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CLDR Ticket #7598(closed: fixed)

Opened 4 years ago

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Problems with 'v' in Latin-Bopomofo (and Latin-NumericPinyin)

Reported by: pedberg Owned by: pedberg
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Phase: rc Review: mark
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In pinyin, the letter 'v' is officially unused, but is often used as an alternate for 'ü'. Either can have tones; there are composed characters for 'ü' plus all tone marks, but not for 'v' plus all tone marks:

  • 1st, "ǖ" U+01D6, or "v̄" v plus U+0304
  • 2nd, "ǘ" U+01D8, or "v́" v plus U+0301
  • 3rd, "ǚ" U+01DA, or "v̌" v plus U+030C
  • 4th, "ǜ" U+01DC, or "v̀" v plus U+0300

However, the Latin-Bopomofo does not handle 'v' plus tone marks correctly, because its filter currently excludes [:Mn:] (it also does not handle input using fully or partly decomposed 'ü with tone marks). We should to the following:

  1. In Latin-Bopomofo, change the forward filter from ":: [ [:Latin:][1-5] ];" to ":: [ [:Latin:][:Mn:][1-5] ];".
  2. As an efficiency step, we can also add the conversion rule "[ln] { v → ü;" before calling the transform rule ":: Latin-NumericPinyin (NumericPinyin-Latin) ;", then we can eliminate all of the specific one-way conversions for 'v':
    lvan }$pTone    → ㄌㄩㄢ;			# (not in han-latin) one-way, handle v alternate for ü
     lvan           →  ㄌㄩㄢ˙;
    lve }$pTone     → ㄌㄩㄝ;			# one-way, handle v alternate for ü
     lve            →  ㄌㄩㄝ˙;
    lv }$pTone      → ㄌㄩ;				# one-way, handle v alternate for ü
     lv             →  ㄌㄩ˙;
    nve }$pTone     → ㄋㄩㄝ;			# one-way, handle alternate spelling
     nve            →  ㄋㄩㄝ˙;
    nv }$pTone      → ㄋㄩ;				# one-way, handle alternate spelling
     nv             →  ㄋㄩ˙;
  3. Finally, in Latin-NumericPinyin’s definition of $vowel, we should change as follows (add 'v', and drop composed 'ü since at this point we a re working with NFD) - adding 'v' does not seem necessary for correct functioning in at least some cases, but it is better for documentation in any case:
    [aAeEiIoOuUüÜ {u\u0308} {U\u0308} ]
    [aAeEiIoOuU {u\u0308} {U\u0308} vV ]


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