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CLDR Ticket #9187(design data)

Opened 2 years ago

Last modified 2 months ago

Add aliases for units, for BCP47

Reported by: mark Owned by: mark
Component: units Data Locale:
Phase: dsub Review:
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Add aliases for units that allow them to work with BCP47 syntax.



I suggest that we use the first 8 letters, unless that (a) collides, or (b) is just too ugly.

Also, for the future, I suggest that all new units use 8 letters only, so we don't need aliases.


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This would naturally go into either

supplementalMetadata.xml, like

<languageAlias type="art_lojban" replacement="jbo" reason="deprecated"/> <!-- Lojban -->

or, since this was intended for bcp47, wait until we add a new key, like

en-u-un-length-cm that wouldn't be realistic, since we'd want to have a category, like en-u-un-person-length-cm

However, given that I suggest we hold off making any changes, but we settle on the abbreviation style to use for future allocations of units.

8 characters is a pain. As a first cut, I have the following shortenings.

They are longer than the SI unit abbreviations (where they exist) for legibility, but I think that is probably a mistake. However, the SI abbreviations don't work as is because they are case-sensitive.



.put("acceleration", "accel")
.put("temperature", "temp")
.put("frequency", "freq")


.put("revolution", "revol")
.put("centimeter", "cmeter")
.put("kilometer", "kmeter")
.put("milligram", "mgram")
.put("deciliter", "dliter")
.put("millimole", "mmole")
.put("consumption", "consumpt")
.put("100kilometers", "100km")
.put("microsecond", "microsec")
.put("millisecond", "millisec")
.put("nanosecond", "nanosec")
.put("milliampere", "milliamp")
.put("foodcalorie", "foodcal")
.put("kilocalorie", "kilocal")
.put("kilojoule", "kjoule")
.put("gigahertz", "gigahertz")
.put("kilohertz", "khertz")
.put("megahertz", "megahertz")
.put("astronomical", "astro")
.put("decimeter", "dmeter")
.put("micrometer", "micmeter")
.put("scandinavian", "scand")
.put("millimeter", "mmeter")
.put("nanometer", "nanomete")
.put("picometer", "pmeter")
.put("microgram", "migram")
.put("horsepower", "horsep")
.put("milliwatt", "mwatt")
.put("hectopascal", "hpascal")
.put("fahrenheit", "fahren")
.put("centiliter", "cliter")
.put("hectoliter", "hliter")
.put("megaliter", "megliter")
.put("milliliter", "mliter")
.put("tablespoon", "tblspoon")

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