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Owner: backend (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9566 ST: STFactory startup optimization accepted backend survey critical
#10462 users being blocked from creating tickets accepted backend site major
#9841 convert users.xml into a .csv accepted backend tools assess
#9435 reword ST's emails to not get caught by spam filters accepted backend tools medium

Owner: chiara (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10813 Date format order for en-PK accepted chiara data major
#9584 "Manager" can't see "Priority Items Summary" accepted chiara survey medium
#10596 Abbreviations for ES do not need a fullstop accepted chiara data medium

Owner: discuss (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9832 Make ∅∅∅ useful accepted discuss survey assess

Owner: emmons (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10818 Currency change accepted emmons data major
#10536 New Locale Sicilian (SCN) accepted emmons data medium

Owner: fredrik (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10859 Portuguese (pt_PT) doesn't have abbreviated forms for days name accepted fredrik data major
#10114 Arabic: If we add « », shouldn’t the single guillemets ‹ › be added too? accepted fredrik data assess
#10254 "* MOON SYMBOL" characters in http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/browser/trunk/common/annotations accepted fredrik data assess
#10708 ES_ES timezones are incorrect accepted fredrik data assess
#9826 Consider patterns for names of emoji flags, keycaps, and ZWJ sequences design fredrik data medium
#10160 Handling date ranage for old currency in Bidi accepted fredrik data medium
#10171 French time format accepted fredrik data medium

Owner: frontend (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9422 admin panel - missing tabs accepted frontend unknown assess
#9452 Issue with adding new suggestions in Survey Tool accepted frontend survey assess
#9463 Activity vs Vot count accepted frontend survey assess
#9473 Remove votes for codes in alt values. accepted frontend survey assess
#10264 Reply from old forum post has a dangling parent ID accepted frontend unknown assess
#10396 ST: on Edge or IE copy "English" or "Winning" doesn't work design frontend unknown assess
#10515 Unable to load SD dashboard in CLDR tool with any browser accepted frontend unknown assess
#10528 Assamese Error shown in Dashboard does not show in the data point accepted frontend unknown assess
#10533 Ability to close a forum thread accepted frontend survey assess
#8725 ST: Flexible notification? accepted frontend survey medium
#9380 don't show "4 votes required" if locale is locked accepted frontend survey medium
#9432 After add-user function, ST gives no feedback on send-password function accepted frontend unknown medium
#9415 Survey tool: dashboard is not loading accepted frontend survey minor
#9417 Shared Locale Data - CLDR 30 - Round 1 - No Radio Buttons for "Core Data/Alphabetic Info" accepted frontend unknown minor
#9423 no tests for VettingViewer itself? accepted frontend unittest minor
#9576 TC member could not set user to Expert accepted frontend survey minor
#10256 ST: clicking on language from the forum page does not go back to the language accepted frontend survey minor

Owner: googler (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10325 ST users list view should have search function accepted googler survey assess
#10326 Survey tool: Jump to first abstaining vote accepted googler survey assess

Owner: gregsla (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10819 Sudan Standard Time Zone is missing. accepted gregsla data major

Owner: kirill (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10768 Translation guide udpate: Country/region-Territory design kirill unknown assess

Owner: kristi (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9296 Spanish annotations have different meanings accepted kristi data major

Owner: lenzo (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9783 Verify ordering of attributes accepted lenzo unittest medium

Owner: mark (35 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10289 Default Coverage level does not reflect info in Locale.txt accepted mark unknown critical
#8946 Refine day period collision tests accepted mark tools major
#9487 bug in Generic calendars accepted mark survey major
#10854 We translate many language **names** that don't have locales in main. accepted mark data major
#10858 Incorrect plural rule in Latvian (lv) for cardinal numbers ending in 11..19 accepted mark data major
#9733 Change CLDRModify minimize accepted mark tools assess
#9764 Factbook literacy data changed accepted mark data assess
#9766 Track down deleted subdivision codes accepted mark data assess
#10347 Show one example for each day period accepted mark tools assess
#10417 English country subdivision names accepted mark data assess
#10562 ST: when English value isn't available display <not available in english> (Frontend) design mark unknown assess
#10591 ST: Tooltip for <not available in english> English column (Backend) new mark unknown assess
#10851 PRI #367: Additional modifiers and toggles accepted mark spec assess
#9187 Add aliases for units, for BCP47 accepted mark data medium
#9300 Reduce the number of supported BCP47 variants accepted mark data medium
#9400 Verify all DtdType.ldml files are tested accepted mark tools medium
#9548 Consider making alt values do auto aliasing accepted mark tools medium
#9694 Retire ISO4217.txt file? accepted mark tools medium
#9719 Bug in ExampleGenerator accepted mark tools medium
#9784 Resolve problems with attributeValidity accepted mark unittest medium
#9787 Integrate CLDR versions of ICU classes back into ICU accepted mark tools medium
#9788 Reduce hard-coded data in XMLSource, add tests accepted mark tools medium
#9830 Cleanup for Ticket 6301 accepted mark survey medium
#9844 Clean up temporary code for debugging accepted mark tools medium
#9982 Finish ugly xml accepted mark unknown medium
#9984 Add readme to data directories, change names. accepted mark site medium
#10157 No paths with count= or ordinal= without plural rules accepted mark datatest medium
#10252 3 Subdivisions in ST accepted mark data medium
#10306 ST: example is incorrect when the decimal symbol differ between number and currency accepted mark unknown medium
#10618 Add by-type subdivision names charts accepted mark tools medium
#10760 CLDR Tools fails to build with ErrorProne accepted mark tools medium
#10772 Provide examples of Formatting fields in dates accepted mark survey medium
#10817 Fix warnings from TestPathHeader.TestCompleteness accepted mark unittest medium
#10857 Plural form for cardinal 11 in Macedonian (mk) is incorrect accepted mark data medium
#10861 Misleading plural examples for cardinal 'few' and 'other' in Romanian (ro) accepted mark spec minor

