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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#5931 Suriname Metazone resources have been removed in version 23 emmons defect critical main fixed
#6096 Last minute changes for 23.1 emmons task critical main fixed
#5477 JSON data has objects with duplicate keys emmons defect major json fixed
#5517 Errors in generating JSON for supplemental data emmons defect major json fixed
#5598 JSON converter - add ability to specify desired xpaths by regex emmons enhancement major json fixed
#5791 N'Ko digits (Nkoo) are reversed emmons defect major main fixed
#5865 Add XK for Kosovo jchye enhancement major main fixed
#5479 Use ISO style locales instead of Java style emmons enhancement assess json fixed
#5480 Old date on JSON file emmons defect assess json as-designed
#5481 Number indices do not need to be quoted emmons enhancement assess json as-designed
#5478 JSON: remove unnecessary levels of structure emmons enhancement medium json fixed
#5520 genderList.json: gender/personList type should be reformatted emmons defect medium json fixed
#5806 Convert keys in localeDisplayNames/languages object to xx-XX for JSON emmons enhancement medium json fixed
#5998 CLDR 23.1 umbrella ticket emmons task medium other fixed
#5823 Move JSON tools to org.unicode.cldr.json package emmons task minor json fixed
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