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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#10303 Fix GenerateBirths for annotations reviewing mark critical 35 surveytool-warnings
#11493 Emoji: Update collation and English names/keywords reviewing mark critical 35 emoji
#11512 SBRS items reviewing mark critical 35 infrastructure
#11189 dateformat for fa-IR reviewing roozbeh major 35 datetime
#11360 Add collision test for typographic terms reviewing mark major 35 units
#11530 Number format in the locale English (Switzerland) (en_CH) is wrong reviewfeedback mark major 35 numbers
#10833 Belgium - Euro symbol location (ST Forum) accepted kristi assess 35 numbers
#11469 Spanish, Catalan, Lithuanian, and Tajik strings for AM and PM should use NBSP reviewing roozbeh medium 35 datetime
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