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23:14 Changeset [5905] by emmons
cldrbug 3932: Remove obscure commonly and short metazone data
14:27 Ticket #3978 (Dysfunct links in CLDR charts) created by jukka.k.korpela@…
On page http://unicode.org/repos/cldr-tmp/trunk/diff/by_type/index.html
11:03 Ticket #3967 (SVN checkout needs to use GMT) closed by mark
10:11 Ticket #3977 (Add description attribute to bcp47 tags) created by mark
Right now, people have to match the bcp47 machine-readable data to the …
10:07 Ticket #3976 (Add data/spec for transform specification in language tags) created by mark
[…] [updated according to first draft] Will need to add to spec, and …


12:47 Ticket #3975 (Incorporate the Finnish tailoring for LB rules (hyphen and space) to root) created by jungshik
This is a follow-up bug to ticket 3029 where Finnish tailoring was …
12:41 Ticket #3974 (Change root LB rules to allow breaks between small kana and \u30FC) created by jungshik
In ticket 3571, a separate tailoring was introduced for Japanese line …


14:53 Ticket #3973 (Uzbek grego wide months are actually for islamic) created by pedberg
In common/main./uz.xml (default CYrillic), although the gregorian …


13:44 Ticket #3972 (Maintain URLs in charts (diff) directory) created by mark
At some time in the past, we changed: …


11:33 Changeset [5904] by emmons
cldrbug 3908: Add plural rules for many African languages


20:14 Ticket #3971 (Special variant tags for pseudo locales) created by mark
Inside Google, we found it very useful to define some special Unicode …
16:43 Ticket #3970 (clean up Korean date formats) created by jungshik
Korean date formats need some clean up. 1. The full stop at the end of …
15:38 Ticket #3969 (Polish availableFormats "yMMM" should use LLL, instead of MMM) created by yoshito
ICU DateTimePatternGenerator does not return proper results for skeleton …
14:48 Ticket #3968 (Arabic number formats) created by mark
We had our Arabic experts look over the situation, and below is their …
13:27 Ticket #3966 (SVN checkout needs to use GMT) created by mark
I ran into the same problem when I tried to diff files from the release. …
13:27 Ticket #3967 (SVN checkout needs to use GMT) created by mark
I ran into the same problem when I tried to diff files from the release. …


19:22 Ticket #3965 (Missing aliases in root.) created by mark
In root.txt (LDML2ICUConverter), the chinese calendar (and others) has: …
16:15 Ticket #3964 (Protect crucial data.) created by mark
For crucial data, like the decimal character or grouping character, we …
16:12 Ticket #3963 (Serbian number formatting messed up) created by mark
In sr.xml <symbols numberSystem="latn"> <decimal>.</decimal> …
02:09 Ticket #3962 (wordbreaker (\b) not working with regular expressions in List-UnicodeSet ...) created by verdy_p@…
On http://cldr.unicode.org/unicode-utilities/list-unicodeset the document …


17:17 Ticket #3808 (Plurals and aliasing problem - Hebrew) closed by emmons
duplicate: A dup of #3930. Now that whole alias locales are gone, this is no longer …
12:51 Changeset [5903] by emmons
cldrbug 3930: Remove whole locale aliases
08:03 Ticket #3961 (Restore islamic calendar data copied from root to various locales) created by pedberg
Per cldrbug 3092: islamic calendar data for month & era names was copied …
07:55 Ticket #3960 (Replace bs data formerly aliased to sr_Latn, or make it a child) created by pedberg
In 1.9.1, "bs" Bosnian had many elements aliased to corresponding elements …
04:04 Ticket #3959 (Fix H/h mismatch in availableFormats) created by pedberg
In CLDR 2.0 several locales have mismatch in hour style (12-hour vs …


17:57 Changeset [5902] by emmons
cldrbug 3951: Restored missing data from ga


16:58 Ticket #3958 (Consider adding multiple display names for country/regions) created by jungshik
The CLDR has only one display name per country/region that is suitable for …
16:29 Changeset [5901] by yoshito
cldrbug 3957: Create 2.0 maintenance branch from trunk@5898.
11:16 Ticket #3955 (ga lost most of its content in 2.0) closed by pedberg
10:48 Ticket #3957 (Create maint-2-0 branch for post 2.0 maintenance releases) created by yoshito
As described in the summary.
09:54 Changeset [5900] by mdavis
cldrbug 3956: initial prototype of simplification
09:53 Ticket #3956 (Radically simplify the LDML2ICUConverter) created by mark
The LDML2ICUConverter is a major chokepoint in our process, because it is …


