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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3362 Bugs in Unihan data mark defect blocker main svn
#3384 Remove inappropriate '+' in Thai char break iterator class def pedberg defect critical main svn
#3399 Add "ducet" collation value in TR35 table and supplementalMetadata pedberg defect critical xxx-docs svn
#3416 CLDR 1.9.1 release tasks pedberg task critical other svn
#3428 Unihan data causing problems. mark defect critical main svn
#3404 root & Korean search collators don't work for composed Hangul jungshik defect major main svn
#3440 Missing time zone yoshito defect major main svn
#3447 Need Czech search collator pedberg defect major main svn
#3493 tzdata related updates for CLDR 1.9.1 yoshito task major main svn
#3381 Several more mappings for Han-Latin/Names transforms pedberg enhancement medium main svn
#3382 Fix stroke counts for zh coll [was Add 顧 to short ...] mark defect medium main svn
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