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CLDR Ticket #9744(accepted unknown)

Opened 22 months ago

Last modified 11 months ago

Information on territory language data: China

Reported by: c933103@… Owned by: rick
Component: supplemental Data Locale:
Phase: dsub Review:
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Languages in China (Only listing those that are not seen in CLDR 29 and with speaker percentage available)
Mandarin 66%
Jinyu Chinese 3.4%
Min Bei Chinese 0.79%
Northern Zhuang 0.77%
Min Dong Chinese 0.68%
Southern Zhuang 0.31%
Mongolian Peripheral 0.26%
Chinese Sign Language 0.23%
Pu-Xian Chinese 0.19%
Bouyei 0.15%
Khams Tibetan 0.11%
Central Tibetan 0.082%
Dong Southern 0.077%
Njua Hmong 0.077%
Guizhou Yi 0.069%
Northern Qiandong Hmong 0.069%
Amdo Tibetan 0.062%
Central Bai 0.061%
Western Xiangxi Hmong 0.054%
Hlai 0.051%
Lingao 0.046%
Atuence 0.045%
Hani 0.038%
Southern Yi 0.036%
Dong Northern 0.035%
Kirghiz 0.033%
Lahu 0.032%
Bai Southern 00.031%
Iu Mien 0.029%
Central Yi 0.029%
Xishan Lalu Yi 0.025%
Southern Qiandong Hmong 0.023%
Waxianghua 0.023%
Eshan-Xinping Yi 0.023%
Western Yi 0.023%
Wa 0.021%
Bunu Bu-Nao 0.02%
Dongxiang 0.019%
Daw Hmong 0.018%
Poluo Yi 0.018%
Yi Yuanjiang-Mojiang Yi 0.018%
Wuding-Luquan Yi 0.016%
Eastern Qiandong Hmong 0.015%
Northeastern Dian Hmong 0.015%
Kim Mun 0.015%
Wusa Yi 0.015%
Southern Lolopho Yi 0.015%
Parauk 0.014%
Dayao Yi 0.013%
Tu 0.012%
Tai Hongjin 0.011%
Kalmyk-Oirat 0.011%
Akha 0.01%
Data Source via Wolfram Alpha


Change History

comment:1 Changed 21 months ago by rick

  • Owner changed from anybody to rick
  • Milestone changed from UNSCH to upcoming

comment:2 Changed 11 months ago by rick

  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Resolution set to needs-more-info

Please review guidelines for additions/updates to language/population data, and you may re-open this bug with relevant details (if applicable).

comment:3 Changed 11 months ago by c933103 <c933103@…>

•language name: Already listed above.
•2 or 3-letter language code:

Mandarin zh-cmn
Jinyu Chinese cjy
Min Bei Chinese mnp
Northern Zhuang ccx
Min Dong Chinese cdo
Southern Zhuang ccy
Mongolian Peripheral mvf
Chinese Sign Language csl
Pu-Xian Chinese cpx
Bouyei pcc
Khams Tibetan khg
Central Tibetan bod
Dong Southern kmc
Njua Hmong hnj
Guizhou Yi yig
Northern Qiandong Hmong hea
Amdo Tibetan adx
Central Bai bca
Western Xiangxi Hmong mmr
Hlai lic
Lingao onb
Atuence atf
Hani hni
Southern Yi nos
Dong Northern doc
Kirghiz ky
Lahu lhu
Bai Southern bfs
Iu Mien ium
Central Yi ycl
Xishan Lalu Yi yik
Southern Qiandong Hmong hms
Waxianghua wxa
Eshan-Xinping Yi yiv
Western Yi ywt
Wa blr
Bunu Bu-Nao bwx
Dongxiang sce
Daw Hmong mww
Poluo Yi yip
Yi Yuanjiang-Mojiang Yi yym
Wuding-Luquan Yi ywq
Eastern Qiandong Hmong hmq
Northeastern Dian Hmong hmd
Kim Mun mji
Wusa Yi ywu
Southern Lolopho Yi ysp
Parauk prk
Dayao Yi yio
Tu mjg
Tai Hongjin tiz
Kalmyk-Oirat xal
Akha ahk

•applicable country/region name: China
•applicable country/region code: cn
•official status (and justification):
cmn official language
various language in the list should be made regional official because of autonomouos regional government in various part of china but there does not seems to have any comprehensive listing especially for 3rd or 4th level government.
•language population in the region: Listed in OP.
•literacy in the language, where possible: /
•links to reliable sources for population/literacy data: The link given in OP have linked a number of secondary sources as supports.

comment:4 Changed 11 months ago by c933103 <c933103@…>

  • Status changed from closed to new

comment:5 Changed 11 months ago by rick

  • Priority changed from assess to minor
  • Status changed from new to accepted
  • Resolution needs-more-info deleted
  • Milestone changed from upcoming to UNSCH

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