23:27 Ticket #3955 (ga lost most of its content in 2.0) created by pedberg
The "ga" locale common/main/ga.xml lost most of its content from CLDR …


10:22 Ticket #3954 (Unique date and time format for Eʋe) created by gilbert_adjoyi@…
In Eʋe, the word “ga” preceeds all hours and “ƒe” preceeds all years while …


13:49 Ticket #3953 (Eʋe (ee_GH and ee_TG have 6 main day periods) created by gilbert_adjoyi@…
Please add the following Eʋe day periods to periods: -<dayPeriodRules …


13:02 Ticket #3102 (Add import syntax to data files) closed by markus
13:01 Ticket #3358 (Missing Collation Import feature) closed by markus
11:53 Ticket #3952 (Missing documentation for CJK Index labels) created by mark
We need to describe the new CJK index labels in the collation sequences. …
11:14 Ticket #3951 (2.0 ST dump destroyed Irish (ga) data) created by leftmostcat@…
The initial dump of ST data for 2.0 eliminated most of the data in …
00:09 Ticket #3950 (Add "private" attribute to collation files for avoiding creation of binary ...) closed by umesh


23:58 Ticket #3950 (Add "private" attribute to collation files for avoiding creation of binary ...) created by umesh
The fix for bug #3358 had issues, so was rolled back. Resurrecting it in …
23:58 Ticket #3949 ("private" collation types: not "available", avoid creation of binary data ...) created by umesh
The fix for ticket:3358 had issues, so was rolled back. Resurrecting it …
23:47 Ticket #3948 ([branch] Add import syntax to data files) created by umesh
Import syntax is supported in CLDR 1.9 and ICU 4.6. To take advantage of …
19:51 Ticket #3385 (fix info for Tatar (tt) in Russia (RU)) closed by mark
19:50 Ticket #3336 (Need to add bqv language code for Begbere-Ejar in Ivory Coast) closed by mark
19:47 Ticket #3112 (Add unknown scripts/languages) closed by mark
fixed: Bad language code, so filed 3947 to fix.
19:43 Ticket #2559 (Check populations of the aboriginal languages of Canada) closed by mark
19:41 Ticket #3947 (Fix bad code for Kurdish) created by mark
Broken out of http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/ticket/3499 and …
19:39 Ticket #3499 (Kurdish language population data in Iran) closed by mark
fixed: We can never use a code like kmr. Always search on …
19:31 Ticket #3395 (Update to scripts for Cham) closed by mark
19:30 Ticket #3089 (Lang/pop things broken out of bug #3076) closed by mark
18:24 Ticket #3758 (sv: childish formulation for relative/0) closed by chrish
18:23 Ticket #3641 (The value for N is slightly underspecified in our Process document) closed by chrish
18:08 Ticket #3571 (Support default (and other?) CSS linebreak styles for Japanese) closed by andy
18:06 Ticket #3750 (Inconsistent format for gregorian month abbreviated) closed by weiv
16:48 Ticket #3111 (BRS: Regenerate charts) closed by pedberg
fixed: Found a few problems, filed cldrbug 3946: for those.
16:47 Ticket #3946 (More chart fixes) created by pedberg
Split out from cldrbug 3111: 1. In …
16:35 Ticket #3374 (Verify deprecated is synchronized) closed by pedberg
fixed: Filed cldrbug 3945: for the BRS item.
16:34 Ticket #3945 (BRS item to sync deprecated) created by pedberg
Per cldrbug 3374:, need BRS item to verify that all deprecated items are …
11:21 Ticket #3738 (statistics miss out) closed by mark
11:20 Ticket #3774 (DIY extract of submitter addresses for BRS) closed by mark
11:20 Ticket #3564 (statistics update) closed by mark
11:19 Ticket #3681 (Clean up messages & navigation a bit) closed by mark
11:17 Ticket #3451 (DIY bulk import) closed by mark
11:15 Ticket #2419 (Improve Easy Steps for new locale generation) closed by mark
11:15 Ticket #3474 (Fix Coverage Levels per Coverage Review) closed by mark


