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Ticket #8535

5 Changesets

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r11644 emmons trunk cldrbug 8535: Splitting up the offending line into multiple lines (so the traceback might tell something useful...)
r11645 emmons trunk cldrbug 8535: Debugging attempt.
r11646 emmons trunk cldrbug 8535: Cleanup and attempt to get more info into the log.
r11647 emmons trunk cldrbug 8535: Serialize rows individually.
r11648 emmons trunk cldrbug 8535: Eliminate some NPEs in VoteResolver that was causing JSON to not serialize properly.

trunk — (3 files changed)

File Changes Details
trunk/tools/cldr-apps/src/org/unicode/cldr/web/DataSection.java edit×5
trunk/tools/cldr-apps/src/org/unicode/cldr/web/SurveyAjax.java edit
trunk/tools/java/org/unicode/cldr/util/VoteResolver.java edit

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