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CLDR Ticket #8407(accepted data)

Opened 3 years ago

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Improve readability and maintainability of coverageLevels.xml

Reported by: mark Owned by: mark
Component: supplemental Data Locale:
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  1. Whenever we see long lists of items, it is hard to know when they are exactly the same, except for minute inspection. Much better for maintenance to use variables. In approvalRequirement, for example, replace strings like the following by the use of variables.

"ar ca cs da de el es fi fr he hi hr hu it ja ko nb nl pl pt pt_PT ro ru sk sl sr sv th tr uk vi zh zh_Hant"

  1. Regular expressions that are just purely lists of items should be expressed as lists, rather than optimized. They are otherwise quite difficult to parse, review, and change (without error). See:


If we need to optimize them, we should have a separate internal method to do that. One I'd recommend having an alternate attribute like the following that takes a space delimited list.

list="length-picometer list-light-year..."

When the variable is encountered, the list can internally be optimized as a regex (if necessary). Such optimization can do a much better job than hand-optimization.

  1. The lists can be more self-documenting if we introduce some pre-set variables. For example, the list of all cldr organization languages can be fetched instead of written in a variable (that can fall out of date).

I suggest %% syntax for those. Example:


internally gets set at startup to:
StandardCodes.make().getLocaleCoverageLocales(Organization.cldr.name(), EnumSet.of(Level.MODERN));

We can do this for many cases. For example:

To get the non-private use, non-deprecated region codes.

That would let us replace many of the variables used for modern coverage by a full, always-up-todate list, such as replacing

<coverageVariable key="%script100" value="(Afak|Aghb|Ahom|Armi|Avst|Bali|Bamu|Bass|Batk|Blis|Brah|Bugi|Buhd|Cakm|Cans|Cari|Cham|Cher|Cirt|Copt|Cprt|Cyrs|Dsrt|Dupl|Egy[dhp]|Elba|Geok|Glag|Goth|Gran|Hatr|Hano|Hluw|Hmng|Hrkt|Hung|Inds|Ital|Java|Jurc|Kali|Khar|Khoj|Kpel|Kthi|Lana|Lat[fg]|Lepc|Limb|Lin[ab]|Lisu|Loma|Ly[cd]i|Mahj|Man[di]|Maya|Mend|Mer[co]|Modi|Moon|Mroo|Mtei|Mult|Narb|Nbat|Nkgb|Nkoo|Nshu|Ogam|Olck|Orkh|Osma|Palm|Pauc|Perm|Phag|Phl[ipv]|Phnx|Plrd|Prti|Rjng|Roro|Runr|Samr|Sar[ab]|Saur|Sgnw|Shaw|Shrd|Sidd|Sind|Sora|Sund|Sylo|Syr[cejn]|Tagb|Takr|Tal[eu]|Tang|Tavt|Teng|Tfng|Tglg|Tirh|Ugar|Vaii|Visp|Wara|Wole|Xpeo|Xsux|Yiii|Zinh|Zmth)"/>


<coverageVariable key="%script100" value="%%scripts""/>

  1. This is probably for later on, but for many attributes, we know exactly from the DtdData or supplementalMetadata.xml what the possible values are. So we can populate variables with those values. So we could automatically set variables like:


instead of manually setting

<coverageVariable key="%dayTypes" value="(sun|mon|tue|wed|thu|fri|sat)"/>


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Note: the current formulation for the coverage variables is also not optimal:







The optimized expression group as much as possible, while having no backup and just going forwards in the alternations


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