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CLDR Ticket #8469(closed: needs-more-info)

Opened 4 years ago

Last modified 4 years ago

Add Gilaki language

Reported by: Mjbmr <mjbmri@…> Owned by: anybody
Component: unknown Data Locale:
Phase: dsub Review:
Weeks: Data Xpath:


  1. Administrative / Locale Identifier

Locale name: Gilaki (in Gilaki: گێلۀکێ)
Locale identifier: glk

  1. Exemplar Sets

Main: ا أ ۀ إ هٕ ؤ هٚ اٚ ێ ۆ ٮٰ ٮٖ ۋ ۊ ب پ ت ج چ خ د ر ز س ش ق ف ل م ن و ک گ ه ی
Auxiliary: ذ ع غ \u200c \u200d
Index: ا أ ۀ إ هٕ ؤ هٚ اٚ ێ ۆ ٮٰ ٮٖ ۋ ۊ ب پ ت ج چ خ د ر ز س ش ق ف ل م ن و ک گ ه ی
Punctuation: - ‐ ، ٫ ٬ ؛ : ! ؟ . … ‹ › « » ( ) [ ] * / \

  1. Orientation

Characters: right-to-left
Lines: top-to-bottom

  1. Plural Rules

Behaves like Persian (fa)

  1. Country Data and Default Content

Iran (glk_IR)

  1. Romanization

ا => ā
أ => a
ۀ => a
إ => e
هٕ => e
ؤ => o
هٚ => æ
اٚ => æ
ێ => i
ۆ => u
ٮٰ => ë
ٮٖ => ä
ۋ => ow
ۊ => ű
ب => b
پ => p
ت => t
ج => j
چ => ch
خ => kh
د => d
ر => r
ز => z
س => s
ش => sh
ق => gh
ف => f
ل => l
م => m
ن => n
و => v
ک => k
گ => g
ه => h
ی => y


Change History

comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by Mjbmr <mjbmri@…>

Please close this ticket until further information.

comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by emmons

  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Resolution set to needs-more-info

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