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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#6458 Errors not working right (caching?) ribnitz unknown critical survey fixed
#7024 CLDR 25: BRS tasks emmons task critical main fixed
#7035 fa@calendar=islamic either needs availableFmts for Hmz or appendItems for Timezone pedberg defect critical main fixed
#7083 tzdata2014a Europe/Kiev metazone mapping update yoshito defect critical timezone fixed
#7091 LDML2ICUConverter doubles backslash in collation data emmons defect critical ldml2icu fixed
#7142 Prepare TR35 files for CLDR 25 release rick task critical xxx-spec fixed
#4953 Add "self-serve" keyboard checking API ribnitz enhancement major survey fixed
#5629 Add new skeleton character for day periods travis enhancement major xxx-spec fixed
#5653 test code for aliases ribnitz defect major xxx-test fixed
#6430 Threading problem in tests ribnitz unknown major perf fixed
#6579 The narrow form of both °C and °F should be just ° mark enhancement major main fixed
#6706 Authors of parts rick task major xxx-spec fixed
#6719 Stability for plurals mark task major xxx-docs fixed
#6843 Provide full JSON data for all locales emmons enhancement major json fixed
#6850 collation algorithm: fall back to shorter prefixes markus enhancement major xxx-spec fixed
#6901 Document recommended replacements with multiples mark enhancement major xxx-spec fixed
#6970 Incorrect boundary symbol in sentence break rules andy defect major segmentation as-designed
#7001 On Number > Padding > Rounding, fix "multiplying" vs. "dividing" order pedberg defect major xxx-spec fixed
#7003 zh_Hant_HK now matches zh_CN instead of zh_TW ?? mark defect major main fixed
#7026 bad locale-level aliases in seed emmons unknown major main fixed
#7037 Approve Hawaiian collation tailoring emmons enhancement major collation fixed
#7038 LDML collation spec notes e.g. about case markus task major xxx-spec fixed
#7062 incorrect ordinal number format in full date format for SV emmons defect major main fixed
#7068 Incorrect currency formatting for Slovenian (sl) emmons defect major main fixed
#7071 Need documentation for new pluralRanges element added per cldrbug 6722 mark task major xxx-spec fixed
#7090 Spec clarifications for cashRounding, rounding from cldrbug 6871 pedberg task major xxx-spec fixed
#7107 BRS tasks mark enhancement major xxx-tools fixed
#3334 Consider using Guava in tools instead of home-brew utilities ribnitz defect assess design fixed
#6816 document script reordering vs. unassigned-implicits markus enhancement assess xxx-spec fixed
#6995 SimpleFactory.HandleMake: Merge two Maps into one, introduce key object ribnitz unknown assess unknown fixed
#7002 Create a branch for development anybody unknown assess unknown fixed
#7043 Make the migration issues clear for v25 anybody unknown assess unknown fixed
#7070 Defect in online charts for es-CO locale mark defect assess xxx-charts fixed
#2363 Make isDistinguishing table-driven mark defect medium perf duplicate
#2684 Trac doesn't enforce a reviewer, and implement review workflow srl defect medium xxx-tools fixed
#3619 Restructure CoverageLevel2 emmons enhancement medium xxx-tools fixed
#5339 Revise picker data to clean up special sets (eg historic) mark enhancement medium unicode-tools fixed
#5759 Likelysubtags - minor tools fix emmons defect medium xxx-tools fixed
#5813 Reordering Groups for DUCET markus defect medium xxx-spec fixed
#5866 LDML collation vs. U+0344 vs. overlap closure markus defect medium xxx-spec fixed
#5871 Document how to use the keyboard tool mark enhancement medium xxx-docs fixed
#5981 ConsoleCheck should use CLDRConfig ribnitz enhancement medium perf fixed
#6269 RBNF mark enhancement medium xxx-spec fixed
#6290 Move the plural "minimal pair" info into file mark enhancement medium plurals fixed
#6364 Change CheckWidths to use a data file ribnitz enhancement medium xxx-test fixed
#6449 Clearer table for private use codes mark unknown medium xxx-spec fixed
#6500 Show coverage chart mark enhancement medium xxx-charts duplicate
#6685 Run Eclipse cleanup on the spec files mark task medium xxx-spec fixed
#6695 Collation Spec ToC cleanup markus task medium xxx-spec fixed
#6707 Fix the description of canonical LDML ordering mark task medium xxx-spec fixed
#6739 specify collation type fallback markus task medium xxx-spec fixed
#6750 kk: Sunday, Monday (and possibly Wednesday) are misspelled pedberg defect medium main fixed
#6767 Add additional exemplar cities for timezones mark enhancement medium timezone fixed
#6788 Date format patterns - quarter pedberg defect medium xxx-spec fixed
#6790 Date format patterns - Week day pedberg defect medium xxx-spec fixed
#6817 document compact range tailoring syntax markus enhancement medium xxx-spec fixed
#6819 I am not familiar with the timezone mapping, but I found there are missing keys in the list comparing with the PHP supported list: yoshito defect medium xxx-spec fixed
#6826 Asia/Aqtobe is golden zone for two metazones yoshito defect medium xxx-spec fixed
#6840 remove the creaiton of duplicate instances of SupplementalDataInfo ribnitz defect medium perf fixed
#6844 What is the "program" mentioned in Translation Guidelines? mark enhancement medium xxx-docs fixed
#6849 Wrong dateTimeFormat example pedberg defect medium xxx-spec fixed
#6869 Plural rule grammar in UTS #35-33 conflicts with text mark defect medium xxx-spec fixed
#6871 Fix Czech currency (and maybe others) mark defect medium supplemental fixed
#6895 Breakage in ST ribnitz defect medium main fixed
#6904 CLDRFile/SupplementalDataInfo can't read old CLDR versions mark defect medium xxx-tools fixed
#6915 Restrict locales in ST mark enhancement medium perf fixed
#6955 Add chart or table with coverage figures mark enhancement medium xxx-charts fixed
#6998 Needless contention in CLDRConfig ribnitz enhancement medium perf fixed
#7007 Make sure that we at least know the script for all languages in our country/lang/pop data emmons defect medium supplemental fixed
#7018 Change the restrictions on max/min fraction and significant digits mark unknown medium xxx-spec fixed
#7025 BCP47 converter breakage srl defect medium xxx-tools fixed
#7030 Keyboards: Make it clear they describe current behavior, not modify it mark unknown medium xxx-spec fixed
#7072 Add documentation for new approvalRequirements element per cldrbug 6156 emmons task medium xxx-spec fixed
#7094 BRS 25: Clean up Java source files anybody task medium xxx-tools fixed
#6696 Dates Spec pedberg task minor xxx-spec fixed
#6697 General Spec yoshito task minor xxx-spec fixed
#6710 Narrower release columns rick task minor xxx-docs fixed
#6818 Display names of time units capitalized in English mark defect minor xxx-spec fixed
#7013 LDML is not an API emmons defect minor xxx-spec fixed
#7047 Problem running charts mark defect minor xxx-tools fixed
#7069 bad link to cldr-tmp emmons enhancement minor xxx-docs fixed
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