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CLDR Ticket #10996(new unknown)

Opened 4 months ago

Last modified 2 months ago

Add Open Location Codes to -u- extension

Reported by: mark Owned by: anybody
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The subdivision codes (en-u-sd-xx) provide a certain level of granularity, but don't exist for all countries, and are not granular enough for some purposes.

A finer grained approach could use the Open Location Codes (aka pluscodes), which allow for successive degrees of refinement where necessary, such as when distinguishing usage variants that are characteristic of a part of a country or subdivision. It would also not some of the issues with countries/subdivisions: code stability, lack of subdivisions for a country, or changing boundaries.


Should we decide to do this, the codes would need only minor modification to work with BCP47.

I'd suggest:

  • If a code is smaller than 3 sig. alphanums, use one piece.
  • If a code is greater than 8 sig. alphanums, break into multiple pieces, with the initial ones being 8 in length.
  • Drop trailing zeros from each piece.
  • Pad any pieces of 2 or fewer alphanum with 0 to bring them up to length 3.


  • 6P000000+ => en-SG-u-pc-6P0
  • 6PH57VP3+PQ9 => en-SG-u-pc-6PH57VP3-PQ9

In the future, if we really wanted to signify usage that is also characteristic of usage as of a particular date, or date range, that could be easily done.



Change History

comment:1 Changed 3 months ago by srl

discuss interaction with existing locode (timezone)

comment:2 Changed 3 months ago by mark

This is independent of the locodes, which cover a very very small fraction of what the Open Location Codes can cover.

comment:3 Changed 2 months ago by doug@…

Open Location Codes are defined by a free and open specification, but appear thus far to have been implemented only by Google. Despite the technical merits of the system over similar latitude/longitude encodings, it may be prudent to avoid the appearance of using CLDR to promote what is essentially a Google invention.

The benefits of specifying locale data for an area smaller than 275 × 275 meters, necessitating multiple pieces, are also unclear. Concrete examples of usage that may differ between central Singapore and Woodlands, say, or between Chicago and Evanston, might be helpful.


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