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Owner: SurveyTool (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9891 German Formats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formats: uncommon formatting accepted SurveyTool data major
#10411 the default time format for Chinese (zh) accepted SurveyTool data major
#10831 Short form of Storage Units (MB,GB) are over translated in zh-CN, ar, fa and ka accepted SurveyTool data major
#10653 ko: Australian timezone names are too long accepted SurveyTool data assess
#10654 North American timezone names improvement accepted SurveyTool data assess
#10706 Some language names in Bangla (Bengali) translated incorrectly accepted SurveyTool data assess
#10910 Currencies in Portuguese (pt-PT) are missing accents and one seems to be incorrect accepted SurveyTool data assess
#9072 Serbian term for 10^12 should be Билион, not трилион accepted SurveyTool data medium
#10171 French time format accepted SurveyTool data medium
#10770 Incorrect German translation of some date format items accepted SurveyTool data medium

Owner: anybody (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10346 ST: need better examples for compact decimal forms accepted anybody survey critical
#11109 Generate emoji ordering new anybody data critical
#8966 Clean up trac design anybody tools major
#9487 bug in Generic calendars accepted anybody survey major
#11080 tzdata2018e: Update supplemental zones for DPRK time zone changes new anybody data major
#10306 ST: example is incorrect when the decimal symbol differ between number and currency accepted anybody unknown medium

Owner: backend (23 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9566 ST: STFactory startup optimization accepted backend survey critical
#10289 Default Coverage level does not reflect info in Locale.txt accepted backend unknown critical
#9584 "Manager" can't see "Priority Items Summary" accepted backend survey major
#10363 Disallow pt_BR, &c. in vetter locales accepted backend survey major
#10462 users being blocked from creating tickets accepted backend site major
#10564 Logical groups that generate errors should be in same coverage level accepted backend tools major
#10773 For Errors on the Priority items, show comprehensive accepted backend survey major
#11007 How to best accomodate working with New emoji for vetters accepted backend tools major
#9841 convert users.xml into a .csv accepted backend tools assess
#9970 Separate data and tools design backend unknown assess
#10325 ST users list view should have search function accepted backend survey assess
#10485 Automatically import votes design backend unknown assess
#10572 Consistent error counts design backend unknown assess
#10591 ST: Tooltip for <not available in english> English column (Backend) accepted backend unknown assess
#10595 Distinguish dependent errors from others design backend unknown assess
#9435 reword ST's emails to not get caught by spam filters accepted backend tools medium
#9548 Consider making alt values do auto aliasing accepted backend tools medium
#9830 Cleanup for Ticket 6301 accepted backend survey medium
#10183 Fix XPathParts() accepted backend tools medium
#10252 3 Subdivisions in ST reviewfeedback backend data medium
#10365 Logic for Losing in sublocales is faulty accepted backend survey medium
#10519 Export losing items list design backend charts medium
#10295 ST: denoise logs (mailsender, getOrgToVotes) accepted backend unknown minor

Owner: ccornelius (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10031 Change MyanmarZawgyiConverter to call CLDR transform accepted ccornelius tools major

Owner: chiara (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10813 Date format order for en-PK accepted chiara data major
#11044 Odia specific language guide accepted chiara unknown assess
#10596 Abbreviations for ES do not need a fullstop accepted chiara data medium

Owner: emmons (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#11039 CLDR 34 Release Prep new emmons data critical
#11094 A new currency changes in Venezuela accepted emmons unknown critical
#11106 decimal digit for MRU accepted emmons data major

Owner: fredrik (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9535 Cannot add entries for missing items/fix missing items – en-GB accepted fredrik survey assess
#10030 Reopen ticket 9950; the resolution is erroneous; The names of the Swedish "län" (provinces/regions) in subdivisions/en.xml are in error design fredrik unknown assess
#10501 TC flag logic accepted fredrik site assess
#10768 Translation guide udpate: Country/region-Territory accepted fredrik site assess
#9826 Consider patterns for names of emoji flags, keycaps, and ZWJ sequences design fredrik data medium
#10160 Handling date range for old currency in Bidi accepted fredrik data medium
#10826 ST: update docs about length warnings on emoji translations accepted fredrik docs medium
#11040 Emoji keyword unique to specific culture accepted fredrik docs medium
#10614 Make the top of cldr.org clearer accepted fredrik site minor

