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Open, reviewer set but not in review state

These are tickets with a reviewer set, but aren't in the 'reviewing' state.


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Ticket Summary Review Status Milestone
#4756 Set up to periodically copy contributed data from production into smoketest mark accepted UNSCH
#9891 German Formats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formats: uncommon formatting fredrik accepted 34
#10086 Finish "wrong number format for thousands" kristi design 34
#10411 the default time format for Chinese (zh) fredrik accepted 34
#10831 Short form of Storage Units (MB,GB) are over translated in zh-CN, ar, fa and ka chiara accepted 34
#10978 Unicode 11 mark accepted 33.1
#9577 ST: Color description key pointer fredrik accepted UNSCH
#10653 ko: Australian timezone names are too long kristi accepted 34
#10654 North American timezone names improvement kristi accepted 34
#10706 Some language names in Bangla (Bengali) translated incorrectly kristi accepted 34
#10910 Currencies in Portuguese (pt-PT) are missing accents and one seems to be incorrect fredrik accepted 34
#10977 There is wrong data in Afrikaans kristi accepted 34
#11107 Add transform my-t-my-d0-zawgyi mark new UNSCH
#9072 Serbian term for 10^12 should be Билион, not трилион fredrik accepted 34
#10171 French time format fredrik accepted 34
#10770 Incorrect German translation of some date format items fredrik accepted 34
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