20:16 Ticket #3640 (Fix targets on ST) closed by mark
20:15 Ticket #3612 (Coverage Level (Recommended= modern) [pulldown]) closed by mark
20:15 Ticket #3625 (Bug form wrong) closed by mark
20:13 Ticket #3882 (Fix most obvious problems in child locales) closed by mark
20:12 Ticket #3652 (Fix the Forum link) closed by mark
20:11 Ticket #3642 (Incorrect voting) closed by mark
20:10 Ticket #3651 (Zoomed view too wide) closed by mark
20:05 Ticket #3895 (Fixes for LikelySubtags ( BRS item A09 )) closed by mark
20:03 Ticket #3807 (Suppress <stopwords> in 2.0) closed by mark
20:02 Ticket #3520 (More disturbing messages from punctuation) closed by mark
20:02 Ticket #2443 (Make links stable over time: change ST to use real xpath in URL) closed by mark
20:00 Ticket #2338 (ST Filtering based on coverage) closed by mark
20:00 Ticket #1691 (Fix coverage page so it is reasonable on displays < 24") closed by mark
19:59 Ticket #3944 (ST gets wrong coverage levels for company.) created by mark
The ST thinks (on http://unicode.org/cldr/apps/survey?do=coverage) that …
19:48 Ticket #3706 (US metazones coverage) closed by mark
19:47 Ticket #3801 (Remove day periods that don't exist in the locale) closed by mark
19:46 Ticket #3923 (Update the test data ( BRS item B04 )) closed by mark
19:44 Ticket #3889 (LDML2ICUConverter breaks collations with contractions.) closed by mark
19:44 Ticket #2256 (posix collation tables should be more conform to DUCET) closed by mark
19:42 Ticket #3943 (Sort timezones first by country) created by mark
http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/ticket/3415 changed to sort alphabetically by …
19:41 Ticket #3415 (sort timezone lists) closed by mark
19:40 Ticket #2989 (xref should show up as a link somewhere) closed by mark
19:39 Ticket #3457 (Add coverage for non-Gregorian calendars) closed by mark
19:38 Ticket #3660 (VettingViewer needs to strip off 'alts') closed by mark
19:37 Ticket #3656 (Google Bulk Import: two outliers) closed by mark
19:35 Ticket #3590 (Separate core languages from extras) closed by mark
19:32 Ticket #3540 (Track blocked due to wrong handling of user preferences.) closed by mark
19:31 Ticket #3637 (mn resolves to wrong ISO 639-3 code) closed by mark
fixed: The change was backed out. It does appear that the better code mapping …
19:30 Ticket #3942 (mn resolves to wrong ISO 639-3 code (split)) created by mark
http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/ticket/3637 argued for changing the maping …
19:14 Ticket #3521 (More exemplar city name data in root) closed by mark
19:13 Ticket #3729 (Clarify Territory Containment in the Americas) closed by mark
18:58 Ticket #3941 (Split testing out from ShowLanguages) created by mark
The ShowLanguages tool also does testing, emitting error messages as it …
18:51 Ticket #3680 (Consider reprioritizing Hebrew Calendar in Arabic) closed by mark
18:50 Ticket #3600 (Move unclear currency symbols up from root) closed by mark
fixed: This contains some unrelated changes, but they all look ok.
18:48 Ticket #3940 (Optimize bopomofo if possible.) created by mark
In the review of http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/ticket/3593, I noticed many …
18:43 Ticket #3593 (Need Bopomofo-Latin transform) closed by mark
18:41 Ticket #3507 (Update coverage for relative year fields) closed by mark
16:00 Ticket #3939 (Error in supplemental data: hm instead of him.) created by mark
[from internal bug] CLDR has "hm", must be a typo: …
12:37 Ticket #3931 (Document change in usage for <alias>) closed by pedberg
10:21 Ticket #3938 (Add missing specs for changes in supplemental dtd.) created by mark
We need to check the DTD differences also for ldmlsupplemental. In 2.0.1 …
10:09 Ticket #3548 (Russian abbreviated months wrong) closed by srl
10:09 Ticket #3558 (Missing keys/key translations) closed by chrish
09:59 Ticket #3736 (Vote for "{0} gün sonra" not registering properly) closed by mark
09:58 Ticket #3800 (More metazone issues) closed by mark
09:57 Ticket #3804 (Move locales without sufficient data to second directory) closed by mark
09:57 Ticket #3859 (Fix data errors reported by ConsoleCheckCLDR) closed by mark
09:55 Ticket #3900 (Fix data errors found during ICU integration - FINAL) closed by mark
09:54 Ticket #3875 (Synchronize type list between BCP47 and supplementalMetadata for CLDR 2.0) closed by mark
09:53 Ticket #3378 (Numbering System consistent with symbols.) closed by mark
09:52 Ticket #3391 (Update coverage goals) closed by umesh
09:47 Ticket #3068 (Manx language (gv) is spoken in country IM, not GB) closed by mark
09:46 Ticket #3036 (Lithuanian spellout) closed by mark
09:46 Ticket #2281 (Change in rbnf rules for Argentina) closed by mark
09:43 Ticket #3899 (Final CLDRModify passes 2.0) closed by mark
09:42 Ticket #3865 (Remove und-Hani) closed by mark
00:00 Milestone 2.0 completed


