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CLDR Ticket #8181(closed: fixed)

Opened 4 years ago

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el: current translation of "kg" is archaic and should be updated

Reported by: fredrik Owned by: fredrik
Component: other Data Locale: el
Phase: dsub Review: emmons
Weeks: Data Xpath: 406d00851045cdd5


We received a report that the current translations of the short and narrow form of "kg" in Greek "is the archaic and seldomly used 'χλγρ.' (something we would use back in the fifties)".

Discussing it with Apple's vetter, she agrees and suggests the following changes:

short-displayName: κιλά
short-one: {0} κιλό
short-other: {0} κιλά
narrow-displayName: kg
narrow-one: {0} kg
narrow-other: {0} kg

Most texts and manuals would use the western "kg", so it would be fitting to have that available in the narrow form.


Change History

comment:1 in reply to: ↑ description Changed 4 years ago by kent.karlsson14@…

Replying to fredrik:

short-displayName: κιλά
short-one: {0} κιλό
short-other: {0} κιλά

That would be very wrong. "kilo" by itself is (the full form) of a prefix, not a unit. I know, "kilo" (and it's local forms) is very commonly used in many languages to informally refer to kilogramme. But the CLDR data must not use this informal form, so one cannot leave out the "gramme" part, no matter which language.

There is a general error in the short/narrow units in general in el.xml: someone has assumed that those are abbreviations. They must not be. They need to follow the "spirit" of how SI symbols are constructed, and if in the Latin script they must be the SI symbols (with {0} prefixed). Anything else is a grave error. But for instance, {0} χγ, would work fine for kilogram short form in the Greek script, provided χ is used for all "kilo" prefixes (i.e. no mix and match...).

Excepting the last additions of units to CLDR (I haven't worked on them yet, but there is so much junk there that should never be translated, let alone used), the following would be a consistent "translation" of short units (à la CLDR) to Greek. (True, constructed, not picked up.) If this, or some minor consistent modification to it, is not acceptable, the only recurse for the SI (and accepted for use with SI) units, is to use the standard SI unit symbols. Anything else is unacceptable, and would undermine the SI system.

Non-SI, but traditional:
month {0} μήν
times Earth gravity {0} Γ
week {0} εβδ
year {0} έτ
light-year {0} έτ φω
horsepower {0} ίππ
English avoirdupois pound {0} λίβρα
English ounce {0} ουγγ
English foot {0} πόδι
English foot squared {0} πόδι²
English inch {0} δάκτυ
English inch of mercury {0} δάκτυ Υγ

Non-SI, need to be qualified as "English":
English acre {0} αγγ. ακρ
English mile {0} αγγ. μίλ
English mile cubed {0} αγγ. μίλ³
English mile per hour {0} αγγ. μίλ/ώ
English mile squared {0} αγγ. μίλ²
English yard {0} αγγ. γιάρδ

Temperature (Celsius=Selsius (acc. SI), not Kelsiou):
degree Fahrenheit {0}°Φ
degree Celsius {0}°Σ

SI (incl. old) and accepted for use with SI, plus arc min and arc sec):
24-hour day {0} ημ

angular degree {0}°
arc minute {0}
arc second {0}

hectopascal {0} εΠα
hectoare {0} εα

hour {0} ώ

gram {0} γ
kilogram {0} χγ

watt {0} Βτ
kilowatt {0} χΒτ

litre {0} λ

kilometre {0} χμ
kilometre cubed {0} χμ³
kilometre per hour {0} χμ/ώ
kilometre squared {0} χμ²
centimetre {0} σμ
metre {0} μ
metre per second {0} μ/ς
metre squared {0} μ²
millimetre {0} μμ
picometre {0} πμ

second (of time) {0} ς
millisecond {0} μς

millibar {0} μβαρ

minute (of time) {0} λεπ

(The narrow ones would just lose the spaces after })

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