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18:24 Ticket #3722 (NPE because ResolvingSource asks for getFullPathAtDPath of alias ...) closed by jchye
moot: Can't reproduce, and ResolvingSource.fillKeys has been removed since then.
18:23 Ticket #4149 (Test for CheckConsistentCasing not working properly) closed by jchye
cannot-reproduce: I couldn't reproduce the bug, feel free to reopen this if it continues to …
18:11 Ticket #4282 (Chinese calendar formats need era, Gregorian year, or ?) created by pedberg
Chinese calendar dates are not normally shown with an era, and the era in …
16:51 Ticket #4281 (Turkish date format patterns inconsistent) created by markus
For Turkish date formats (gregorian, numeric months M or MM), some …
13:52 Ticket #3810 (Display collision - Russian 003 vs. 021) closed by mark
duplicate: duplicate of 3699
13:32 Ticket #3435 (Use the collation import feature) closed by mark
duplicate: Dup of 3948
10:13 Ticket #4280 (Buggy date patterns for Romansh (rm)) created by sascha@…
A Romansh native speaker told me that some date formatting rules are …


20:20 Ticket #4129 (Revert some currencies symbols) reopened by eriksencosta@…
Mark, Here are some information regarding this ticket: 1. Brazil - …
12:14 Ticket #4279 (<BELL> in POSIX locales supplied by CLDR) created by corporate@…
Unicode co-opted the name BELL for U+1F514. This potentially conflicts …


19:03 Ticket #4278 (Use the copy keyword to bring down the size of POSIX locale files) created by kent.karlsson14@…
POSIX allows for the use of the "copy" keyword, for each individual …


15:51 Ticket #4268 (Missing Semicolon in RBNF Rules sv.xml) reopened by hanskrentel@…
Sorry to bother again, can you please take a look if the following …
13:52 Ticket #4268 (Missing Semicolon in RBNF Rules sv.xml) closed by emmons
as-designed: Actually, it's not an error. This is sort of an oddity based on the way …
12:31 Changeset [6313] by jchye
cldrbug 4197: Fix bug in Vetting Viewer caused by previous optimization.
12:31 Changeset [6312] by emmons
cldrbug 4178: Add additional numbering systems for scripts in Unicode BMP


17:37 Ticket #4277 (Remove <icu:isLeapMonth> processing from LDML2ICUConverter) created by pedberg
LDML2ICUConverter contains code to process the non-LDML ICU-specific …
16:46 Changeset [6311] by jchye
cldrbug 4151: Write locale casing information used by …
15:51 Ticket #2735 (Need DTD fix for the likelySubtagsTest) closed by mark
15:49 Ticket #2697 (Finish "supported levels") closed by mark
15:47 Ticket #2675 (Fixing factbook tools) closed by mark
15:42 Ticket #2650 (Clean up LDML2ICUConverter) closed by mark
duplicate: duplicate of 3956
15:40 Ticket #2538 (Add lists, index characters, dayPeriods to coverage) closed by mark
15:21 Ticket #2534 (Feedback on URL ?|xpath=3928|forum=ksh|_=ksh) closed by mark
15:08 Ticket #2312 (Tests doesn't handle draft statuses correctly) closed by mark
moot: We decided to retract the test data, because it was too difficult to …
14:59 Changeset [6310] by emmons
cldrbug 4264: Fix bad region names in seh locale
14:52 Ticket #4276 (Duration format for fr-FR) created by Bmshk L <kotest@…>
The most dominant format for duration in FR seems to be H h mm, not HH:mm …
08:41 Changeset [6309] by emmons
cldrbug 4130: Document the deprecation of commonlyUsed


18:42 Ticket #1112 (Add structure for aliases to transforms.) closed by mark
duplicate: obsoleted by 3976
16:29 Changeset [6308] by emmons
cldrbug 4263: Fix empty strings in African data
16:28 Changeset [6307] by srloomis
cldrbug 4182: check in libs
16:13 Changeset [6306] by emmons
cldrbug 4273: Remove EOR rules until 22 release meeting
15:26 Changeset [6305] by emmons
cldrbug 3825: Data consistency fixes for metazones
13:21 Ticket #4275 (Trying to locate report on how complete the various locales are) created by debbie
I'm trying to locate a report (with a chart?) showing how complete the …
12:03 Ticket #4274 (Change Japanese short date format for Gregorian calendar to use 4-digit ...) created by yoshito
Japanese short date format for Gregorian calendar is currently "yy/MM/dd". …
11:17 Ticket #4273 (Temporarily remove EOR rules for v21 release) created by emmons
Will revisit for the v22 release.
11:09 Ticket #4269 (Irish weeks begin on Sunday) closed by chrish
as-designed: The first day of week was moved to Monday under 2052 (and ultimately …
10:56 Ticket #4272 (ST must read/write from seed) created by srl
if something's in seed, still read it, but write it back to seed. Note …
10:32 Ticket #4261 (Time Format for France, Belgium) closed by mark
as-designed: Both formats appear to be in common use, even on the same page, see …
10:24 Ticket #4257 (Suggest including QU region code in supplementalData.xml) closed by yoshito
as-designed: The deprecated code "QU" is available in supplementalMetadata.xml …