18:24 Ticket #3937 (Urdu should use U+060D as date separator) created by roozbeh@…
The Urdu date formats use a European comma (U+002C) while they should be …
16:37 Ticket #3936 (Add "en" varieties in <parentLocales>) created by pedberg
<parentLocales> currently has entries for children of es_419 and pt_PT, …
12:55 Ticket #3830 (zh, wrong translation for Sichuan Yi script & language) closed by chrish
12:48 Ticket #3760 (sv: day/​Pattern/​count=other (short alternative) has inconsistent ...) closed by chrish
12:45 Ticket #3422 (Unknown) closed by chrish
12:45 Ticket #3388 (Provide translation for "x"; localized pattern for =) closed by chrish
12:44 Ticket #3386 (Translations for Hant, Hans) closed by chrish
12:44 Ticket #3367 (Remove "simplified" /"traditional" from display names for pinyin/stroke) closed by chrish
12:43 Ticket #3837 (zh_Hant translation for "stroke sort order") closed by chrish
12:43 Ticket #3828 (Dubious -3 relative data day data for fr, ja, de) closed by chrish
12:42 Ticket #3775 (zh, zh_Hant: please remove the values Current Day +- 3) closed by chrish
12:41 Ticket #3623 (Which items to allow changes in during vetting?) closed by chrish
12:41 Ticket #3692 (Fix smaller UI problems in VV) closed by chrish
12:36 Ticket #3559 (Error in English new relative units) closed by chrish
12:35 Ticket #3553 (Add count=0 and count=1) closed by chrish
12:34 Ticket #3532 (Provide method in ST to see important vetting items) closed by chrish
12:34 Ticket #3417 (Add another pattern for zones) closed by chrish
12:33 Ticket #3411 (Add stopwords) closed by chrish
12:32 Ticket #2711 (Describe the index labels in the spec) closed by chrish
12:31 Ticket #3749 (Translation issue in date format: del before the year should be de) closed by chrish
00:54 Ticket #2700 (Usage of commonlyUsed value for short generic non-location format) closed by pedberg
00:53 Ticket #3594 (Should LDML data be in NFC format or NFD format?) closed by pedberg


16:42 Ticket #3453 (Usability improvements to the ST for 2.0) closed by srl
16:18 Ticket #3464 (Move seldom used day periods to higher coverage level) closed by srl
fixed: Replying to kent.karlsson14@…: > I find the approach to day …
16:16 Ticket #3597 (Entries for Time Zones showing up in more than one view, with inconsistent ...) closed by srl
16:14 Ticket #3638 (More efficient testing in DisplayCollisions) closed by srl
16:13 Ticket #2844 (Add sideways aliases for numbering systems - deprecate zeroDigit and ...) closed by srl
16:12 Ticket #3463 (CLDRFile only resolves one level of aliases) closed by srl
15:28 Ticket #3935 (Add more descriptions for number format patterns.) created by mark
Make clear what can and can't be done in the number formats. In …
15:07 Ticket #3934 (deprecate choice attribute for currency symbol) created by mark
We still have some spec references like: The <currencies> list can …
14:43 Ticket #3861 (Fix data errors found during ICU integration) closed by srl
14:39 Ticket #3096 (CLDR 2.0 Integration/Merge activities) closed by srl
12:56 Ticket #3933 (Fix DTD for widths) created by mark
We have <!ATTLIST monthWidth type ( abbreviated| narrow | wide) …


