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Ticket Summary Status Priority Milestone Component
#11430 Support month name inflection for Slovenian accepted assess assessed datetime
#9238 Request of separate sublocale for Old Churc Slavic language for "cu" locale accepted assess discuss other
#10769 New code for Montenegrin: cnr accepted assess discuss unknown
#11029 Number Formatting fallback accepted assess discuss numbers
#11060 Future speculation: can autogenerate traditional chinese? new assess discuss unknown
#11198 SignWriting in French script names accepted assess discuss other
#11217 change thousands separator from NBSP to NNBSP accepted assess discuss numbers
#8260 Problems with interval formats accepted major 35 datetime
#8389 se-t-k0-osx keyboard has flipped E00 and B00 accepted medium 35 keyboards
#9457 Enable Islamic and Persian calendars for azb,bgn,ckb,lrc,mzn,sdh => add for PK accepted assess 35 other-supplemental
#9483 Add a character to Armenian exemplars - fix test to correctly reflect that it is present accepted medium 35 exemplars-etc
#9669 Spec: context of "locale" accepted medium 35 docs-spec
#9711 Don't show compound locales as missing accepted major 35 other
#9715 Check for spacing around placeholders accepted medium 35 other
#9754 Make the boundary clear between Seed and Common accepted medium 35 other-unittest
#9766 Track down deleted subdivision codes accepted assess 35 other-supplemental
#9774 Test that en has display names for all appropriate BCP 47 keys and values accepted major 35 other-unittest
#9789 Fix NewLdml2ICUConverter to check all CLDR data accepted major 35 other
#9831 Name for language nds accepted medium 35 other
#9876 Han-Latin transform has no mapping for 々 accepted minor 35 transliteration
#9898 minus sign of fa locale accepted medium 35 numbers
#9907 French SpelloutRules for hyphens and conjunctions accepted minor 35 numbers-rbnf
#9931 Resolve differences between CLDR and Unihan accepted medium 35 collation
#9962 Missing U+200f in dateFormats for short on pa-Arab and he accepted medium 35 datetime
#10113 Japanese exemplar character ordering accepted medium 35 exemplars-etc
#10157 No paths with count= or ordinal= without plural rules accepted medium 35 plurals
#10215 Use ALM instead of RLM and latin digits for BiDi (ar_XB) pseudolocale. accepted medium 35 infrastructure
#10217 en_AU currency symbols accepted medium 35 numbers
#10291 Compact numbers w/ CLDR plural rules accepted critical 35 survey-frontend
#10303 Fix GenerateBirths for annotations accepted critical 35 infrastructure
#10346 ST: need better examples for compact decimal forms accepted critical 35 survey-tests-examples
#10347 Show one example for each day period accepted major 35 survey-tests-examples
#10399 Microsoft locale list update for v34 accepted medium 35 other-supplemental
#10416 Conflicting definitions of 12/24 hour preference accepted major 35 docs-spec
#10455 Fix casing tests to not require empty data files for Inuktikut accepted medium 35 other-unittest
#10567 Russian: "abbreviated / stand-alone" month names are not abbreviated accepted medium 35 datetime
#10604 Concerns about units in Chinese accepted assess 35 units
#10617 Remove other bogus values accepted assess 35 infrastructure
#10647 Add test that names for (non-standalone) Hans/Hant != names for alt="stand-alone" forms accepted medium 35 other-unittest
#10676 Survey Tool allows entry of two eras for Islamic, or does not show Islamic when it should accepted major 35 survey-frontend
#10766 Fix examples under Number Format Patterns accepted major 35 survey-tests-examples
#10772 Provide examples of Formatting fields in dates accepted medium 35 survey-tests-examples
#10783 Inconsistency for durationUnitPattern for af-NA and af accepted medium 35 datetime
#10785 Updates in Scripts and Languages sections. accepted assess 35 other-supplemental
#10831 Short form of Storage Units (MB,GB) are over translated in zh-CN, ar, fa and ka accepted major 35 units
#10833 Belgium - Euro symbol location (ST Forum) accepted assess 35 numbers
#10854 We translate many language **names** that don't have locales in main. accepted major 35 other-supplemental
#10913 ZH locales using 12-hour time format is awkward accepted major 35 datetime
#10914 Switched B00 and E00 on Swedish Mac keyboard accepted major 35 keyboards
#10923 Add Sark (680) new major 35 other-supplemental
#10941 Increase Ukrainian (uk) to 1.5M in Poland (PL) accepted medium 35 other-supplemental
#10955 CldrModify passes accepted assess 35 infrastructure
#10956 CldrFileTransformer problem accepted assess 35 other
#10969 Food Calories accepted medium 35 docs-spec
#10972 North Korea map old to new subdivisions accepted assess 35 other-supplemental
#10976 Update http://cldr.unicode.org/index/process accepted minor 35 docs-site
#10985 Please add Tuvan to CLDR accepted assess 35 locale-create
#10989 Fix the Core data page and coverageLevel accepted major 35 other-supplemental
#10990 Fix synchronize (threading) accepted major 35 survey-backend
#10992 Hebrew currency minus sign is on the end of the number instead of the beginning accepted major 35 currency
#10994 Modify root BreakIterator data for aksaras accepted critical 35 segmentation
#11019 Fix charts: 2 problems accepted assess 35 charts
#11042 Request to add locale "en-AE" accepted medium 35 other
#11045 Add no-placeholder compact data back to CLDR accepted major 35 numbers
#11061 Clearly distinguish when CLDR has valid (default) plural rules accepted major 35 plurals
#11071 Missing explanation of variables in language plural rules. new assess 35 charts
#11097 Make German AM/PM fields as high bar for changes accepted major 35 datetime
#11098 More dimensionless units: permyriad, basis-point, percentage-point accepted major 35 units
#11103 Vote Status informaiton for sub locales are carried over from the main locale accepted critical 35 survey-backend
#11120 French locale charset needs NNBSP and NBSP accepted medium 35 other
#11126 Bogus relative weekday warning accepted major 35 datetime
#11145 Verify that dtd compatibility is always tested accepted assess 35 other-unittest
#11151 NPE during setup prevents ST setup from scratch accepted medium 35 survey-backend
#11161 Add wildcard locale to ST URLs accepted major 35 survey-backend
#11175 dateformat for bs-Latn accepted medium 35 datetime
#11177 Datetime format for zh-* locales accepted medium 35 datetime
#11178 A correction of weekday translation for ru-RU locale accepted medium 35 datetime
#11188 Dateformat for am-ET accepted major 35 datetime
#11190 New Taiwan Dollar symbol accepted assess 35 currency
#11191 12 hour system in ha-Latn-NG accepted major 35 datetime
#11199 Macedonia [FYROM] changing name to Republic of North Macedonia accepted critical 35 other
#11215 Locale ar@numbers=latn should put percent sign first accepted major 35 numbers
#11231 language tkl English name Tokelauan accepted medium 35 other
#11238 browser console shows error message, there is INHERITANCE_MARKER without inheritedValue accepted major 35 survey-backend
#11251 Survey tool voting on Alphabetic info for Tajik doesn't work accepted assess 35 survey-backend
#11261 Voting for winning Flagged item is disallowed accepted major 35 survey-backend
#11270 Use floating point instead of integers for vote counts accepted major 35 survey-backend
#11276 check-mark indicating my votes is shown accepted major 35 survey-backend
#11290 Survey tool log accepted assess 35 survey-backend
#11295 pt_PT currency position accepted critical 35 currency
#11316 Serbian child locales with month name abbreviations with "." accepted medium 35 datetime
#11341 Time separator for en-AU is incorrect accepted major 35 datetime
#11376 Default including non-breaking variants of exemplar punctuation marks accepted medium 35 exemplars-etc
#11382 Some issues with coordinates accepted medium 35 units
#11391 In locales without plural rules, mark as errors all paths with @count accepted major 35 plurals
#11410 More detailed explanations for the most challenging items/categories accepted major 35 survey-frontend
#11416 Rename Kiev to Kyiv accepted major 35 timezone
#11418 Absurd Capitalisation accepted medium 35 other
#11421 Test ICU with aggressively minimized data. accepted major 35 unknown
#11422 Add extra validity status accepted major 35 unknown
#11426 different date format "shortDate" between Ukrainian and Russian for Ukraine accepted medium 35 datetime
#11428 Survey tool report to capture missing areas in the coverage report accepted major 35 infrastructure
#11437 add link to 'related projects' accepted minor 35 infrastructure
#11447 Add aliases accepted major 35 locale-codes
#11457 Zinh, Zyyy,... should also be "special" accepted major 35 locale-codes
#11466 Test all currency collections accepted medium 35 currency
#11467 Add unit: imperial fluid ounce accepted major 35 units
#11475 add test for timeSeparator accepted major 35 other-unittest
#11477 en: Macau should probably be Macao accepted major 35 other
#11478 Unicode 12 accepted major 35 collation
#11482 Cleanup API for useKeywordAnnotationVoting accepted minor 35 survey-frontend
#11485 myanmar tools added, need to update license accepted major 35 infrastructure
#11487 Many metazones are incomplete accepted medium 35 timezone
#11488 Implement new Survey Tool automated test framework and infrastructure accepted critical 35 survey-backend
#11493 Emoji: Update collation and English names/keywords accepted critical 35 emoji
#11496 ICUServiceBuilder equals and hashCode accepted medium 35 other
#11497 CLDR 35 Startup BRS items new critical 35 infrastructure
#11509 CLDR 35 release prep activities accepted critical 35 other
#11511 Transliteration of Pali from Thai script to Lao script accepted medium 35 transliteration
#11512 SBRS items new critical 35 infrastructure
#11513 Make cldr-ref survey tool easier to get to accepted major 35 other
#11515 Update CLDR site with the new internal ticket process accepted major 35 other
#11517 ST: Import of losing votes accepted critical 35 survey-frontend
#11522 Unicode Locale Identifier EBNF bug accepted medium 35 docs-spec
#11529 Hindi (hi) dayPeriod for afternoon1 should be दोपहर accepted medium 35 datetime
#11531 Update CLDR to ICU for Unicode 12.0 beta accepted major 35 infrastructure
#11537 Interval formats are needed for flexible day periods accepted major 35 datetime
#11551 Make locale identifier equivalences clear in the spec accepted major 35 docs-spec
#11558 Converting 4 letter BCP47 languages accepted major 35 docs-spec
#11560 Issue warning if availableFormats with MMMM in skeleton has MMM or LLL instead accepted medium 35 datetime
#827 French updates from ISO 15924 accepted major 35-optional unknown
#8722 ST: consistent colors for aliases accepted major 35-optional survey-backend
#8725 ST: Flexible notification? accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend
#8946 Refine day period collision tests accepted major 35-optional infrastructure
#9217 Deprecate zone ID - America/Santa_Isabel? accepted medium 35-optional timezone
#9278 Use same data for versions accepted major 35-optional infrastructure