18:39 Ticket #4271 (MMMd items are no longer hidden by MMMMd, fix resulting errs) created by pedberg
With the fix to ICU ticket http://bugs.icu-project.org/trac/ticket/7930, …
11:39 Ticket #4248 (CLDR 21m2 integration & release) closed by emmons


08:02 Ticket #4270 (Volapük locale vo_GB needed) created by everson@…
I would like to populate a locale for the Volapük language. I need help to …
08:01 Ticket #4269 (Irish weeks begin on Sunday) created by everson@…
Although the European Union counts weeks from Monday, Irish calendars …


21:19 Ticket #4268 (Missing Semicolon in RBNF Rules sv.xml) created by hanskrentel@…
In [http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/browser/trunk/common/rbnf/sv.xml#L241


16:53 Changeset [6304] by jchye
cldrbug 4267: Remove LocaleChangeRegistry and Registerable from the Survey …
12:33 Changeset [6303] by jchye
cldrbug 4267: Remove MuxedSource since it's unused to avoid unnecessary …
12:32 Ticket #4267 ([branch] Replace LocaleChangeRegistry with a better update notifier) created by jchye
Currently, the Survey Tool accumulates cached locale data in the …


18:29 Changeset [6302] by jchye
cldrbug 4216: Fix broken reference to removed method …
16:27 Ticket #4266 (Add example to ST showing quotations) created by mark
It's hard for translators to see the effects of the different quotations, …


17:55 Ticket #4265 (Polish MF->Sint Maarten probably wrong) created by markus
I see that in Polish (pl), the region name for MF is "Sint Maarten". This …
17:43 Changeset [6301] by jchye
cldrbug 4216: Merge refactoring into trunk
16:24 Ticket #4264 (many bad "seh" region names) created by markus
The seh.xml file has many suspect region display names. Please remove or …
16:06 Ticket #4263 (empty display names) created by markus
There are empty display names in CLDR. Please remove them (or put real …


18:09 Changeset [6300] by mdavis
cldrbug 4249: fixed small bugs in segmentation for U6.1
14:43 Ticket #4262 (Date Format for South Africa) created by Bmshk L <kotest@…>
ICU/CLDR show short date for en-ZA as yyyy/MM/dd. However, official sites …
14:39 Ticket #4261 (Time Format for France, Belgium) created by Bmshk L <kotest@…>
ICU/CLDR show short time format for fr-BE and fr-FR as HH:mm, but all 3 …


15:55 Changeset [6299] by ricksvn
cldrbug 3929: Added Interlingua in Sweden, and Esperanto in San Marino …
14:27 Changeset [6298] by ricksvn
cldrbug 4043: Updated status of TZM in Morocco.
13:28 Changeset [6297] by ricksvn
cldrbug 4086: Added Danish in Germany (minority).


22:55 Changeset [6296] by srloomis
cldrbug 4182: hack in progress, in memory
15:37 Ticket #4260 (Create additional country list in genetive case for Russian) created by stenshamn@…
In some cases, UI items preceding a list of country names require this …


15:46 Changeset [6295] by yoshito
cldrbug 4259: Added Chinese calendar data in ja.xml and corrected/updated …
15:43 Ticket #4259 (Chinese calenadar data updates) created by yoshito
#4231 added Chinese calendar data (year/month pattern) to root and …
14:49 Changeset [6294] by emmons
cldrbug 4241: Fix spelling error in rn
14:45 Changeset [6293] by emmons
cldrbug 4240: Use Kazakhstani Tenge symbol


18:07 Ticket #4257 (Suggest including QU region code in supplementalData.xml) created by ccornelius
Consider adding this back into <codeMappings> <territoryCodes type="QU" …
10:32 Ticket #4231 (Add cyclic year name support for Chinese calendar) closed by yoshito
10:19 Ticket #4232 (Deprecate pattern character 'l', add pattern character 'U') closed by yoshito
10:07 Ticket #4162 (Hawaii-Aleutian Time) closed by yoshito


15:31 Ticket #4256 (Restore region codes in supplementalData.xml) created by ccornelius
The latest release of CLDR removed several region codes from …
14:44 Ticket #4255 (Add milestone page) created by mark
Markus suggested that we have a milestone page on the cldr site, with …


19:26 Changeset [6292] by emmons
cldrbug 3825: Data consistency fixes for metazones
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.