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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#11720 Suppress warning "Needed to meet basic coverage level" reviewing tbishop blocker 35 surveytool-other
#11817 en_CA Month abbreviated Standalone cldr anon vote winning reviewing tbishop blocker 35 surveytool-other
#11103 Vote Status information for sub locales are carried over from the main locale reviewing tbishop critical 35 surveytool-other
#11490 Move v34 Information hub content to translation guides reviewing kristi critical 35 docs-spec
#11509 SBRS: CLDR 35 release prep activities reviewing emmons critical 35 other
#4756 Set up to periodically copy contributed data from production into smoketest accepted srl major UNSCH infrastructure
#11126 Bogus relative weekday warning reviewing pedberg major 35 datetime
#11584 en_BE not inheriting from en_150? reviewing pedberg major 35 locale-codes-names
#11605 kilobyte and kilobit mistakenly use capital KB and Kb in five locales reviewing roozbeh major 35 units
#11611 (Star) is shown in the non-winning column at the beginning of the cycle reviewing tbishop major 35-optional surveytool-UI
#11657 Do perf profiling of ConsoleCheckCLDR reviewing tbishop major 35 perf
#11742 Error: False positive counting when target item translation same as source reviewing tbishop major to-assess surveytool-other
#11765 Dashboard reporting incorrect missing count for french reviewing tbishop major 35 surveytool-UI
#11794 Many Losing items need to be re-voted due to the source changes accepted fredrik major 35 emoji
#11395 Two small but annoying issues in annotations/sv.xml reviewing fredrik medium assessed fix-in-survey-tool
#11455 Persian/Iran dayPeriod data is bad reviewing roozbeh medium 35 datetime
#11543 Inconsistent spaces for French narrow measure format with hour & minute reviewing shane medium 35-optional units
#11575 German (de) flexible times of day can be abbreviated reviewing roozbeh medium 35 datetime
#11622 Prevent code-fallback in Jump to Original link reviewing tbishop medium to-assess surveytool-UI
#11804 Speed up loadXPaths reviewing tbishop medium 36 perf
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