Owner: markus (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10724 Make TAG characters E0020-E007E primary different, at least for search accepted markus data major
#9895 Collation rules improvement for Tibetan accepted markus data assess
#10098 Lao collation is not linguistically correct accepted markus data assess
#9831 Name for language nds accepted markus data medium

Owner: pedberg (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9977 Translation guideline for date format patterns accepted pedberg site major
#10257 Add a test for pattern characters in week-of patterns accepted pedberg tools major
#10416 Conflicting definitions of 12/24 hour preference accepted pedberg spec assess
#9483 Add a character to Armenian exemplars - fix test to correctly reflect that it is present accepted pedberg tools medium
#9715 Check for spacing around placeholders accepted pedberg tools medium
#9874 Need a way for clients to automatically use long forms when short forms are invalid design pedberg dtd medium
#9887 Survey tool: need better sample values for the "e" tooltip design pedberg survey medium
#9986 Add display name for coordinateUnit data design pedberg dtd medium
#10217 en_AU currency symbols accepted pedberg docs medium
#10455 Fix casing tests to not require empty data files for Inuktikut accepted pedberg unittest medium
#10471 Turkmen language names should not be capitalized accepted pedberg unknown medium
#10647 Add test that names for (non-standalone) Hans/Hant != names for alt="stand-alone" forms accepted pedberg unittest medium

Owner: rick (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10844 Add likely region subtag for Gofa accepted rick data major
#10028 Expand ConvertLanguageData accepted rick unknown assess
#10039 Clean up likely subtags accepted rick data medium
#10449 Fix likelySubtag for zlm accepted rick data medium
#10451 Add likely subtags for Kanuri accepted rick data medium
#10420 Add language to Spain(ES) accepted rick data minor

Owner: sascha (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10427 Include all Turkmen characters in Cyrillic-to-Latin transliteration new sascha data assess
#10428 Korean-to-Latin transform does not seem to do anything new sascha data assess
#10430 Hebrew-Latin/BGN should recognize or strip more vowel marks new sascha data assess
#10431 Persian-Latin/BGN should handle more characters new sascha data assess
#10432 Add tests for Arabic-Latin BGN transform new sascha unittest assess
#10436 Fix BCP47-T identifier for Latin-ASCII transform new sascha data assess
#10763 Transform Devanagari from/to Grantha accepted sascha data assess
#10830 IPA transcription for Venetian accepted sascha data assess
#10758 Remove MyanmarZawgyiConverter.java accepted sascha unknown medium

Owner: srl (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#8036 Follow up on Adlam and Fulani accepted srl data assess
#9669 Spec: context of "locale" accepted srl spec assess
#10048 changes to LDML2ICUConverter to support ICU building improvements accepted srl tools assess
#10261 Old forum post date/time stamp takes you to the curren Forum page accepted srl survey medium
#10269 General forum post appends "Re:" in the Subject line accepted srl survey minor
#10295 ST: denoise logs (mailsender, getOrgToVotes) accepted srl unknown minor

Owner: yoshito (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9217 Deprecate zone ID - America/Santa_Isabel? accepted yoshito data medium
#10017 Simplify CLDR tool build.xml accepted yoshito tools medium
#10057 Add Svalbard in metaZones.xml accepted yoshito data medium
#10060 Add 3 Europe/London mappings in metaZones.xml accepted yoshito data medium
#10395 Add Java memory options to ant build configuration accepted yoshito tools medium
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