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{51} Active Tickets with Code and No Reviewer On Trunk (15 matches)

Includes tickets with code on trunk that aren't in the reviewing or closed. Be aware that some might be MisTicketted

Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Owner Status Created Keywords
#7316 display collisions from new displayNames [current commit misticketed] main svn upcoming pedberg accepted 05/02/14
#7428 Freeze collators (the only trunk change was reverted) util svn UNSCH backend accepted 05/15/14 working
#7439 Further clarifications about RBNF usage in LDML spec (no net change yet) rbnf svn upcoming grhoten accepted 05/16/14
#8036 Follow up on Adlam and Fulani other svn 34 srl accepted 11/14/14
#9793 Remaining HTML problems in charts (split) charts 34 mark accepted 09/16/16
#10521 pt_PT Survey tool issues survey 34 tbishop reviewfeedback 08/01/17 STP1
#10623 {0} fm for "fathom" is a grave error units 34 mark reviewfeedback 09/06/17
#10750 New Japanese era name datetime 34 yoshito accepted 11/07/17 jaEra
#10938 Add missing defaultContent locales unknown 34 mark design 02/17/18
#11062 Prepare TR35 spec files for CLDR 34 proposed update other 34 rick accepted 04/18/18
#11074 Add symbol for unknown currency currency 34 pedberg reviewfeedback 04/25/18
#11278 Add/modify tools for checking status. No ST effect infrastructure 34 mark accepted 07/20/18
#11348 CLDR 34 BRS Activities main 34 emmons accepted 08/16/18
#11356 BRS items for Mark other 34 mark new 08/20/18
#11408 Add Qaag for Zawgyi unknown 34 mark accepted 09/05/18
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