#9300 Reduce the number of supported BCP47 variants accepted medium 35-optional locale-codes
#9380 don't show "4 votes required" if locale is locked accepted medium 35-optional survey-frontend
#9382 Flag if the parent value has changed accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend
#9400 Verify all DtdType.ldml files are tested accepted medium 35-optional other-unittest
#9415 Survey tool: dashboard is not loading (improve error message) accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend
#9417 Shared Locale Data - CLDR 30 - Round 1 - No Radio Buttons for "Core Data/Alphabetic Info" accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend
#9422 admin panel - missing tabs accepted assess 35-optional unknown
#9423 no tests for VettingViewer itself? accepted minor 35-optional other-unittest
#9432 After add-user function, ST gives no feedback on send-password function accepted medium 35-optional survey-frontend
#9435 reword ST's emails to not get caught by spam filters accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend
#9463 Activity vs Vot count accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend
#9473 Remove votes for codes in alt values. accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend
#9487 bug in Generic calendars accepted major 35-optional survey-frontend
#9535 Cannot add entries for missing items/fix missing items – en-GB accepted assess 35-optional survey-backend
#9548 Consider making alt values do auto aliasing accepted medium 35-optional unknown
#9554 inherited nits accepted major 35-optional unknown
#9560 spurious 'account is locked' for guest users accepted major 35-optional survey-frontend
#9576 TC member could not set user to Expert accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend
#9584 "Manager" can't see "Priority Items Summary" accepted major 35-optional survey-backend
#9605 Date format in es_419 accepted medium 35-optional other
#9716 Time of day cycle in Ethiopia accepted medium 35-optional datetime
#9729 Add DTD annotations accepted major 35-optional charts
#9733 Change CLDRModify minimize accepted assess 35-optional other
#9749 Unify formats for regex lookup files accepted major 35-optional other
#9757 CLDR test suite is loading transforms non-deterministically accepted major 35-optional other-unittest
#9775 Clean up GenerateUnihanCollators.java accepted major 35-optional collation
#9778 Comments on CLDR 30 alpha, locale sv (main) accepted medium 35-optional other
#9783 Verify ordering of attributes accepted medium 35-optional other-unittest
#9784 Resolve problems with attributeValidity accepted medium 35-optional other-unittest
#9787 Integrate CLDR versions of ICU classes back into ICU accepted medium 35-optional other
#9788 Reduce hard-coded data in XMLSource, add tests accepted medium 35-optional infrastructure
#9794 Explicit values for alt= (split) accepted major 35-optional unknown
#9830 Cleanup for Ticket 6301 accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend
#9841 convert users.xml into a .csv accepted assess 35-optional survey-backend
#9879 Update keyboard extractor accepted medium 35-optional keyboards
#9886 Survey tool: need a dashboard filter to show all abstained votes for the user accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend
#9888 Survey tool: Dashboard gets trapped in threading/caching problems accepted major 35-optional survey-backend
#9891 German Formats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formats: uncommon formatting accepted major 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#9897 Use subdivisions for some countries accepted medium 35-optional other-supplemental
#9926 flesh out likely subtag data accepted medium 35-optional other-supplemental
#9982 Finish ugly xml accepted medium 35-optional unknown
#9984 Add readme to data directories, change names. accepted medium 35-optional unknown
#9996 Add units for pixels , ems, and display resolution accepted medium 35-optional units
#10017 Simplify CLDR tool build.xml accepted medium 35-optional infrastructure
#10048 changes to LDML2ICUConverter to support ICU building improvements accepted assess 35-optional ldml2icu
#10057 Add Svalbard in metaZones.xml accepted medium 35-optional other-supplemental
#10070 Add new Delta-by-Type chart accepted medium 35-optional charts
#10117 Missing Mapping in "windowsZones.xml" accepted major 35-optional other-supplemental
#10119 Cleanup code accepted major 35-optional infrastructure
#10120 Add to TestPathHeader and TestAttributeValues new major 35-optional other-unittest
#10158 Delta by type chart for Emoji accepted medium 35-optional charts
#10160 Handling date range for old currency in Bidi accepted medium 35-optional numbers
#10171 French time format accepted medium 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#10180 Clean up loading of files, etc. accepted major 35-optional infrastructure
#10183 Fix XPathParts() accepted medium 35-optional infrastructure
#10238 Dates in Danish are wrong accepted minor 35-optional datetime
#10255 ST: Votes by day in statistics page gives an SQL Exception accepted minor 35-optional survey-frontend
#10256 ST: clicking on language from the forum page does not go back to the language accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend
#10261 Old forum post date/time stamp takes you to the curren Forum page accepted medium 35-optional survey-frontend
#10264 Reply from old forum post has a dangling parent ID accepted assess 35-optional unknown
#10268 Survey tool clips "news message" accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend
#10269 General forum post appends "Re:" in the Subject line accepted minor 35-optional survey-frontend
#10276 Change DEPRECATED to HIDE_ALWAYS in PathHeader accepted minor 35-optional infrastructure
#10295 ST: denoise logs (mailsender, getOrgToVotes) accepted minor 35-optional unknown
#10306 ST: example is incorrect when the decimal symbol differ between number and currency accepted medium 35-optional unknown
#10325 ST users list view should have search function accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend
#10326 Survey tool: Jump to first abstaining vote accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend
#10340 Survey Tool should hand-craft e-mail for better targeting of errors accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend
#10363 Disallow pt_BR, &c. in vetter locales accepted major 35-optional survey-frontend
#10365 Logic for Losing in sublocales is faulty accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend
#10366 The website takes about +10 seconds to register the input. accepted major 35-optional survey-frontend
#10400 Can Uz_Cyrl be transliterated from Latn? evaluate first accepted medium 35-optional transliteration
#10411 the default time format for Chinese (zh) accepted major 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#10412 the default date format for Chinese (zh-cn) accepted major 35-optional datetime
#10417 English country subdivision names accepted assess 35-optional other-supplemental
#10427 Include all Turkmen characters in Cyrillic-to-Latin transliteration new assess 35-optional transliteration
#10428 Korean-to-Latin transform does not seem to do anything new assess 35-optional transliteration
#10430 Hebrew-Latin/BGN should recognize or strip more vowel marks new assess 35-optional transliteration
#10436 Fix BCP47-T identifier for Latin-ASCII transform new assess 35-optional transliteration
#10442 Phonetic transcription of Georgian new assess 35-optional transliteration
#10462 users being blocked from creating tickets accepted major 35-optional infrastructure
#10472 "Written %" in CLDR territory language info accepted medium 35-optional charts
#10496 Change en-CA to be closer to en-US, and add translit. accepted major 35-optional other
#10501 TC flag logic accepted assess 35-optional docs-site
#10528 Assamese Error shown in Dashboard does not show in the data point accepted assess 35-optional unknown
#10533 Ability to close a forum thread accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend
#10547 please add ewts to CLDR/common/bcp47/transform.xml accepted assess 35-optional locale-codes
#10548 please add iast to CLDR/common/bcp47/transform.xml accepted assess 35-optional locale-codes
#10558 ST: users.xml file is generated invalid accepted minor 35-optional survey-backend
#10564 Logical groups that generate errors should be in same coverage level accepted major 35-optional unknown
#10591 ST: Tooltip for <not available in english> English column (Backend) accepted assess 35-optional unknown
#10596 Abbreviations for ES do not need a fullstop accepted medium 35-optional datetime
#10614 Make the top of cldr.org clearer accepted minor 35-optional docs-site
#10618 Add by-type subdivision names charts accepted medium 35-optional charts
#10657 BRS: GenerateMaximalLocales accepted major 35-optional infrastructure
#10658 Something has gone wrong with the new alphabetic information data item accepted major 35-optional other
#10705 Stricter script and consistency checks accepted major 35-optional survey-backend
#10710 Currency symbols bad for en-AU since CLDR 28 accepted medium 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#10718 Sign position in nl inconsistent between standard and compact notation accepted major 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#10721 add Osage accepted major 35-optional unknown
#10722 Avestan-Latin transliteration new medium 35-optional transliteration
#10726 Mistake in yesstr and nostr in mr.xml, a regular colon should be used there. accepted medium 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#10740 IPA transcription for Maori, Amele, Usan new medium 35-optional transliteration
#10763 Transform Devanagari from/to Grantha accepted assess 35-optional transliteration
#10768 Translation guide udpate: Country/region-Territory accepted medium 35-optional docs-translation-guide
#10770 Incorrect German translation of some date format items accepted medium 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#10773 For Errors on the Priority items, show comprehensive accepted major 35-optional survey-frontend
#10782 Chakma Keyboard accepted medium 35-optional keyboards
#10787 Restructure the GeneratePickerData.java categories accepted major 35-optional other
#10801 Lithuanian: Inconsistency between collation rules and <exemplarCharacters type="index"> accepted assess 35-optional exemplars-etc
#10813 Date format order for en-PK accepted major 35-optional datetime
#10817 Fix warnings from TestPathHeader.TestCompleteness accepted medium 35-optional other-unittest
#10823 Fix in German RBNF numbering-year accepted major 35-optional numbers-rbnf
#10826 ST: update docs about length warnings on emoji translations accepted medium 35-optional survey-backend
#10836 [Missing] first day for BO (Bolivia) accepted medium 35-optional unknown
#10839 Add specs for calendars accepted medium 35-optional unknown
#10865 Dashboard suggestion: breakdown of categories accepted assess 35-optional survey-backend
#10866 Dashboard suggestion for New accepted assess 35-optional survey-backend
