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CLDR Ticket #6612(accepted data)

Opened 5 years ago

Last modified 3 years ago

Word/number order inconsistencies between plural variants in long form units

Reported by: kent.karlsson14@… Owned by: pedberg
Component: main Data Locale: ar, he
Phase: dsub Review:
Weeks: Data Xpath:


The following "two" forms for Arabic have a parenthetical with the number, and in addition this comes in a
different order (after the words) than the other cases (where it comes before the words). The parentheses themselves
should be removed, and the number (as a number, not a spellout) should be shown before the words (even though
the number may be redundant given the inflection, or even if the number is pronounced after the words).

{0} degree	·ar·	long	two	درجتان ({0})	drjtạn ({0})	
{0} foot	·ar·	long	two	قدمان ({0})	qdmạn ({0})	
{0} gram	·ar·	long	two	غرامان ({0})	gẖrạmạn ({0})	
{0} hectar	·ar·	long	two	هكتاران ({0})	hktạrạn ({0})	
{0} light year	·ar·	long	two	سنتان ضوئيتان ({0})	sntạn ḍwỷytạn ({0})	
{0} liter	·ar·	long	two	لتران ({0})	ltrạn ({0})	
{0} meter	·ar·	long	two	متران ({0})	mtrạn ({0})	
{0} square foot	·ar·	long	two	قدمان مربعان ({0})	qdmạn mrbʿạn ({0})	
{0} yard	·ar·	long	two	ياردتان ({0})	yạrdtạn ({0})	

The following "one" forms for Hebrew has the number after the word, while the other forms (for the same units) have
the number before the word. Even if the number *when pronounced* comes after the word, when shown as a number
(in digits, not spellout) it should consistently come on the same side of the word(s). Otherwise one gets a "jumpy"
user interface.

{0} centimeter	·he·	long	one	סנטימטר {0}	sntymtr {0}	
{0} day	·he·	long	one	‏יום {0}	‏ywm {0}	
{0} degree	·he·	long	one	מעלה {0}	mʻlh {0}	
{0} degree Celsius	·he·	long	one	מעלת צלזיוס {0}	mʻlţ ẕlzyws {0}	
{0} degree Fahrenheit	·he·	long	one	מעלת פרנהייט {0}	mʻlţ prnhyyt {0}	
{0} foot	·he·	long	one	רגל {0}	rgl {0}	
{0} gram	·he·	long	one	גרם {0}	grm {0}	
{0} hectar	·he·	long	one	הקטאר {0}	hqtʼr {0}	
{0} hectopascal	·he·	long	one	הקטופסקל {0}	hqtwpsql {0}	
{0} horsepower	·he·	long	one	כוח סוס {0}	kwẖ sws {0}	
{0} hour	·he·	long	one	שעה {0}	şʻh {0}	
{0} inch	·he·	long	one	אינץ׳ {0}	ʼynẕ׳ {0}	
{0} inch of mercury	·he·	long	one	אינץ׳ כספית {0}	ʼynẕ׳ kspyţ {0}	
{0} kilogram	·he·	long	one	קילוגרם {0}	qylwgrm {0}	
{0} kilometer	·he·	long	one	קילומטר {0}	qylwmtr {0}	
{0} kilowatt	·he·	long	one	קילוואט {0}	qylwwʼt {0}	
{0} light year	·he·	long	one	שנת אור {0}	şnţ ʼwr {0}	
{0} meter	·he·	long	one	מטר {0}	mtr {0}	
{0} millimeter	·he·	long	one	מילימטר {0}	mylymtr {0}	
{0} millisecond	·he·	long	one	אלפית שנייה {0}	ʼlpyţ şnyyh {0}	
{0} minute	·he·	long	one	דקה {0}	dqh {0}	
{0} month	·he·	long	one	חודש {0}	ẖwdş {0}	
{0} ounce	·he·	long	one	אונקיה {0}	ʼwnqyh {0}	
{0} picometer	·he·	long	one	פיקומטר {0}	pyqwmtr {0}	
{0} pound	·he·	long	one	ליברה {0}	lybrh {0}	
{0} second	·he·	long	one	שנייה {0}	şnyyh {0}	
{0} square foot	·he·	long	one	רגל רבועה {0}	rgl rbwʻh {0}	
{0} square kilometer	·he·	long	one	קילומטר רבוע {0}	qylwmtr rbwʻ {0}	
{0} square meter	·he·	long	one	מטר רבוע {0}	mtr rbwʻ {0}	
{0} watt	·he·	long	one	ואט {0}	wʼt {0}	
{0} week	·he·	long	one	שבוע {0}	şbwʻ {0}	
{0} yard	·he·	long	one	יארד {0}	yʼrd {0}	
{0} year	·he·	long	one	שנה {0}	şnh {0}	


