted yoshito major UNSCH
#2649 LDML2ICUConverter - convert new ldml/characters/indexLabels element (part 2) accepted anybody major UNSCH
#2686 Update internal process docs accepted anybody major UNSCH
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