#10910 Currencies in Portuguese (pt-PT) are missing accents and one seems to be incorrect accepted assess 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#10937 Urdu inconsistent commas accepted major 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#10954 Add Checks for items accepted major 35-optional other
#10957 Modify CldrModify to be easier accepted assess 35-optional infrastructure
#10961 typographicNames ⇏ ICU accepted major 35-optional other
#10970 weekOfPreference for Germany accepted major 35-optional other-supplemental
#10971 TSV files for CLDR charts (part 2) accepted medium 35-optional charts
#10981 Suppress the dates on the chart pages accepted assess 35-optional charts
#11007 How to best accomodate working with New emoji for vetters accepted major 35-optional emoji
#11016 Translation guides for Forums and Dashboard accepted assess 35-optional docs-translation-guide
#11028 bg: Review region name translations for TF accepted medium 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#11035 quotationStart for fr accepted medium 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#11040 Emoji keyword unique to specific culture accepted medium 35-optional docs-site
#11044 Odia specific language guide accepted assess 35-optional docs-translation-guide
#11050 request cldr annotation in json format accepted medium 35-optional emoji
#11064 Problem with the Chinese (Hong Kong) Dates accepted medium 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#11076 metaZones.xml issues accepted assess 35-optional timezone
#11125 Adjust standard Eclipse Java formatter new critical 35-optional infrastructure
#11155 Pages too big? accepted major 35-optional survey-frontend
#11195 en-IN has American, not Indian, formatting accepted major 35-optional unknown
#11201 Hindi number format should consistently use Neel/नील accepted medium 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#11204 Metazone dates incorrect for Pyongyang, part II accepted major 35-optional unknown
#11221 Pashto ► ps-variant: precision needed accepted major 35-optional other
#11226 ST: Survey Tool is down with SQL exception accepted assess 35-optional survey-backend
#11228 ST: notify TC members of responses in the forum accepted assess 35-optional survey-frontend
#11230 Add number skeleton syntax to UTS 35? accepted major 35-optional docs-spec
#11268 Portugal portuguese issue RuleBasedNumberFormat.SPELLOUT accepted major 35-optional numbers
#11319 Svan to Svan IPA transliterator new assess 35-optional transliteration
#11320 Laz to Laz IPA transliterator new assess 35-optional transliteration
#11322 Mingrelian to Mingrelian IPA transliterator new assess 35-optional transliteration
#11323 Ossetian to Ossetian IPA transliterator new assess 35-optional transliteration
#11329 TC work collision with vetter work accepted minor 35-optional docs-site
#11331 Chuvash to Chuvash IPA transliterator new assess 35-optional transliteration
#11335 Hill Mari to Hill Mari IPA transliterator new assess 35-optional transliteration
#11338 tk-tk currency narrow symbol accepted medium 35-optional currency
#11350 'Value with unit' formats must have a {0} for the value accepted major 35-optional units
#11365 Another alternative for composite duration formats accepted medium 35-optional units
#11387 Mongolian number separator should be , accepted medium 35-optional fix-in-survey-tool
#11390 Northern and southern hemisphere moon symbols accepted medium 35-optional emoji
#11413 CLDR 34 BRS A23 Verify BCP key-type values in en.xml new assess 35-optional locale-codes
#11438 ff_Adlm: follow up post 34 accepted medium 35-optional collation
#11449 Test for PU characters in all transforms that pivot through Interindic. accepted major 35-optional other-unittest
#11459 Remaining HTML problems in charts (split2) accepted major 35-optional charts
#11461 Add warning for Tsd. and similar CNF fields accepted medium 35-optional unknown
#11495 Further fixes for LocaleCoverageLevel accepted medium 35-optional locale-codes
#11500 Ambiguous ordinal plural rule examples for locale "gd" accepted medium 35-optional plurals
#11533 Adlam nasalization character in Unicode 12.0 accepted major 35-optional exemplars-etc
#11535 ST: examples for Currency are incorrect accepted medium 35-optional currency
#11571 Avoid rebuilding entire table on Survey Tool update new critical 35-optional survey-frontend
#11157 ST: sub-locales are not showing emoji code identifiers accepted critical 36 survey-backend
#11362 Change localized language name into Korean accepted medium 36 fix-in-survey-tool
#11465 Greenlandic month names and date formats need update accepted medium 36 datetime
#11545 Bulgarian time format issue accepted medium 36 datetime
#11553 Tracking ticket: Information Hub for v36 new assess 36 docs-translation-guide
#4046 Korean "numeric" date format need some space-saving overhaul new assess to-assess datetime
#10068 Moldovan ro_MD.xml new assess to-assess unknown
#10102 Latin "la.xml" + "la-VA.xml" new assess to-assess other
#10384 ST users list has inconsistent terminology new minor to-assess survey-frontend
#10385 Do we really need those Gravatar images in ST? new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#10557 Drop space before % in Spanish? new assess to-assess numbers
#10645 Need to fix the tooling for CDF verify charts ( BuildIcuCompactDecimalFormat.java ) once the fix for ​Icubug:13073 is in place. new assess to-assess unknown
#10651 Review and clarify the criteria for metazone new assess to-assess unknown
#10664 update javadocs for important classes new assess to-assess unknown
#10693 Prevent vetter changes for spacing needs in Date & Time combo format new assess to-assess unknown
#10700 German translation of Tunisian governorates new assess to-assess charts
#10709 Finnish negative decimals are not parsed with a hyphen sign new assess to-assess numbers
#10720 update test to check for dead pathdescription links new assess to-assess unknown
#10725 Add Language Acholi ach_UG new assess to-assess unknown
#10732 Burmese sorting fix for canonically ordered text new assess to-assess collation
#10736 Kazakhistan switching to Latin new assess to-assess unknown
#10746 Add territory to Occitan (oc) new assess to-assess unknown
#10747 Issues with the local Bangla (Bangladesh) new assess to-assess unknown
#10876 en-XA pseudolocalizer converts space into EM-spae new assess to-assess unknown
#10879 Aragonese new assess to-assess unknown
#10885 Ensure DAIP converts space to NBSP in number patterns new major to-assess numbers
#10890 Adding Karen S'Gaw Locale new assess to-assess unknown
#10892 JSON npm packages are not valid modules new assess to-assess json
#10903 Automated punctuation spacing new assess to-assess keyboards
#10921 /tags/release-32-0-1/keyboards/und/ should be sorted by platform accepted assess to-assess keyboards
#10952 Please add Moksha language to CLDR new assess to-assess unknown
#10953 Please add Skolt Sámi language to CLDR new assess to-assess unknown
#10963 Request to add new locale: Aragonese (an) + sumission of original core data new assess to-assess other
#10964 Fix info for Spanish (es) in Philippines (PH) new assess to-assess unknown
#10965 Add language to Canada(CA) new assess to-assess unknown
#10966 Add language to Russia(RU) new assess to-assess unknown
#10967 Runic German? new assess to-assess other-supplemental
#10988 Please add Altay to CLDR new assess to-assess unknown
#10991 Primary name of crh should be "Crimean Turkish" rather than "Crimean Tatar" new assess to-assess unknown
#11004 Change [lg] from Ganda to Luganda new assess to-assess unknown
#11015 Incorrect plural rule for lag new assess to-assess plurals
#11020 TR35 - fix redirections of some links new assess to-assess unknown
#11021 Corrections relating to Ogham in the Likely Subtags chart new assess to-assess other-supplemental
#11022 Add territory (Canada) to Punjabi (pa) new assess to-assess other-supplemental
#11026 Ship derived data files based on the output of DTDData new assess to-assess unknown
#11030 change LC_PAPER to en_US in es_BO local new assess to-assess unknown
#11033 Fix info for Hungarian (hu) and Italian (it) in Slovenia (SI) new assess to-assess unknown
#11043 Two meta zone in active use (Turkey and Urumqi) do not have display name new assess to-assess timezone
#11058 Confusing example in part 4, example 7.1 new assess to-assess docs-spec
#11059 cldr-json licensing metadata is incorrect new assess to-assess json
#11077 Add new language names to CLDR: cak, meh, mix, son, zam new assess to-assess other
#11078 Plural rules for Cornish (kw) new assess to-assess plurals
#11082 ST: carry forward winning votes from the organization rather than individual new assess to-assess survey-backend
#11083 en: Swaziland has changed their name to eSwatini new medium to-assess other
#11084 Metazones missing for Barnaul, Kirov, and Tomsk new assess to-assess timezone
#11085 ISO-3166-2:CN codes are now alpha-2 new assess to-assess unknown
#11095 [ak] Plural ranges for Akan new assess to-assess plurals
#11101 UNicode report of kMandarin errors for U+8BBD, U+8BC6 new assess to-assess collation
#11102 no RBNF for Assamese (as) new assess to-assess unknown
#11105 CheckWidths fix? new assess to-assess infrastructure
#11131 put cldr-apps revision in the .war manifest? new assess to-assess unknown
#11132 Incorrect plural rule for Marathi (mr) for cardinal 0 new assess to-assess plurals
#11136 Document Import of Winning votes to a locale you no longer have contribution rights new assess to-assess unknown
#11179 translation of month for pl-PL locale new assess to-assess unknown
#11180 A number format value in some locales new assess to-assess numbers
#11208 Enhance Gear > List … Users > Download .csv new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11236 Improve the Information Panel new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11239 CLDR Data stability guideline is inappropriate and should be discarded new assess to-assess survey-backend
#11245 Wikipedia handling guideline new assess to-assess survey-backend
#11247 Percent and permille displaying with a breakable space new assess to-assess other
#11248 Missing data in fr.xml new assess to-assess unknown
#11249 Gorilla emoji is misnamed new assess to-assess other
#11250 Resource-wasting bugs in the Survey Tool new assess to-assess survey-backend
#11253 Survey Tool automatic page reload compromises efficiency new assess to-assess survey-backend
#11255 Measurement spacing fixes in LDML file to upload? new assess to-assess survey-backend
#11256 Liter-per-kilometer to be converted to Kilometer-per-liter new assess to-assess unknown
#11258 Submission of votes for French/Units/ new assess to-assess other
#11259 Delimiters for fr-FR new assess to-assess unknown
#11264 Symbol narrow of currency DKK new assess to-assess json
#11266 E-Mail Alerts from CLDR new assess to-assess unknown
#11267 Typography section not so typographic new assess to-assess unknown
#11274 Collision error not flagging both items new assess to-assess other
#11275 Examples for Scottish Gaelic plurals are wrong because the data from the Survey Tool has not been implemented new assess to-assess numbers