Change History

comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by kent.karlsson14@…


{0} arcminute	·ar·	long	two	دقيقتان ({0})	dqyqtạn ({0})		
{0} arcsecond	·ar·	long	two	ثانيتان ({0})	tẖạnytạn ({0})		
{0} mile	·ar·	long	two	ميلان ({0})	mylạn ({0})		

to the first list.


{0} arcminute	·he·	long	one	דקה {0}	dqh {0}		
{0} arcsecond	·he·	long	one	שנייה {0}	şnyyh {0}		
{0} mile	·he·	long	one	מייל {0}	myyl {0}		
{0} square mile	·he·	long	one	מייל רבוע {0}	myyl rbwʻ {0}		
{0} g-force	·he·	long	one	כוח ג׳י {0}	kwẖ g׳y {0}		

to the second list.

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by srl

  • Milestone changed from UNSCH to 25dsub

We will evaluate these in the 25 timeframe

comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by emmons

  • Milestone changed from 25dsub to 25rc

Moving all 25dsub and 25design tickets to 25rc. If you plan to complete items in the 25M1 time frame, please move those tickets to 25M1.

comment:4 Changed 4 years ago by pedberg

  • Owner changed from anybody to pedberg

comment:5 Changed 4 years ago by pedberg

  • Milestone changed from 25rc to 26dsub

I think in these cases the digit is unnecessary because the number is implied by the inflection. I think the {0} may only be present in these cases because a warning (incorrect) was being generated when it was not present. Will double-check.

comment:6 Changed 4 years ago by kent.karlsson14@…

The long formats are for formatting a *value* with a unit, with a fully spelled out, and translated, unit name, and with proper inflection of the unit name. Whether the inflection is used only for one value or not is irrelevant, the value must always be given. Thus omitting "{0}" should not just be a warning, it must be an error.

In addition, including spellouts like (translations of) "none/absent/no/zero", "unique/only/one", "double/two/pair", and similar must NOT be included in the unit part of the pattern, just the appropriate *inflection* (when used *with* the number), or possibly auxiliary pluralizing word in some languages (still when used *with* the number).

comment:7 Changed 4 years ago by pedberg

  • Milestone changed from 26dsub to 26dvet

comment:8 Changed 4 years ago by pedberg

  • Priority changed from assess to medium
  • Milestone changed from 26dvet to 26dsub

There was a lot of discussion and some related changes under a separate ticket; keep this to investigate remaining issues

comment:9 Changed 4 years ago by pedberg

  • Milestone changed from 26dsub to 27dsub

comment:10 Changed 4 years ago by markus

  • Phase set to dsub
  • Milestone changed from 27dsub to 27

comment:11 Changed 3 years ago by pedberg

  • Milestone changed from 27 to 28

comment:12 Changed 3 years ago by markus

  • Type changed from enhancement to data

comment:13 Changed 3 years ago by srl

  • Status changed from new to accepted

comment:14 Changed 3 years ago by pedberg

  • Milestone changed from 28 to 29

Out of time, look at early in 29 if possible

comment:15 Changed 3 years ago by emmons

  • Milestone changed from 29 to upcoming

Auto move of all 29 -> upcoming


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