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16:39 Build of CLDR Exhaustive [13791] on azure-test2 completed
16:14 Changeset [13791] by pedberg
cldrbug 10731: move emoji keywords (i.e. all annotations) back to modern …
13:43 Build of CLDR Exhaustive [13790] on azure-test2 completed
13:37 Ticket #10789 (German am/pm: German strings or English AM/PM?) created by markus
CLDR 32 Survey Tool input changed a few of the German am/pm strings from …
13:18 Changeset [13790] by scherer
cldrbug 10735: revert German am/pm strings to CLDR 31 values: German …
12:36 Ticket #10788 (Currency fraction digits for currencies including COP, IDR, and others) created by shane
From IcuBug:13484 > The default currency format for locale 'es-CO' and …
11:24 Ticket #10748 (rKiQDSCHOmgAc4YZOCl0d5iTXMc) closed by fredrik
08:42 Build of CLDR Exhaustive [13789] on azure-test2 completed
08:21 Changeset [13789] by sascha
cldrbug 10350: IPA transcription for Farsi
08:12 Build of CLDR Exhaustive [13788] on azure-test2 completed
07:52 Ticket #10787 (Restructure the GeneratePickerData.java categories) created by mark
Change the code for GeneratePickerData.java to generate characters for …
07:49 Changeset [13788] by mdavis
cldrbug 10597: initial work
01:11 Ticket #10728 (Restore the BGN transliterations) closed by mark


22:41 Build of CLDR Exhaustive [13787] on azure-test2 completed
22:18 Changeset [13787] by pedberg
cldrbug 10728: move BGN transliterations with status="provisional" to …
21:04 Ticket #10786 (Broken link on CLDR "translation guidelines" page) created by shane
On this page: https://sites.google.com/site/cldr/translation/characters
19:40 Ticket #10712 (Reset Expert status on non-regular attendees) closed by kristi
fixed: Is tracked in SBRS now.
19:34 Ticket #10259 (ST: Cannot create new forum posts) closed by kristi
cannot-reproduce: No vetter feedback received
06:15 Ticket #10785 (Updates in Scripts and Languages sections.) created by srinidhi.pinkpetals24@…
This ticket lists the updates required in CLDR Supplemental Data mainly …


08:02 Ticket #10784 (Prepositions within DateTime formats of specific locales) created by Markus Fasselt <markus.fasselt@…>
I noticed that some locales are missing a preposition within their …


18:55 Ticket #10783 (Inconsistency for durationUnitPattern for af-NA and af) created by xbtsw.chen@…
As I understand from the spec, the "h" in durationUnitPattern should …
08:50 Ticket #10782 (Chakma Keyboard) created by sarojchakma20@…
Please find the attached files of New Chakma Keyboard(Layout) of Windows & …
04:38 Ticket #10781 (BRS: Change in Subdivision codes) created by mark
The following country codes have subdivision changes, based on an ISO …
02:50 Ticket #10780 (Add “Yakut” as alternate English name for the Sakha language) created by sascha
Should there be an entry to have “Yakut” as an alternate name for the …


10:54 Ticket #10723 (Configure for v33 contribution scope) closed by mark
as-designed: Decided to do manually
06:09 Ticket #10779 (Minus Sign in Swedish locale "sv" wrong) created by jon.cederqvist@…
The Swedish locale "sv", with default numbering system latn, has minusSign …


13:07 Ticket #10778 (Unnecessary space preceding percentage sign in Russian (ST Forum)) created by qhpn87@…
According to linguist and regional review, a space should not be added in …
02:49 Ticket #10777 (Really document diff between defaultContent, likelySubtags, ...) created by mark
There is a significant difference among each of the following: 1. …


18:51 Ticket #10776 (Translitration for Javanese script) created by bknliem@…
09:54 Ticket #10775 (Number spellout in Tok Pisin) created by sascha
Here’s number spellout rules for the Tok Pisin language [tpi], from Jonas …
06:52 Ticket #10774 (Does CLDR have an ECCN classification?) created by johan.haverhals@…
Along with [Globalize|https://github.com/globalizejs/globalize], we need …


09:45 Ticket #10773 (For Errors on the Priority items, show comprehensive) created by mark
We need to stamp out all errors, before releasing. But users don't see …
09:43 Ticket #10772 (Provide examples of Formatting fields in dates) created by mark
Eg for months, in a format like: "Jan 12" So when a user looks at the …
09:42 Ticket #10771 (Add emoji images to ST) created by mark
If someone's computer isn't updated, they won't see the new emoji images …
01:54 Ticket #10770 (Incorrect German translation of some date format items) created by eflarup@…
Since the German locale data uses different translations for abbreviated …


15:01 Ticket #10769 (New code for Montenegrin: cnr) created by mark
There is a new code that will show up in the language subtag registry at …


13:10 Ticket #10768 (Translation guide udpate: Country/region-Territory) created by kristi
Prosed updates to http://cldr.unicode.org/translation/country-names.
12:14 Ticket #10767 (Short currency formats for pt (ST Forum)) created by alanhzhao@…
It looks like CLDR 32 changed the standard and accounting currency formats …
07:18 Ticket #10766 (Fix examples under Number Format Patterns) created by mark
Two problems that Chiara and I noticed while going through the ST. In …