#11277 Bailey values are only shown when they have been voted on previously new assess to-assess unknown
#11279 Suppress Warnings new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11280 Review New and English Changed in priority items new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11281 chn should be renamed to "Modern Chinook" new assess to-assess other
#11282 How to use it? new assess to-assess unknown
#11284 Use Arabic Letter Mark instead of Right-To-Left Marker in generated bidi pseudolocale data new assess to-assess other
#11286 Ability to add a TC flag or similar to 8 vote items new assess to-assess unknown
#11291 Please review several entries for Spanish (es) in Numbers | Compact_Decimal_Formatting new assess to-assess numbers
#11294 Please add Osage locale new assess to-assess other
#11301 Issues in the Arabic data of Displaying Lists new assess to-assess unknown
#11302 Ordinal minimal pairs for French new assess to-assess other
#11304 Group separator NNBSP, not NBSP new assess to-assess other
#11305 Bug tracker newTicket page should display preview new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11306 Can't vote for Alphabetic_Information new assess to-assess unknown
#11307 SurveyTool Information panel refresh new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11308 Measurement data is incorrect for US unincorporated territories new assess to-assess other-supplemental
#11309 Some currency names in Korean are inconsistent or incorrect - BRL & GBP new assess to-assess other
#11311 Modern coverage for Relateive day short and Narrow to modern new assess to-assess unknown
#11314 miles or kilometers for road lengths? new medium to-assess units
#11315 Ambiguity regarding exponential and superscriptingExponent new assess to-assess docs-spec
#11324 cnmn -> cnnm new assess to-assess unknown
#11325 Default name for Azerbaijani language new assess to-assess other
#11328 Investigate whether bidi marks (LRM, RLM) are needed with plus & minus sign in Hebrew new major to-assess numbers
#11333 Clarify/fix Alphabetic sets new assess to-assess survey-tests-examples
#11339 Punctuation needs categorization like letters (in Core data / Alphabetic information) new assess to-assess other
#11342 Welsh keyword should be "ffrwyth" instead of "fffrwythau" new assess to-assess emoji
#11349 Document behavior of RTL formats new assess to-assess docs-translation-guide
#11352 DAIP refinement for initial single quotes new medium to-assess infrastructure
#11353 Clean up tests new assess to-assess infrastructure
#11355 Number separators and date format for Swiss territory new assess to-assess numbers
#11358 Add test: Bad names for ky new assess to-assess locale-codes
#11359 Remove PUA scripts new assess to-assess unknown
#11363 Unit minute is not localized in hu-HU new assess to-assess units
#11364 Hint being shown inline in survey tool new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11367 Hungarian keyword should be "dzsúz" instead of "dszúz" new assess to-assess emoji
#11368 Enable Survey Tool features even when RO new assess to-assess survey-frontend
#11369 Costa Rica wrong locale format for currency new assess to-assess currency
#11375 Start date for the Meiji era is wrong for the Japanese Calendar new assess to-assess other-supplemental
#11377 CLDR a way to correct anti-preformatted-superscript policies, reminder for foundries new assess to-assess other
#11380 Fix KlcParserTest failure new assess to-assess keyboards
#11383 Latin-ASCII.xml lacks SOUND RECORDING COPYRIGHT new assess to-assess transliteration
#11389 unusual spaces in data new critical to-assess units
#11392 Add more parseLenients new assess to-assess exemplars-etc
#11393 Wrong Italian Language Plural Rule new assess to-assess other-supplemental
#11394 Modify CLDRModify to only result in changed files new assess to-assess other
#11395 Two small but annoying issues in annotations/sv.xml new assess to-assess emoji
#11396 fix closeMainForm java.lang.InternalError: NOT YET IMPLEMENTED new assess to-assess survey-backend
#11401 Change %spellout-numbering RBNF for da new assess to-assess numbers-rbnf
#11402 Add romanization rules for Burmese new assess to-assess transliteration
#11403 Remove soft hyphen in DAIP new assess to-assess other
#11404 Address missing Core data. new assess to-assess other
#11407 fr: Spelt out date past 1999 should use multiples of a thousand new assess to-assess numbers
#11419 frisian (fy) collation differs from root collation new assess to-assess collation
#11423 Group separator migration from U+00A0 to U+202F new assess to-assess other
#11425 Charts: Invisibles and confusables need to be easily checked new assess to-assess other
#11433 Traditional symbol(s) information. new assess to-assess currency
#11439 Some Survey Tool rows have no winning value new assess to-assess survey-backend
#11441 wrong language and non-comprehensive rules new assess to-assess plurals
#11442 Wrong alphabet order in KAB locale new assess to-assess other
#11443 Letters missing in main alphabet of KAB new assess to-assess other
#11452 Specify cutoff between "small" and "normal" unitPreferences new assess to-assess numbers
#11464 Also change displayName for fathom from fm to fth in various locales? new assess to-assess units
#11468 ST: give vetters more control of importing old votes new assess to-assess survey-backend
#11471 Incorrect currency symbols for GBP/EUR in en-AU new assess to-assess currency
#11479 Change likely region for Tai Dón [twh] from ZZ to VN new assess to-assess other-supplemental
#11480 Likely script for Tai Dam [blt] and Tai Dón [twh] new assess to-assess other-supplemental
#11481 Vague language and incorrect examples in UTS #35 LDML, Part 6: Supplemental, Section 2.1 Supplemental Territory Containment new assess to-assess docs-spec
#11484 Add validity tests to prevent e.g. malformed pattern items like {{0} new major to-assess datetime
#11499 Add cryptocurrencies new assess to-assess numbers
#11506 Chinese Traditional-Simplified transliteration is not correct new assess to-assess transliteration
#11562 Hindi (hi) spelling of October should use ट (TTA) instead of त (TA) new assess to-assess datetime
#11563 Add more units for v35 new assess to-assess units
#11566 A few problems noticed in https://www.unicode.org/cldr/charts/latest/delta/sv.html new assess to-assess to-assess
#11567 Nahuat Pipil (ppl) new assess to-assess to-assess
#11568 PT-BR: Plural Forms: 1.5 should be of category one, not other new assess to-assess plurals
#11569 en: Use exonym for Bengali (bn) language and ( instead of endonym new assess to-assess to-assess
#11570 likely subtag for grc still wrong new assess to-assess other-supplemental
#11572 Prepare TR35 spec files for CLDR 35 proposed update new assess to-assess to-assess
#11574 Fix info for English (en) in United States (US) new assess to-assess to-assess
#11575 German (de) flexible times of day can be abbreviated new assess to-assess datetime
#11576 Spanish locales should prefer AM/PM to flexible times of day new assess to-assess datetime
#11577 rules for Romanian plural numbers new assess to-assess plurals
#11578 rules for Romanian plural numbers new assess to-assess plurals
#11580 More parentage information needed for Portuguese locales new assess to-assess other-supplemental
#11581 XOF and XAF currencies doesn't have the same symbol new assess to-assess to-assess
#11582 length-point not in common/validity/unit.xml new assess to-assess to-assess
#11583 Add "lastRelease" directory for unittest server new assess to-assess infrastructure
#11584 en_BE not inheriting from en_150? new assess to-assess to-assess
#11585 migrate to maven new assess to-assess other
#11586 IDR, COP, HUF, PKR, RSD, VND : # of default fractional digits should be 0 instead of 2 ? new assess to-assess currency
#36 Tamil collation proposal accepted minor UNSCH collation
#68 Consistency of digraphs accepted minor UNSCH collation
#85 Cross check against UN data accepted minor UNSCH other
#131 Improve collation charts accepted minor UNSCH charts
#169 A Day Start Hour Parameter accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#177 Add name format accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#188 New feature: Address Format accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#191 New feature: Greeting accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#194 New feature: Telephone Format accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#304 Add pattern syntax to weekend data to support halfdays accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#336 Change hyphen-minus into: hyphen, or minus, or en-dash accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#337 Adding OpenType language tags accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#352 DTD bugs post 1.2 accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#361 examine country overrides accepted trivial UNSCH other
#383 POSIX number pattern representatiion accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#407 Integrate ICU's Locale Script into CLDR accepted trivial UNSCH other
#659 put data in repository in open office format accepted minor UNSCH other
#687 Collation for Survey Tool accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#739 "Double" summer time accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#742 Stop-list for email subjects accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#745 Make default in currencies deprecated accepted trivial UNSCH other
#837 Add mechanism to get commonly used calendars accepted minor UNSCH other
#857 "br.xml" (draft for Breton) accepted minor UNSCH other
#859 Bug mail incomplete accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#877 Other Single Country localizations accepted minor UNSCH other
#882 Java tools improvements accepted major UNSCH unknown
#887 TR35 proposed draft: 5.10.3. Rule based number format accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#974 Survey Tool suggested improvements accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#990 Need locale for US military accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1008 Create a Survey Tool to enter supplemental data accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1033 RFE locale-specific RBBI rules for French accepted assess UNSCH segmentation
#1034 RFE: Add locale specific RBBI rules for Frech, Italian, Greek, others? accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1042 Separate inherited in survey tool accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#1049 Normalize ISBN numbers (and warn on errors) accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#1079 Language-sensitive titlecasing accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1081 new attribute for deprecatedItems accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#1082 Thai collation request accepted minor UNSCH collation
