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CLDR Ticket #6566(accepted data)

Opened 4 years ago

Last modified 23 months ago

Verify Arabic plural units for "two" cases

Reported by: jchye Owned by: shervin
Component: main Data Locale:
Phase: dsub Review:
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Most of the "two" plural forms for units in Arabic have parentheses around the placeholder, e.g. "دقيقتان ({0})". According to Roozbeh, this is because the translated word already contains the number 2. We should verify these cases with translators and at the same check if 2 would be treated the same way as 2.00.


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This is akin to saying that for English, plural category one, one should use "minute" instead of "{0} minute", 'since the "1" is built in to the grammatical form'. I find that irrelevant, the number (or in the patterns, the number placeholder) should always be there, even if only one particular number can be used with a particular grammatical inflection. You don't go around 'saying'/writing "0 minutes", "minute", 2 minutes", ..., that would be too inconsistent; I would think that goes for all languages.

Furthermore, there is a class "zero", which when used only for the value "0", with patterns that are equivalent to saying "no ..." (like "no minutes", "no days", ...) are also in error. The number should always be there: "0 minutes", "0 days", ...

The use case here is to count something or give a measurement value (whether it be minutes, metres, litres, ...), it is not informal running text (where expressions like "no minutes" would be fine). Thus omitting the number placeholder should be an error for all unit patterns.

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