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CLDR Ticket #11498(reviewing)

Opened 8 weeks ago

Last modified 3 weeks ago

Clean up some of the coverage levels as per committee

Reported by: mark Owned by: mark
Component: other-supplemental Data Locale:
Phase: dsub Review: emmons
Weeks: Data Xpath:

Description (last modified by mark) (diff)

The goal is to make Basic match minimal viable locale resources. All changes to be agreed to by the committee before being made.


Change History

comment:1 Changed 8 weeks ago by mark

  • Status changed from new to accepted
  • Description modified (diff)
  • Priority changed from assess to critical
  • Milestone changed from UNSCH to 34
  • Owner changed from anybody to mark
  • type changed from unknown to data

comment:2 Changed 7 weeks ago by pedberg

  • Component changed from unknown to supplemental
  • Milestone changed from 34 to 35

comment:4 Changed 6 weeks ago by kristi

also add yMMM

comment:5 Changed 3 weeks ago by mark

For comment:3,4

I propose we just set all the gregorian dateFormatItems to Basic, leave all else alone.

value="basic" match="dates/calendars/calendar[@type='gregorian'] /dateTimeFormats/availableFormats/dateFormatItem[@id='%anyAttribute']"/>

We currently have the following coverage settings for gregorian and generic.

For gregorian, the "All" are 'moderate' (there is some redundancy in the rules)
For generic, most are moderate, most of the remainder are modern, but some slip through and are comprehensive.

I took a look at the ICU constants which are targeted at the most common cases, and while somewhat out of date (they don't have "B", for example), they are more comprehensive than comment:3/4.


key="%dateFormatItems" value="((E|d|Ed|EEEEd)|((Gy|y|yyyy|U)?(M|Md|MEd|MEEEEd|MMM|MMMd|MMMEd|MMMEEEEd|MMMM|MMMMd|MMMMEd|MMMMEEEEd))|((Gy|y|yyyy)(QQQ|QQQQ)?))"/>
key="%dateFormatItemsAll" value="(G{0,5}(y|U){0,4}Q{0,4}(M|L){0,5}(E|c){0,5}d{0,2}(H|h){0,2}m{0,2}s{0,2}(v|z|Z){0,4})"/>
key="%timeFormatItems" value="(E?(H|h)(ms?)?|ms)"/>
key="%timeFormatItemsDayPer" value="(E?Bh(ms?)?)"/>


value="moderate" …[@type='generic']…[@id='%dateFormatItems']"/>
value="moderate" …[@type='generic']…[@id='%timeFormatItems']"/>
value="moderate" …[@type='gregorian']…[@id='%dateFormatItems']"/>
value="moderate" …[@type='gregorian']…[@id='%dateFormatItemsAll']"/>
value="moderate" …[@type='gregorian']…[@id='%timeFormatItems']"/>
value="moderate" …[@type='gregorian']…[@id='%timeFormatItems']"/>
value="moderate" …[@type='gregorian']…[@id='MMMMW|yw'][@count='${Target-Plurals}']"/>
value="modern" …[@type='generic']…[@id='%timeFormatItemsDayPer']"/>
value="modern" …[@type='generic']…[@id='%timeFormatItemsDayPer']"/>
value="modern" …[@type='gregorian']…[@id='%timeFormatItemsDayPer']"/>
value="modern" …[@type='gregorian']…[@id='%timeFormatItemsDayPer']"/>
Last edited 3 weeks ago by mark (previous) (diff)

comment:6 Changed 3 weeks ago by mark

Looking at the spreadsheet, the following are candidates to be adjusted to be moved up to moderate:

This is generic only, so maybe not a candidate.

modern	//ldml/dates/calendars/calendar[@type="([^"]*+)"]/dateTimeFormats/availableFormats/dateFormatItem[@id="([^"]*+)"]	5	[generic|Bh, generic|Bhm, generic|Bhms, generic|EBhm, generic|EBhms]

This needs to be done.

modern	//ldml/numbers/miscPatterns[@numberSystem="([^"]*+)"]/pattern[@type="([^"]*+)"]	2	[latn|approximately, latn|atMost]

comment:7 Changed 3 weeks ago by mark

  • Status changed from accepted to reviewing
  • Review set to emmons

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