#1084 Change survey tool and charts to use orientation accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1100 Survey Tool should disallow bad entries accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1113 Correctly document <hex> accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#1116 Consider separating "proposed" from alt accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1127 OO.org tool fixes accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#1129 Update supplemental charts accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#1130 Combined date/time format accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1149 Transliteration: Update Hebrew transliterator accepted minor UNSCH transliteration
#1152 Show invisible characters in all data & allow typing of them accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1156 Survey tool UI enhancements accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#1157 Patterns in Survey tool accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1166 Improving the collation test data accepted minor UNSCH collation
#1169 Change Armenian REVISED accepted assess UNSCH other
#1172 add fully resolved locale data with each release accepted minor UNSCH other
#1178 Esparanto locale accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#1191 Transliteration: Indic transforms accepted major UNSCH transliteration
#1197 Stable currency codes accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#1200 Weekends may depend on language after all accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1208 Uyghur accepted minor UNSCH other
#1212 check dtd backwards compatibility accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1216 Add references to supplemental data accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#1236 Hard to see missing data accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#1245 Move timezone fixing data to datafile accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#1255 Nickel Rounding accepted major UNSCH other
#1270 Survey tool UI: leaving page and example columns accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1271 Hard to spot errors in result strings accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#1272 Manage Users accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#1275 Patterns hard to edit accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#1276 Date fields names (Era, etc) shouldn't be calendar-specific accepted minor UNSCH other
#1305 Clean up currency data accepted minor UNSCH other
#1306 Short TZIDs for "pretty path" use accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#1307 Replace XML comments by references? accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1311 Easier References accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#1324 Australian Number format accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1326 Catch double characters in Survey Tool accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1327 ER: Additional coverage level for "locale name pieces" accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1344 Allows aliases to be peers accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1345 Bulk Submission accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1354 Add additional 4 different ways to represent Japanese imperial era accepted major UNSCH other
#1362 Simplify option selection accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#1369 Add information on coverage level accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1371 Change comprehensive level accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1373 Problems embedding \uNNNN literals in patterns accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1375 ST: Different calendars should be separated accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1376 Simplify currency update process accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1389 Minimal coverage additions? accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1393 RFE: how to suggest a poll accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1406 Make it easier to do days/months accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#1424 Localized date symbols accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1425 Roku-Yo accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1426 Spellout for Chinese / Japanese Calendar accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1427 request to add Windows TZID accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1434 some problems in the preliminary CLDR 1.5 data in some locales accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1437 Don't force zoom to edit for TC members accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#1441 Switch Currency Translations with Currency Change accepted assess UNSCH docs-site
#1445 Remove Wiki, transfer contents accepted trivial UNSCH docs-site
#1446 Metazone charts accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1452 Resolve issues with nobreak hyphen and space accepted medium UNSCH other
#1462 Japanese Narrow Eras are Sparse accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1465 detect/flag currency formats that appear to be choice formats accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1466 Allow alias at same level accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1468 Fix by-type accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1469 Extended Grapheme Cluster support for Lao accepted assess UNSCH other
#1470 Modify ConvertLanguageData to have >= 1 territory accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1472 Bad use of cp accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1473 Add to tests of data consistency accepted major UNSCH other-unittest
#1478 calculate list of users who contributed optimal items accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#1481 Check for Inconsistent full/halfwidth accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1483 Issues in some locales accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1485 Latin-Ethiopic accepted assess UNSCH transliteration
#1486 Alert the user of input regularization accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#1492 Improve Cyrillic-Latin accepted minor UNSCH transliteration
#1493 Consider having transliterator for title/uppercasing Greek accepted minor UNSCH transliteration
#1497 Metazones incomplete accepted minor UNSCH other-unittest
#1498 Add Data For Hindi Calendar accepted major UNSCH other
#1512 Distinguishing currency periods for banking transactions accepted minor UNSCH other
#1521 Illegal pattern in ms_BN accepted assess UNSCH other-unittest
#1531 Generate CLDR data from POSIX data for missing locales. accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1547 reference structure is different outside of main accepted minor UNSCH other
#1549 Add open-source collections for tools accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#1552 Incorrect Link for DEMO - in charts view accepted minor UNSCH charts
#1553 Platform Comparison Charts from Unicode CLDR Charts page accepted assess UNSCH charts
#1554 Check possibly suspicious dates accepted minor UNSCH other
#1560 Improve presentation of the CLDR site accepted minor UNSCH docs-site
#1568 Add regional codes to LikelySubtags accepted minor UNSCH other
#1569 Scripts and Languages page - improve presentation accepted minor UNSCH charts
#1585 Consider adding Linux locale data accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1608 Add more characters to Japanese collation, simplify rules accepted assess UNSCH collation
#1624 no abbreviated day names in eu.xml accepted medium UNSCH other
#1626 Update ExampleGenerator for compound language/locale formatting accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#1645 Survey tool doesn't show coverage for plural currencies accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#1651 Manage Users / Coverage window too wide accepted trivial UNSCH survey-backend
#1653 Enhance Manager Users to detect errors in locale IDs accepted trivial UNSCH survey-backend
#1655 plural in Urdu and Hindi accepted medium UNSCH other
#1659 Fix example generator for QQQ accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1669 Feedback on URL ?|x=characters|_=to accepted medium UNSCH other
#1695 Feedback on URL ? accepted trivial UNSCH survey-backend
#1696 Survey Tool : Need functionality to show amount of completion accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#1699 Provide way to not have grouping separator for 1000..9999 accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1718 Does not support Russian spoken citizens of The Republic of Belarus accepted assess UNSCH other
#1736 Days of the week accepted minor UNSCH other
#1760 'en' currency example always uses USD accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1766 Fix multiple spaces accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#1782 Survey Tool - need to know when done. accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1815 Missing/incorrect example messages for units, part 2 accepted assess UNSCH units
#1833 Move some of the BRS Modify passes into the Input processing accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1834 Break up supplementalData into separate files accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1837 Inheritance with metazones accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1840 Deprecate dateRangePattern accepted assess UNSCH other
#1865 Reorganize util/data directory accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#1871 Propose candidate terms for the Unicode glossary accepted minor UNSCH docs-site
#1877 Make it easy to test collation sequences online accepted assess UNSCH survey-frontend
#1881 Change flow of control for null paths in CheckCLDR accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#1884 missing likely subtags in France accepted trivial UNSCH other
#1894 ER: Stop words for sorting (and other things) accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1907 Platform Specific Collations accepted assess UNSCH collation
#1911 Add Transform (Transliteration) tests from ICU accepted major UNSCH transliteration
#1915 Deprecate the NumberElements list separator (was List separator for dk) accepted medium UNSCH fix-in-survey-tool
#1930 Have warning on fullwidth number elements accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#1931 Add links in the language-territory charts to UDHR accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#1941 Arabic formatting short names are wrong accepted medium UNSCH other
#1952 Don't allow GMT,UTC,UT as localized names for non-GMT timezones accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#1954 CLDR doc (web page) suggestion from ed committee accepted minor UNSCH docs-site
#1964 supplemental data for which regions use week numbers? accepted medium UNSCH other
#1967 Script Variants / Aliasing supplemental data accepted major UNSCH unknown
#1972 Locale Canonicalization and Mapping accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1973 Break up LDML into multiple docs? accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#1974 Fix collation based on index work accepted major UNSCH collation