19:52 Ticket #3932 (Remove commonlyUsed and most short metazone data) created by mark
There is a collection of data about short metazones and commonly-used at …
18:47 Ticket #3931 (Document change in usage for <alias>) created by mark
Document that we will only use alias in two circumstances * in root, of …


20:28 Ticket #3930 (Remove whole-alias files) created by mark
We had planned to remove the whole-alias files, but refrained because it …
20:14 Ticket #3929 (missing likely subtags) created by mark
The following are missing likely subtags. …
12:30 Ticket #3928 (compiler warning cleanup) created by srl
12:19 Ticket #3927 (LDML2ICUConverter failure on Greek break iterator data) created by yoshito
I'm experiencing the error below while generating ICU data from CLDR tag …
11:38 Ticket #3926 (Fix name of 419) created by mark
We changed the English name, but many translators didn't pick that up. I …


18:44 Ticket #3632 (Exception in CheckDates) closed by srl
18:43 Ticket #3779 (All currency values don't show in ST) closed by srl
18:31 Ticket #3839 (Remove losing items from the published data.) closed by srl
18:29 Ticket #3844 (Correct inconsistent SVN properties on files) closed by srl
18:16 Ticket #3450 (Request for adding new locale for Walser language) closed by srl
17:11 Ticket #3689 (Update ST control page) closed by srl
fixed: Thanks. Also added a note about how to change the message.
17:06 Ticket #1355 (Do performance work on CLDR tools) closed by srl
11:45 Ticket #3346 (Short types in supplementalMetadata.xml) closed by yoshito
duplicate: We decided not to include short ID only used by BCP47 identifiers in …
10:50 Ticket #3925 (Tag the release 2.0) closed by yoshito


22:40 Ticket #3575 (typing error in web page) closed by emmons
22:39 Ticket #3647 (Consider weakening "contributed" slightly) closed by emmons
22:34 Ticket #2868 (Request for adding new locale for Asturian language) closed by emmons
fixed: No data was provided for this locale in the 2.0 timeframe. If you wish to …
22:32 Ticket #3717 (Metazones not zooming) closed by emmons
22:29 Ticket #3649 ("missing" and "en changed but <locale> did not" do not allow entry of new ...) closed by emmons
22:28 Ticket #3070 (PRI to modify collation rules for script reordering) closed by emmons
22:27 Ticket #3506 (English exemplar city name) closed by emmons
22:24 Ticket #3667 (Construct fallbackRegionFormats where missing) closed by emmons
22:19 Ticket #3854 (remove more references) closed by emmons
22:17 Ticket #3920 (Fix discussion of coverage levels (temporary patch)) closed by emmons
18:49 Ticket #2960 (Support inflected forms of units for use with "ago") closed by norbert
duplicate: Yes, http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/ticket/3455 appears to solve this …
15:24 Changeset [5899] by emmons
cldrbug 3925: Tag release-2-0
15:24 Ticket #3925 (Tag the release 2.0) created by emmons
15:06 Changeset [5898] by emmons
cldrbug 3923: Update tests for 2.0
15:06 Ticket #3924 (Internal error for NFKC_Casefold page) created by armbrecht@…
Requesting the URL …
14:57 Ticket #3923 (Update the test data ( BRS item B04 )) created by emmons
Update the tests for 2.0 per BRS
14:06 Changeset [5897] by emmons
cldrbug 3804: Move sa and wo collations to seed
12:42 Ticket #3922 (Update CLDR root collations for Unicode 6.1 UCA DUCET) created by pedberg
When Unicode DUCET is updated for Unicode 6.1 to address the CLDR-proposed …
12:14 Ticket #3921 (Fix description of coverage levels) created by mark
The principles documented for how to do coverage have fallen out of date. …
12:13 Ticket #3920 (Fix discussion of coverage levels (temporary patch)) created by mark
11:56 Ticket #3659 (Need more detailed explanation for ...) closed by emmons
11:51 Changeset [5896] by mdavis
cldrbug 3697: update tools for charts
11:44 Ticket #3646 ("Missing country for timezone America/North_Dakota/Beulah") closed by yoshito
duplicate: reported by cldrbug 3531 already.
11:38 Ticket #1900 (Pakistan, first day of week may be incorrect) closed by yoshito
invalid: I found several Pakistan government pages including month calendar - using …
11:17 Ticket #1716 (supplemental -> First day of week(South Korea) errors) closed by yoshito
invalid: Multiple sources indicate Sunday is more dominant. Closing this as …
11:04 Ticket #1562 (Days in week (min) for French territories) closed by yoshito
duplicate: Beyond changes done as a part of cldrbug 3500, we'll handle each …
09:53 Ticket #3452 (Document =0/1 (was No 'zero' plural rule for English?)) closed by emmons
01:20 Ticket #3525 (Supplemental data : territory containment - EU) closed by pedberg
01:17 Ticket #3554 (Include the Breton language in the list) closed by pedberg
01:07 Ticket #3614 (CheckDates) closed by pedberg
00:53 Ticket #3512 (Provide method for testing outdated values) closed by pedberg
00:34 Ticket #3527 (make a way for ST to export+checkin changed VXML automatically) closed by pedberg
00:21 Ticket #3791 (Inconsistent language list entries for language/locales in zh_Hant) closed by pedberg
00:20 Ticket #3907 (Updates to POSIX utilities due to structure changes in CLDR 2.0) closed by pedberg
00:17 Ticket #3796 (Give Error on mixed scripts) closed by pedberg
00:10 Ticket #3747 (Summary ticket for most problematic Czech data in CLDR 2.0) closed by pedberg
fixed: Split off cldrbug 3919: to cover the appropriate fixes from this that were …
00:09 Ticket #3919 (More Czech fixes - follow-on) created by pedberg
Follow-on to cldrbug 3747: to handle the appropriate fixes suggested there …


