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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8208 Make language groups be data-driven (partly done) reviewing mark tools major 32
#9722 Make Survey Tool use number symbols of length >1 reviewing pedberg survey major 32
#10540 Duplicate long month name for ja locale reviewing pedberg spec major 32
#5784 Keyboard layout for dz-BT reviewing mark data medium 32
#10037 Additional Japanese exemplar set issues from #9807 reviewing pedberg data medium 32
#10212 Add three new Windows time zones reviewing gregsla data medium 32
#10615 Chakma Keyboard (INDIA) reviewing mark tools medium 32
#10173 Wrong code for generic location format reviewing pedberg spec minor 32
#10636 LDML: Generic location format not suitable for user selection of time zone reviewing mark spec minor 32
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