#1982 Check that root & en have data for all calendars in supplemental accepted major UNSCH other-unittest
#1995 su - sundan accepted minor UNSCH other
#1997 ST shows only subset of items for certain currencies accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#1999 ST: Strange behaviour for some Metazone entries accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#2014 Languages missing accepted assess UNSCH other
#2016 Uzbek exemplars accepted medium UNSCH exemplars-etc
#2026 Support Latn and Knda for kok accepted medium UNSCH other
#2033 Transliteration: Han exemplar chars, offer to send frequency data accepted assess UNSCH exemplars-etc
#2034 Exemplars: Improved Han exemplars accepted major UNSCH exemplars-etc
#2042 relative times accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2046 Inherited Entries for Sublocale are not correct accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#2050 ST: Split currency pattern entry into separate fields accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#2053 abrreviated month and day names accepted medium UNSCH other
#2072 XMLSource would be helpful if it was a bit more abstract accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2073 Survey tool should display combining chars escaped accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#2079 Plural Rule of Portuguese accepted major UNSCH plurals
#2086 Don't show locked votes accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#2090 Should have way to move ST users between orgs accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#2091 ST general search capability to find users accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#2092 Add a query to ST for dup users accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#2094 Fix error message in Manage Users page accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#2096 Fix <script></script> bug accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2100 Change charts to show versioned data accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2102 in ST admin interface, mail TC level users accepted trivial UNSCH survey-backend
#2105 Optimize error regeneration in the survey tool accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#2108 Use "permalinks" for zoomed view accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#2117 Errors in Charts not showing in ST accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#2119 Survey tool should log exceptions to email accepted major UNSCH other-unittest
#2121 Warn on generic quotes: " and ' accepted major UNSCH other-unittest
#2129 Automated test for DTD, Metadata, prettypath accepted assess UNSCH other-unittest
#2130 Improve documentation on what needs to be updated in DTD accepted assess UNSCH docs-site
#2133 Need better way to present availableFormats in ST accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#2135 Chart generation should be done through java calls, not shell scripts accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2142 Alternate Grapheme Clusters accepted assess UNSCH other
#2146 Apply exemplar tests to patterns. accepted medium UNSCH exemplars-etc
#2148 Consistency checks for availableFormats accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#2156 New level accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#2169 Add test that we have a romanization for each script we have accepted assess UNSCH other-unittest
#2172 Fix canonical equivalence errors in translit accepted minor UNSCH transliteration
#2173 Fix Japanese translit to have standard $disambig, do OH, and w (ウェ) accepted major UNSCH transliteration
#2174 Transliteration: Update to Kana characters from later versions of Unicode accepted assess UNSCH transliteration
#2176 Create process for "Update IANA/FIPS Mappings" accepted assess UNSCH docs-site
#2179 plural rules for Māori language accepted minor UNSCH plurals
#2180 plural rules for Hawaiian language accepted minor UNSCH plurals
#2183 Clean up no-reviewer bugs for pre-CLDR-1.7 changes accepted medium UNSCH other
#2186 Fix TimezoneFormatter to deal with metazones accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2187 Update org.unicode.cldr.icu.TestCldr accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2190 Add test in survey tool - exemplars should include collation-tailored characters accepted assess UNSCH exemplars-etc
#2197 Reformat all cldr files accepted medium UNSCH other
#2198 Move all readme files accepted assess UNSCH docs-site
#2212 ICU2LDMLWriter problems accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2234 Fix currency/character fallbacks accepted assess UNSCH other
#2237 Word breaking issues accepted major UNSCH other
#2248 Scripts, Languages, and Territories Chart accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#2261 Check test for duplicate exemplars accepted medium UNSCH exemplars-etc
#2264 Machine-Readable CLDR special codes accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2265 Need design proposal: "stand alone" is overloaded accepted major UNSCH other
#2266 Arabic misspellings in other sections than currencies accepted major UNSCH other
#2275 Fix ordering of items in BRS accepted assess UNSCH docs-site
#2284 Remove old dtd references in tools accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2286 Typo in Languages and Scripts header info accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#2288 Transliteration: Add IPA converters for transcription accepted major UNSCH transliteration
#2290 en-SG date formats should follow en-GB accepted minor UNSCH other
#2296 "Best Practices" consensus for given locale or field in ST accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2298 Transliteration: Add transform that separates overlapping accents accepted medium UNSCH transliteration
#2300 Indonesian locales for su accepted assess UNSCH other
#2304 PickerData filenames contain spaces accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2310 Gregorian dates for "ja" inconsistent accepted major UNSCH other
#2315 Include smaller languages in the likelysubtags accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#2316 Indian English number format accepted trivial UNSCH other
#2318 In es_ES € must go after number accepted assess UNSCH fix-in-survey-tool
#2325 Fix test modules for data submission accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2340 Add transliterators for major languages accepted assess UNSCH transliteration
#2348 Transliteration: Bug fixes to the BGN transforms accepted major UNSCH transliteration
#2354 CLDR: Kölsch (ksh) Plural Forms accepted assess UNSCH plurals
#2357 CLDRFile warning accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#2361 Add index pattern data accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2371 rewrite PRODUCTION SurveyTool organization field with strict enum values accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#2380 fix surveytool mailer to send mail in bulk, not sequentially accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#2381 fix surveytool mailer to automatically route bounced mail sent to users, back to person in charge accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#2382 Change CheckConsistentCasing to look at the most common casing, not the first accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2383 Have model language as a preference and do casing test on a per item basis accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#2395 LDML2ICUConverter - convert ldml/characters/mapping accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2396 LDML2ICUConverter - convert new dayPeriods element accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2398 LDML2ICUConverter - convert supplementalData/characters/character-fallback accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2411 Please to point to http://unicode.org/cldr/trac. accepted minor UNSCH other
#2414 Suggeste FAQ item: Unclear PLURAL disitinctions. accepted minor UNSCH docs-site
#2421 Investigate survey tool change to present & vote on some data as sets (month & day names…) accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#2424 Add JSP that will test a bulk import file accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2439 Survey tool easy steps doesn't allow items with warnings accepted critical UNSCH survey-backend
#2441 Finer control in ST ES would remove bottleneck accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2450 Disentangle CLDR code directories accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2486 locale nl_BE and fr_BE: currency symbol wrong accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2500 We should have full, short and minimal unit patterns. accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2501 Add test that all day period translations are available accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2507 Typo in help text: abbriviation accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#2508 day period categories for the ksh locale accepted minor UNSCH other
#2511 A word too many accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#2513 Add supportive or explanatory links to items in survey tool accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#2516 Add ksh plural forms accepted assess UNSCH plurals
#2525 Change StandardCodes to be data driven off of SupplementalInfo accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2526 Create a process page for adding new locales accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2533 Improvement for building and running CLDR tools accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2535 Error chart links are wrong. accepted medium UNSCH charts
#2544 [branch] Enable CLDR names to be used in ICU Locale Display Names accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2546 Feedback on URL ?|xpath=147|forum=ksh|_=ksh accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#2549 allow OpenID login for Survey Tool accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2564 Please install the AccountManager Plugin accepted minor UNSCH infrastructure
#2578 ISO continuing to change languages into macrolanguages accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2579 Add CLDRConsoleCheck to bulk import accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2580 Day period proposal for CLRD 1.9 accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2598 Adding new fields in existing and future CLDR accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2600 Problem with UK postcode Regex accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2602 Move 'established' locales into supplementalMetadata accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2627 Add examples to the EasySteps accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2643 Check DisplayAndInput processor behavior for spaces accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2644 Updating tool to verify available time zone codes accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2649 LDML2ICUConverter - convert new ldml/characters/indexLabels element (part 2) accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2661 Review Turkish short date format accepted medium UNSCH other
