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Owner: emmons (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#11509 CLDR 35 release prep activities accepted emmons critical
#11513 Make cldr-ref survey tool easier to get to accepted emmons major
#11531 Update CLDR to ICU for Unicode 12.0 beta accepted emmons major
#10985 Please add Tuvan to CLDR accepted emmons assess
#11466 Test all currency collections accepted emmons medium

Owner: fredrik (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#11199 Macedonia [FYROM] changing name to Republic of North Macedonia accepted fredrik critical
#10831 Short form of Storage Units (MB,GB) are over translated in zh-CN, ar, fa and ka accepted fredrik major

Owner: kristi (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#11295 pt_PT currency position accepted kristi critical
#9717 ST confusion about dayPeriods not define in English design kristi major
#11515 Update CLDR site with the new internal ticket process accepted kristi major
#11114 8 vote increase for ky design kristi assess
#11190 New Taiwan Dollar symbol accepted kristi assess
#10399 Microsoft locale list update for v34 accepted kristi medium
#11316 Serbian child locales with month name abbreviations with "." accepted kristi medium

Owner: mark (27 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#10291 Compact numbers w/ CLDR plural rules accepted mark critical
#10303 Fix GenerateBirths for annotations accepted mark critical
#10346 ST: need better examples for compact decimal forms accepted mark critical
#10475 Find better way to prevent regressions design mark critical
#11427 Survey tool ability to scope contribution paths accepted mark critical
#11493 Emoji: Update collation and English names/keywords accepted mark critical
#11498 Clean up some of the coverage levels as per committee accepted mark critical
#11512 SBRS items new mark critical
#10347 Show one example for each day period accepted mark major
#10570 Collision error not symmetric accepted mark major
#10766 Fix examples under Number Format Patterns accepted mark major
#10854 We translate many language **names** that don't have locales in main. accepted mark major
#10989 Fix the Core data page and coverageLevel accepted mark major
#11061 Clearly distinguish when CLDR has valid (default) plural rules accepted mark major
#11119 Uncaught emoji collisions accepted mark major
#11391 In locales without plural rules, mark as errors all paths with @count accepted mark major
#11428 Survey tool report to capture missing areas in the coverage report accepted mark major
#11447 Add aliases accepted mark major
#11457 Zinh, Zyyy,... should also be "special" accepted mark major
#11530 Number format in the locale English (Switzerland) (en_CH) is wrong design mark major
#11564 Add new languages accepted mark major
#10874 ST: English values for -few and -many are inconsistent with other values design mark assess
#10875 Provide data file to handle specific <locale,path> cases. design mark assess
#11454 Add more units for CLDR 35? design mark assess
#10157 No paths with count= or ordinal= without plural rules accepted mark medium
#10772 Provide examples of Formatting fields in dates accepted mark medium
#11520 Considering providing list format with "&" design mark medium

Owner: meikeh (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#11410 More detailed explanations for the most challenging items/categories accepted meikeh major
#9831 Name for language nds accepted meikeh medium
#11426 different date format "shortDate" between Ukrainian and Russian for Ukraine accepted meikeh medium

Owner: pedberg (33 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#11497 CLDR 35 Startup BRS items new pedberg critical
#9910 Enhancement: add support for "on [weekday]" for Slavic languages design pedberg major
#10676 Survey Tool allows entry of two eras for Islamic, or does not show Islamic when it should accepted pedberg major
#10913 ZH locales using 12-hour time format is awkward accepted pedberg major
#11054 'dangi' is a misnomer for Korean luni solar calendar. design pedberg major
#11097 Make German AM/PM fields as high bar for changes accepted pedberg major
#11098 More dimensionless units: permyriad, basis-point, percentage-point accepted pedberg major
#11188 Dateformat for am-ET accepted pedberg major
#11191 12 hour system in ha-Latn-NG accepted pedberg major
#11341 Time separator for en-AU is incorrect accepted pedberg major
#11467 Add unit: imperial fluid ounce accepted pedberg major
#11475 add test for timeSeparator accepted pedberg major
#11477 en: Macau should probably be Macao accepted pedberg major
#11536 Colombian Spanish (es-CO) intervalFormatFallback uses curly quotes design pedberg major
#11537 Interval formats are needed for flexible day periods accepted pedberg major
#9522 "Lunar Calendar" and "Solar Calendar" should be added to Locale Display Names / Keys design pedberg assess
#11001 add warning for dd with MMMM design pedberg assess
#9483 Add a character to Armenian exemplars - fix test to correctly reflect that it is present accepted pedberg medium
#9715 Check for spacing around placeholders accepted pedberg medium
#9887 Survey tool: need better sample values for the "e" tooltip design pedberg medium
#9949 Hebrew time in MeasureFormat style design pedberg medium
#10018 dd incorrectly for long date-format for some en-.. locales design pedberg medium
#10217 en_AU currency symbols accepted pedberg medium
#10455 Fix casing tests to not require empty data files for Inuktikut accepted pedberg medium
#10567 Russian: "abbreviated / stand-alone" month names are not abbreviated accepted pedberg medium
#10647 Add test that names for (non-standalone) Hans/Hant != names for alt="stand-alone" forms accepted pedberg medium
#11042 Request to add locale "en-AE" accepted pedberg medium
#11090 Short date formats containing only two year digits design pedberg medium
#11175 dateformat for bs-Latn accepted pedberg medium
#11177 Datetime format for zh-* locales accepted pedberg medium
#11178 A correction of weekday translation for ru-RU locale accepted pedberg medium
#11418 Absurd Capitalisation accepted pedberg medium
#11529 Hindi (hi) dayPeriod for afternoon1 should be दोपहर accepted pedberg medium

Owner: rick (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#10941 Increase Ukrainian (uk) to 1.5M in Poland (PL) accepted rick medium

Owner: roozbeh (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#11526 Falklands/Malvinas naming inconsistency design roozbeh medium

Owner: shane (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#11485 myanmar tools added, need to update license accepted shane major

Owner: srl (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#11416 Rename Kiev to Kyiv accepted srl major
#11437 add link to 'related projects' accepted srl minor

Owner: tbishop (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#11103 Vote Status informaiton for sub locales are carried over from the main locale accepted tbishop critical
#11211 Performance is slow when voting on multiple items on a page accepted tbishop critical
#11488 Implement new Survey Tool automated test framework and infrastructure accepted tbishop critical
#11517 ST: Import of losing votes accepted tbishop critical
#11161 Add wildcard locale to ST URLs accepted tbishop major
#11270 Use floating point instead of integers for vote counts accepted tbishop major
#11276 check-mark indicating my votes is shown accepted tbishop major
#11151 NPE during setup prevents ST setup from scratch accepted tbishop medium
#11482 Cleanup API for useKeywordAnnotationVoting accepted tbishop minor

Owner: yoshito (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority
#10742 Change of format for timestamps in metazone data design yoshito major
#11400 Deprecate Japanese era data before Meiji design yoshito assess
#11496 ICUServiceBuilder equals and hashCode accepted yoshito medium
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