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CLDR Ticket #6306(closed: fixed)

Opened 6 years ago

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CLDR 24 - am - Alphabetic information - Main letters

Reported by: cldram123@… Owned by: emmons
Component: other Data Locale: am
Phase: Review: pedberg
Weeks: Data Xpath: 7ed88347aa1b55ed


Feedback is on behalf of Google for CLDR 24

Proposed translation:
ሀ ሁ ሂ ሃ ሄ ህ ሆ ለ ሉ ሊ ላ ሌ ል ሎ ሏ ሐ ሑ ሒ ሓ ሔ ሕ ሖ ሗ መ ሙ ሚ ማ ሜ ም ሞ ሟ ሠ ሡ ሢ ሣ ሤ ሥ ሦ ሧ ረ ሩ ሪ ራ ሬ ር ሮ ሯ ሰ ሱ ሲ ሳ ሴ ስ ሶ ሷ ሸ ሹ ሺ ሻ ሼ ሽ ሾ ሿ ቀ ቁ ቂ ቃ ቄ ቅ ቆ ቈ ቊ ቋ ቌ ቍ በ ቡ ቢ ባ ቤ ብ ቦ ቧ ቨ ቩ ቪ ቫ ቬ ቭ ቮ ቯ ተ ቱ ቲ ታ ቴ ት ቶ ቷ ቸ ቹ ቺ ቻ ቼ ች ቾ ቿ ኀ ኁ ኂ ኃ ኄ ኅ ኆ ኈ ኊ ኋ ኌ ኍ ነ ኑ ኒ ና ኔ ን ኖ ኗ ኘ ኙ ኚ ኛ ኜ ኝ ኞ ኟ አ ኡ ኢ ኣ ኤ እ ኦ ኧ ከ ኩ ኪ ካ ኬ ክ ኮ ኰ ኲ ኳ ኴ ኵ ኸ ኹ ኺ ኻ ኼ ኽ ኾ ወ ዉ ዊ ዋ ዌ ው ዎ ዐ ዑ ዒ ዓ ዔ ዕ ዖ ዘ ዙ ዚ ዛ ዜ ዝ ዞ ዟ ዠ ዡ ዢ ዣ ዤ ዥ ዦ ዧ የ ዩ ዪ ያ ዬ ይ ዮ ደ ዱ ዲ ዳ ዴ ድ ዶ ዷ ጀ ጁ ጂ ጃ ጄ ጅ ጆ ጇ ገ ጉ ጊ ጋ ጌ ግ ጎ ጐ ጒ ጓ ጔ ጕ ጠ ጡ ጢ ጣ ጤ ጥ ጦ ጧ ጨ ጩ ጪ ጫ ጬ ጭ ጮ ጯ ጰ ጱ ጲ ጳ ጴ ጵ ጶ ጷ ጸ ጹ ጺ ጻ ጼ ጽ ጾ ጿ ፀ ፁ ፂ ፃ ፄ ፅ ፆ ፈ ፉ ፊ ፋ ፌ ፍ ፎ ፏ ፐ ፑ ፒ ፓ ፔ ፕ ፖ ፗ

The currently winning translation includes the characters "ዯ", "ፇ", "ፚ", "ፘ" and "ፙ", which are not part of Amharic. It also has a unicode block - \u135F - written out in at the beginning of the character set. The character it represents is an archaic punctuation mark anyway, which should be excluded from this list. So the proposed translation deals with these issues. Also, the number of Amharic characters to be identified from the whole Ethiopic range is rather large - over 250. The patterns for grouping ranges are not easily recognized or memorized. So rather listing the characters will make it easier to work with.


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comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by pedberg

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Since ፘ has been removed from the main exemplars, it should also be removed from the index exemplars; it is the only character in the index exemplars that is not in the main or (empty) aux exemplars.

(I just removed it)

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Milestone 24dvet deleted

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