#2664 Some date formats with yyyy should probably have y or yy accepted medium UNSCH other
#2669 Test for narrow day/month names should allow all letter combinations in exemplars accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#2686 Update internal process docs accepted major UNSCH docs-site
#2690 Need policy for handle locales that appear to be moribund accepted medium UNSCH docs-site
#2696 Plurals: Fix plural forms or remove locales? accepted medium UNSCH plurals
#2701 Consider having 3 forms for Months/Days accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2702 Change the caching in CLDR tools to use ICU's new SoftCache accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2710 Identify unittests accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#2720 Update CLDR tests for narrow calendar forms accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#2737 Date formats in test files don't respect default numbering system accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#2746 Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-BR) plural rules accepted major UNSCH plurals
#2750 New locales: nl_AW (Aruban Dutch) and pap_AW (Aruban Papiamento) accepted medium UNSCH other
#2754 Voting: Lower thresold for adding a new item to established locale accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#2756 Empty fallback elements in some files accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2791 Improvement to Chart by type pages accepted minor UNSCH charts
#2792 Clean up the ShowLanguages tool accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2793 Modify the chart software to not use special transliterators accepted minor UNSCH transliteration
#2795 Show an error in the ST if the English version has changed accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2798 Add punctuation and numbers to exemplar characters accepted major UNSCH exemplars-etc
#2823 possible source for exemplar info accepted minor UNSCH exemplars-etc
#2829 Consider changing patterns to used named variables accepted major UNSCH other
#2831 Review the fields that don't get minimized accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2837 Test non-gregorian date format validity by removing G+ and comparing with gregorian accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#2839 Consider using Relax instead of DTDs accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#2840 Fix priority sorting for Metazones accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#2843 Add coverage test that all transforms have English translations accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#2858 Pattern character(s) for dayPeriods accepted major UNSCH unknown
#2861 Create test for currency codes (maybe others) accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#2869 change 419 to just "Latin America" (non-English) accepted major UNSCH other
#2871 Sanskrit collation accepted assess UNSCH collation
#2874 Sami language family is incorrectly translated as "Semitic" in Arabic language data accepted medium UNSCH other
#2881 Use EN DASH intead of HYPHEN-MINUS for ranges accepted medium UNSCH other
#2882 German localisation of Piedmontese accepted medium UNSCH other
#2887 Welsh locale accepted medium UNSCH other
#2890 ISO county code in postal codes accepted medium UNSCH other
#2900 Add structure for better locale/language names accepted major UNSCH other
#2911 Time units for Malay accepted medium UNSCH other
#2912 Review comments on Arabic territory names, date formats, currency, time units accepted medium UNSCH other
#2913 Review comment on Indonesian date formats accepted medium UNSCH other
#2915 Review comment on Russian date formats accepted medium UNSCH other
#2961 ConsoleCheckCLDR: Use "en_ZZ" rather than "en" to display names for translation accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#2975 Support legacy grapheme break accepted major UNSCH locale-codes
#2982 Sort orders for Shan, Khamti Shan, Sgaw Karen, kyu-mymr accepted assess UNSCH other
#2985 Add language matching rules for Romansh accepted medium UNSCH other
#2987 Collation rules for Romansh accepted medium UNSCH collation
#2990 missing languges and scripts accepted assess UNSCH other
#2992 Grapheme Clusters or a new break type - TR29 vs TR18? accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#3000 Thai, proposed standard collation rules fix accepted assess UNSCH collation
#3016 Error in en_SG.xml, English in Singapore, formats wrong accepted minor UNSCH other
#3020 Plural rules may apply even if the number is not mentioned. accepted trivial UNSCH plurals
#3059 Reconsolidate Nordic collation specifications (fi/se/sv/nn/nb/da/fo/is/kl) accepted medium UNSCH collation
#3066 use en_ZZ to improve input to translators accepted medium UNSCH other
#3067 consider Example for scripts/languages/territories using codepattern accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3069 Further enhancements to Korean locale search collator accepted medium UNSCH other
#3071 "Script" mistranslations accepted assess UNSCH other
#3079 Reformat/flesh-out other CJK collations accepted major UNSCH collation
#3082 Add dependency chain information. accepted medium UNSCH transliteration
#3098 Make LDML2ICUConverter independent of the the working root directory accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#3113 Remove deprecated data for old codes (200, 062,...) accepted medium UNSCH other
#3116 Fix aliases and variables accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3119 Create a version string for ST, Charts accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3123 Feedback on URL ?|x=r_steps|_=ee|step=wide_months accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#3335 Fix issues in Latin-ASCII accepted medium UNSCH transliteration
#3337 Fix generation of element/attribute ordering (finish 1698) accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3338 Add tests and ICU2LDML conversion for data items (finish 2841) accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3342 Fix FindFTDOrder to be turn-key (rest of 2364) accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3354 russian abbreviated month names: 3 letters each? accepted medium UNSCH other
#3357 LocaleIDParser and LanguageTagParser overlap accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#3359 Fix model issues in transforms accepted medium UNSCH transliteration
#3364 Remove the <fallback> elements, augment languageInfo.xml accepted medium UNSCH other
#3372 Continuous build for CLDR accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3380 Change exemplars on the basis of keyboard characters accepted major UNSCH exemplars-etc
#3387 Complete English language names accepted medium UNSCH other
#3394 Add currency00Fraction element (among currencyDecimal and currencyGroup) accepted trivial UNSCH unknown
#3402 Finnish day periods accepted medium UNSCH other
#3405 en_GB time formats should maybe not use a leading zero accepted medium UNSCH other
#3412 expose currencyDecimal and currencyGroup in survey tool accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3413 supplementatMetadata.xml, under languageAlias(es), misses the ISO 639-2 (B) codes accepted minor UNSCH other
#3420 Tests for synchrony between bcp47 data and others accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3421 Deprecations accepted medium UNSCH other
#3426 Please check plural rules for Maltese, Macedonian, and Icelandic accepted medium UNSCH plurals
#3431 short time units not always available in survey tool accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#3445 Should compat Jamos be made identical to conjoining jamos even at tertiary strength? accepted major UNSCH collation
#3466 Marking Fallback to Root accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3470 Restructure units' alt=short accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3472 Simplify root aliases accepted major UNSCH other
#3481 Check for redundant availableFormats and intervalFormats items accepted major UNSCH other
#3482 Add English narrow forms of am/pm accepted medium UNSCH other
#3484 deprecate decimals/​decimalLength/​short/​decimal/​standard/​* accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3489 Currency examples mishaps accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3495 SurveyTool mail should use JNDI context accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#3497 Make the categories under ST be data driven accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3518 parenthesis discouragement only shows up on bare languages, accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#3528 runtime error while submitting "units" data accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#3531 missing country for timezone accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#3537 Make 'expanded navigation' a persistent alternate user preference accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#3562 Add collation "search" variant for Malayalam accepted medium UNSCH collation
#3570 CLDR trac can't handle single quotes accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#3572 Proposal to contribute address metadata to CLDR accepted major UNSCH other
#3578 Additional structure for elipsis? accepted medium UNSCH other
#3592 Fix interval formats for AM/PM: 8.30 AM-10.00 PM shouldn't be: 8.30-10.00 PM accepted major UNSCH other
#3598 Timezone name inconsistencies accepted major UNSCH other
#3604 cldr.draft.Ids doesn't compile accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#3605 add analytics to ST accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#3606 This is the correct "dayNames" and "monthNames" in http://source.icu-project.org/repos/icu/icu/tags/release-4-6/source/data/locales/km.txt accepted assess UNSCH other
#3608 Testing calendar systems with eras accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#3609 Uniform approach to dates with eras accepted major UNSCH other
#3616 Byte the bullet and remove "proposed..." from alts accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#3618 empty characters/​stopwords/​stopwordList/​collation not allowed by ST accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3626 Update Survey Tool docs to reflect reality accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3627 vetting view: no way to view other organisations "loosing items" accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3630 help messages incorrect in ST accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#3636 ST Exception log accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3639 Display name warnings are too strict accepted minor UNSCH other-unittest
#3648 Hide Section headers on Vetting Viewer (when there are no items) accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#3654 Have consistent approach for more readable controls accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3661 Document ticket life-cycle accepted medium UNSCH docs-site