22:40 Ticket #2966 (Zone name for Pacific/Truk) closed by emmons
22:39 Ticket #3822 (Many values have space-space) closed by emmons
22:35 Ticket #3905 (Clean up import statements for CLDR 2.0) closed by emmons
17:06 Ticket #3918 (Need to revise time zone format for Indonesia) created by kotest@…
Linguistic review of a product based on ICU/CLDR introduced the following …
17:00 Ticket #3917 (Indonesian Relative Date format issues) created by kotest@…
Linguistic review of a product based on ICU/CLDR introduced the following …
16:36 Ticket #3916 (Indonesian date format separator incorrect) created by kotest@…
In a linguistic review of a product based on ICU/CLDR, we received the …
16:23 Ticket #3915 (Amendment to Irish (gd) plural rules) created by Michael Bauer <fios@…>
The existing …
16:13 Ticket #3914 (Data for new locale (gd)) created by Michael Bauer <fios@…>
Submitting the xml for Scottish Gaelic (gd; gd-GB). Based mostly on the …
13:57 Ticket #3913 (At least one language for each script, and script for language) created by mark
On …
12:11 Changeset [5895] by emmons
cldrbug 3697: Update charts for 2.0 beta


15:41 Ticket #3912 (Move all generated data into separate directory) created by mark
There is an item open to move hard-coded arrays in CLDRFile into a …
15:39 Ticket #3911 (getParent not completely fixed) created by mark
When a pass was made to fix getParent (so that parent(zh_Hant) = root), …
15:37 Ticket #3503 (Submitting puntuation exemplars i hopeless...) closed by yoshito
15:34 Ticket #3624 (Point to Translation Guidelines) closed by yoshito
14:49 Ticket #3910 (mark Myanmar as collation-compressible) created by mark
from: http://bugs.icu-project.org/trac/ticket/8129 ICU 4.6/UCA 6.0 …
14:44 Ticket #3909 (script reordering: separate primary lead bytes for Han implicits vs. ...) created by mark
from http://bugs.icu-project.org/trac/ticket/8067 Currently, we cannot …
13:46 Ticket #3824 (Data resolution for currencies.) closed by yoshito
13:43 Changeset [5894] by emmons
cldrbug 3907: POSIX for CLDR 2.0
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.