Owner: frontend (25 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9998 Auto import inherited votes design frontend unknown major
#9422 admin panel - missing tabs accepted frontend unknown assess
#9452 Issue with adding new suggestions in Survey Tool accepted frontend survey assess
#9463 Activity vs Vot count accepted frontend survey assess
#9473 Remove votes for codes in alt values. accepted frontend survey assess
#10264 Reply from old forum post has a dangling parent ID accepted frontend unknown assess
#10326 Survey tool: Jump to first abstaining vote accepted frontend survey assess
#10484 Add more tracking data design frontend unknown assess
#10528 Assamese Error shown in Dashboard does not show in the data point accepted frontend unknown assess
#10533 Ability to close a forum thread accepted frontend survey assess
#10682 ST: display of ' ' (quotation) in the Winning column is inconsistent design frontend unknown assess
#10865 Dashboard suggestion: breakdown of categories accepted frontend survey assess
#10866 Dashboard suggestion for New accepted frontend tools assess
#8725 ST: Flexible notification? accepted frontend survey medium
#9380 don't show "4 votes required" if locale is locked accepted frontend survey medium
#9432 After add-user function, ST gives no feedback on send-password function accepted frontend unknown medium
#9969 Previous data is not indicated with a star in the Survey Tool design frontend unknown medium
#10261 Old forum post date/time stamp takes you to the curren Forum page accepted frontend survey medium
#10562 ST: when English value isn't available display <not available in english> (Frontend) design frontend survey medium
#9415 Survey tool: dashboard is not loading accepted frontend survey minor
#9417 Shared Locale Data - CLDR 30 - Round 1 - No Radio Buttons for "Core Data/Alphabetic Info" accepted frontend unknown minor
#9423 no tests for VettingViewer itself? accepted frontend unittest minor
#9576 TC member could not set user to Expert accepted frontend survey minor
#10256 ST: clicking on language from the forum page does not go back to the language accepted frontend survey minor
#10269 General forum post appends "Re:" in the Subject line accepted frontend survey minor

Owner: kirill (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9974 Suggestion for translation guideline for POSIX yes/no design kirill site assess
#11016 Translation guides for Forums and Dashboard design kirill site assess

Owner: kristi (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#9717 ST confusion about dayPeriods not define in English design kristi docs assess
#10404 ambiguous time zone names design kristi unknown assess
#10666 v34 Translation guide updates resulting from v32-33 check-ins/discussions design kristi unknown assess
#10399 Microsoft locale list update for v34 accepted kristi data medium

Owner: mark (26 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10291 Compact numbers w/ CLDR plural rules accepted mark survey critical
#10997 Move Unicode 11 emoji English names from unicode tools to CLDR annotation data for V34 reviewfeedback mark data critical
#8946 Refine day period collision tests accepted mark tools major
#10705 Stricter script and consistency checks accepted mark tools major
#10766 Fix examples under Number Format Patterns accepted mark tools major
#10854 We translate many language **names** that don't have locales in main. accepted mark data major
#10937 Urdu inconsistent commas accepted mark tools major
#10954 Add Checks for items accepted mark tools major
#10998 ST: change date example to illustrate leading zero reviewfeedback mark survey major
#10347 Show one example for each day period accepted mark tools assess
#10551 Fix exemplars/DAIP after verifying design mark unknown assess
#10609 Impose stricter exemplar checking design mark unknown assess
#10611 Change to TC vote for exemplars design mark unknown assess
#10652 Straighten out get...Factory in CldrConfig design mark unknown assess
#10738 Wrong glyph in Kyrgyz (Kirghiz) XML accepted mark unknown assess
#10874 ST: English values for -few and -many are inconsistent with other values design mark survey assess
#10875 Provide overrides for specific values design mark unknown assess
#10880 Display names for pseudo locales? accepted mark data assess
#11001 add warning for dd with MMMM design mark unknown assess
#11103 Vote Status informaiton for sub locales are carried over from the main locale accepted mark unknown assess
#9300 Reduce the number of supported BCP47 variants accepted mark data medium
#9719 Bug in ExampleGenerator accepted mark tools medium
#10157 No paths with count= or ordinal= without plural rules accepted mark datatest medium
#10388 Remove unused platforms design mark unknown medium
#10571 Parameterize DateTimeFormats.java design mark survey medium
#10772 Provide examples of Formatting fields in dates accepted mark survey medium