#3665 Additional time zone offset format including second field accepted medium UNSCH other
#3674 Vote totals are incorrect. accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#3675 Update VoteResolver tests accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3676 Consider allowing organizational disputes accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3677 Suppress certain warnings once voted accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3682 Fix usability problems. accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3686 Add plural syntax for lists accepted major UNSCH docs-spec
#3690 Problems with multiple accounts and Remember. accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3691 Include waiting + processing time in VV accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#3694 Can't see other vetters in same organization accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3699 Allow users to get to see colliding items in error messages. accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3703 Turkish main exemplar includes two dotted i characters accepted minor UNSCH exemplars-etc
#3707 Add to English, abbreviated versions of certain territories accepted major UNSCH other
#3708 Wrong status for value in ST. accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#3709 in ST keep plural variants together in all sorting of items accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#3711 Voting for default English value makes survey tool think you are submitting new value accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3718 Consider adding table of possible Timezone Formats to spec accepted major UNSCH docs-spec
#3723 ST isn't a mailing list accepted major UNSCH survey-backend
#3728 Include date/time on all ST pages accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3737 typing error in web page accepted minor UNSCH docs-site
#3739 zh_Hant: many items didn't receive enough votes accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#3743 Other vetters needed for performing Hungarian changes accepted medium UNSCH other
#3754 short alternative accepted medium UNSCH other
#3761 PathUtilities needs to use supplemental data... accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3762 nn is missing short forms for time units; and nb and da are a mess w.r.t. time units accepted medium UNSCH other
#3764 items-per-page should be a sticky user setting accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3765 shutdown/code update accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#3772 Compensate for trac accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#3780 ST and Tools builds should embed SVN number accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3783 Make the forum more open accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3788 Add ability for blank strings accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3794 StandardCodes.getLocaleCoverageLevel returns wrong value with no data accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3805 Data resolution for the units and relative dates accepted assess UNSCH other
#3813 CLDRModify -fi shouldn't move stuff up from cross-script accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3818 summary ticket for some remaining issues in the sv locale accepted assess UNSCH other
#3823 Add a CheckCLDR test for space-space accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3835 IPA transcription rules for 9 languages accepted major UNSCH transliteration
#3848 Adjust locales for regularized non-grego formats in root, pt. 2 accepted medium UNSCH other
#3849 Add test for uniformity among interval formats accepted major UNSCH other-unittest
#3856 Add test for consistent ordering of date (time) elements. accepted major UNSCH other-unittest
#3857 Additional Latin-Bopomofo transform to-dos accepted assess UNSCH transliteration
#3863 Currency BRR should be changed from "Cruzeiro" to "Cruzeiro Real" accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#3866 Fix pinyin without tones. accepted major UNSCH other
#3873 move targets accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#3874 deprecation: TR35, SupplementalMetadata accepted medium UNSCH other
#3880 Hook in SVN for properties accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3884 LDML2ICU missing values accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3886 Cleanup FindDTDOrder to make data-driven and reliable. accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3891 Enable better diffing of collation files. accepted medium UNSCH collation
#3898 Add key-type for specifying a class of characters for variable-top accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#3902 Encouraging interactions in vetting process accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#3903 Review all languages that contain explicit lang (country) style entries accepted major UNSCH other
#3912 Move all generated data into separate directory accepted major UNSCH unknown
#3918 Need to revise time zone format for Indonesia accepted medium UNSCH other
#3928 compiler warning cleanup accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3940 Optimize bopomofo if possible. accepted medium UNSCH other
#3941 Split testing out from ShowLanguages accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3954 Unique date and time format for Eʋe accepted assess UNSCH survey-backend
#3965 Missing aliases in root. accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#3975 Incorporate the Finnish tailoring for LB rules (hyphen and space) to root accepted major UNSCH other
#3981 Change 'medium' date format for ru locale from dd.MM.yyyy to d MMM y as in ru_UA accepted medium UNSCH other
#3987 Consider removing 'colon' from WordBreak=MidLetter in root and tailoring Swedish ? accepted assess UNSCH other
#3997 Fill in country language user percentages to total nearer 100% in supplemental data accepted major UNSCH other-supplemental
#4000 Change CLDRFile to read both seed/ and main/ accepted major UNSCH unknown
#4002 Need RBNF rules for NAN accepted medium UNSCH other
#4007 Clean up CLDRFile getExtraPaths accepted major UNSCH perf
#4014 Don't suppress code mappings accepted major UNSCH unknown
#4015 Need Kana-Latin transforms for wāpuro (word processor) romanization accepted medium UNSCH transliteration
#4024 Add order of given-name and family-name accepted major UNSCH other
#4025 CLDR tests should allow ccc accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#4034 Remove hacks for alphabetic index accepted major UNSCH collation
#4039 fix warnings in survey tool code accepted minor UNSCH survey-backend
#4041 Fix CLDRModify for non-main directories accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#4042 Finer-grained trac messages accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#4053 Week Day name abbreviation in Germany accepted medium UNSCH other
#4055 Typo in refmirror.py documentation accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#4056 CldrUtility directories do not work without environment variables set accepted major UNSCH unknown
#4057 Add rbnf tags into bcp47 accepted major UNSCH other
#4063 Incorrect (obsolete?) table description for Territory-Currency accepted medium UNSCH charts
#4066 Please change the name of the language with the ISO code gom to Goan Konkani accepted medium UNSCH other
#4075 en_BW medium date order different than full, long and short? accepted medium UNSCH other
#4076 Handle regional indicator pairs as a grapheme cluster accepted major UNSCH other
#4080 Root returning incorrect values accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#4091 Windows->TZID accepted minor UNSCH other
#4094 Armenian should have empty-string decimal group separator accepted medium UNSCH other
#4108 Standard time format in S. Chinese is incorrect accepted major UNSCH other
#4114 Add "r." at the end of Full date format and do not use short month name in the median format for pl_PL accepted medium UNSCH other
#4115 Remove comma after day of the week from the Full date format for el_GR locale accepted assess UNSCH fix-in-survey-tool
#4119 Gender in Slavic languages RBNF rules; and ordinal spellout for Slavic languages accepted minor UNSCH other
#4131 Move genldml tool to somewhere else accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#4135 Duplicate day period names accepted major UNSCH other
#4152 Make the Survey Tool available in French accepted medium UNSCH survey-backend
#4156 Check 'new' and 'old' in currency names. accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#4157 America/Juneau is not in the windows timezone mapping accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#4161 Need Thai transform that is more informal / suits user expectations accepted major UNSCH transliteration
#4165 Symbolic link to dynamically point to the latest CLDR data for download accepted assess UNSCH other
#4195 Japanese calendar era oddities accepted medium UNSCH other
#4200 Bad line break in Chinese : cannot break before opening quotation marks. accepted major UNSCH other
#4215 Bad link accepted medium UNSCH docs-site
#4236 Remove alias mapping for bh accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#4238 JapaneseKana-Latin/BGN transform does not properly transliterate dakutens accepted medium UNSCH transliteration
#4244 Additional source for Pinyin in names accepted medium UNSCH transliteration
#4255 Add milestone page accepted medium UNSCH docs-site
#4262 Date Format for South Africa accepted medium UNSCH other
#4265 Polish MF->Sint Maarten probably wrong accepted minor UNSCH other
#4276 Duration format for fr-FR accepted major UNSCH other
#4278 Use the copy keyword to bring down the size of POSIX locale files accepted minor UNSCH posix
#4279 <BELL> in POSIX locales supplied by CLDR accepted minor UNSCH unknown
#4286 Change yy to y in short formats accepted medium UNSCH other
#4288 [tag] display names for invalid region codes accepted assess UNSCH unknown
#4290 add Google tools for extracting CLDR data accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#4295 Tools for maintaining Win-Olson mapping data accepted medium UNSCH other-supplemental
#4297 One-stop tool for verifying files after edits accepted major UNSCH unknown
#4308 CLDR needs a style guide for each language/locale accepted medium UNSCH docs-site
#4320 Moot:Disentangle the ordering in DTDs accepted medium UNSCH unknown
#4332 why do we have openi18n DTD urls in external? accepted minor UNSCH other
#4343 AM/PM for Japanese accepted assess UNSCH fix-in-survey-tool
#4347 Add a check for the alias element. accepted medium UNSCH other-unittest
#4358 CLDR tools generates bad currency dates accepted major UNSCH unknown
#4365 Should we delete old IETF drafts? accepted assess UNSCH docs-site
#4367 Collation for Chinese names accepted major UNSCH collation
#4372 test code to check for empty display names accepted minor UNSCH other-unittest
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