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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10973 Emoji keywords disputes due to additional keywords reviewing tbishop tools critical 34
#4756 Set up to periodically copy contributed data from production into smoketest accepted srl unknown major UNSCH
#10573 Survey Tool: clicking on English reviewing tbishop unknown major 34
#10632 Percent and permille reviewing pedberg data major 34
#11192 firstDay of Week in ga-IE reviewing fredrik data major 34
#11347 ko: the character for month is duplicated in some calendars reviewing fredrik data major 34
#10396 ST: on Edge or IE copy "English" or "Winning" doesn't work reviewing tbishop unknown assess 34
#11107 Add transform my-t-my-d0-zawgyi accepted ccornelius data assess UNSCH
#9986 Add display name for coordinateUnit data reviewing pedberg dtd medium 34
#10527 Vetting phase guidance reviewing kristi site minor 34
#11233 Exhaustive tests won't run on Windows reviewing emmons tools minor 34
#10982 BCP47-T subtag registration request: d0-zawgyi reviewing sascha data trivial 34
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