Owner: markus (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10724 Make TAG characters E0020-E007E primary different, at least for search accepted markus data major
#9895 Collation rules improvement for Tibetan accepted markus data assess
#10098 Lao collation is not linguistically correct accepted markus data assess
#10403 add syntax in RBC for symbol & currency boundaries design markus unknown assess
#9831 Name for language nds accepted markus data medium

Owner: pedberg (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10257 Add a test for pattern characters in week-of patterns accepted pedberg tools major
#10676 Survey Tool allows entry of two eras for Islamic, or does not show Islamic when it should accepted pedberg survey major
#10922 Clarifying usage of count="0" or count="1" accepted pedberg spec major
#10949 Dutch dayPeriods contain wrong apostrophe accepted pedberg data major
#9483 Add a character to Armenian exemplars - fix test to correctly reflect that it is present accepted pedberg tools medium
#9715 Check for spacing around placeholders accepted pedberg tools medium
#9949 Hebrew time in MeasureFormat style accepted pedberg data medium
#10217 en_AU currency symbols accepted pedberg docs medium
#10455 Fix casing tests to not require empty data files for Inuktikut accepted pedberg unittest medium
#10567 Russian: "abbreviated / stand-alone" month names are not abbreviated accepted pedberg data medium
#10647 Add test that names for (non-standalone) Hans/Hant != names for alt="stand-alone" forms accepted pedberg unittest medium

Owner: rick (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10941 Increase Ukrainian (uk) to 1.5M in Poland (PL) accepted rick data medium

Owner: sascha (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10961 typographicNames ⇏ ICU accepted sascha data major
#10417 English country subdivision names accepted sascha data assess
#10427 Include all Turkmen characters in Cyrillic-to-Latin transliteration new sascha data assess
#10428 Korean-to-Latin transform does not seem to do anything new sascha data assess
#10430 Hebrew-Latin/BGN should recognize or strip more vowel marks new sascha data assess
#10436 Fix BCP47-T identifier for Latin-ASCII transform new sascha data assess
#10442 Phonetic transcription of Georgian new sascha data assess
#10547 please add ewts to CLDR/common/bcp47/transform.xml accepted sascha data assess
#10548 please add iast to CLDR/common/bcp47/transform.xml accepted sascha data assess
#10763 Transform Devanagari from/to Grantha accepted sascha data assess
#10871 Remove categorical terms from German subdivision names design sascha data assess
#10888 add ALA-LC romanization tables design sascha data assess
#10758 Remove MyanmarZawgyiConverter.java accepted sascha unknown medium

Owner: srl (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10558 ST: not outputting pxml/{common,seed}/annotations accepted srl survey critical
#8036 Follow up on Adlam and Fulani accepted srl data assess
#10048 changes to LDML2ICUConverter to support ICU building improvements accepted srl tools assess
#10884 rbnf: update docs design srl dtd assess

Owner: yoshito (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#11023 tzdata2018d update reviewfeedback yoshito data major
#9217 Deprecate zone ID - America/Santa_Isabel? accepted yoshito data medium
#10017 Simplify CLDR tool build.xml accepted yoshito tools medium
#10057 Add Svalbard in metaZones.xml accepted yoshito data medium
#10395 Add Java memory options to ant build configuration accepted yoshito tools medium

Owner: zibi (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority
#10908 fr: Review language name for kj, or design zibi unknown assess
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