16:09 Ticket #10765 (New region(s) only in root) created by cira@…
Fallback for these is in English, for all locales. We should work on …


22:23 Ticket #10764 (Extra space in currency format for fr_CH) created by shane
The currency pattern for fr_CH is: […] This was added from the Survey …
11:21 Ticket #10754 (Add variants to likelySubtags) closed by mark
needs-more-info: Need to resolve questions and look at priority.
11:12 Ticket #10761 (Language name variants are missing in v32 XMLs) closed by mark
as-designed: At some point we decided to clean up the data by removing superfluous …


07:21 Ticket #10763 (Transform Devanagari from/to Grantha) created by sascha
Because the Grantha script has been encoded at a constant offset to …


11:38 Ticket #10762 (ru: translation of "Islands" in territory names is all over the place) created by fredrik
Reviewing territory names in Russian on …


10:43 Milestone 32 completed


23:05 Ticket #10584 (CLDR 32 BRS Activities) closed by pedberg
22:44 Ticket #10727 (tzdata2017c) closed by pedberg
14:20 Build of CLDR Exhaustive [13786] on azure-test2 completed
14:15 Build of CLDR ALL [13786] on azure-build1 completed
13:59 Build of CLDR Exhaustive [13785] on azure-test2 completed
13:54 Build of CLDR ALL [13785] on azure-build1 completed
13:54 Changeset [13786] by emmons
cldrbug 10759: SBRS task S38 - Use -z build instead of -z final_testing
13:35 Changeset [13785] by emmons
cldrbug 10759: SBRS item S36 - Update ICU/Guava/Gson to latest versions
10:13 Ticket #10761 (Language name variants are missing in v32 XMLs) created by kristi
Language names variants that had the code in previous release are not …
04:17 Ticket #10760 (CLDR Tools fails to build with ErrorProne) created by shane
Error that gets printed: […] I think this line is intended to be: …
02:12 Build of CLDR Exhaustive [13784] on azure-test2 completed


23:43 Build of CLDR ALL [13784] on azure-build1 completed
23:25 Changeset [13784] by emmons
cldrbug 10759: SBRS item S18 - Bump version numbers to 33.
22:48 Ticket #10759 (CLDR 33 Release Prep) created by emmons
SBRS activities - start of release 33.
22:13 Ticket #10757 (Prepare proposed update LDML TR35 spec for release 33) closed by emmons
22:10 Ticket #10610 (BRS Items [Mark]) closed by emmons
19:22 Ticket #10758 (Remove MyanmarZawgyiConverter.java) created by shane
16:53 Build of CLDR ALL [13783] on azure-build1 completed
16:34 Changeset [13783] by ricksvn
cldrbug 10757: Prepare boilerplate UTS #35 files with proposed-update …
16:33 Ticket #10757 (Prepare proposed update LDML TR35 spec for release 33) created by rick
This is the bug for boilerplate. Prepare the UTS #35 spec with "proposed …
11:34 Ticket #9594 (CLDR ticket filing should request signing CLA for data or patch ...) closed by srl
11:15 Ticket #10756 (clean up initial-titlecase code) created by markus
Follow-up on ticket:10367 comment 7 on r13762. - call simpler apply() …
10:34 Ticket #10367 (stop using UCharacter.toTitleFirst()) closed by mark
fixed: Past the release date. Please see if the changes in …
10:32 Ticket #9370 (fr_CH: request to change decimal separator and currency symbol placement) closed by mark
opened ticket:10755 since the situation may need review.
10:31 Ticket #10755 (Consider changing decimal/currencyDecimal in fr_CH) created by mark
From ticket:9370 Changes were: …
00:46 Ticket #10754 (Add variants to likelySubtags) created by sascha
Should variant subtags be added to likelySubtags.xml? For example, in …
00:32 Ticket #10753 (Add localized names for language "ars") created by pedberg
CLDR already has names in en and ar for language "ars" (here in ICU …


23:58 Ticket #10752 (i18n string concatenation) created by sascha
It would be nice if CLDR could define rules and supporting data for i18n …
11:26 Ticket #10751 (Stray glyphs in Mongolian (mn) definition) created by a@…
Characters […] are not part of Mongolian. Why are they included in …
09:48 Ticket #10750 (New Japanese era name) created by emmons
Japanese era (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Japanese_era_names) …


13:25 Ticket #10749 (Translation Guides page clean up/readiness for v33) created by kristi
Update the Translation guides landing page for starting v33. …


07:07 Ticket #10748 (rKiQDSCHOmgAc4YZOCl0d5iTXMc) created by andy_dunston@…


22:50 Ticket #10747 (Issues with the local Bangla (Bangladesh)) created by nasir8891@…
Hi, I would like to contribute for Bangla (Bangladesh) and created an …


06:45 Ticket #10746 (Add territory to Occitan (oc)) created by pageorge@…
Occitan is also commonly spoken in some locations in Spain and Italy, as …


20:52 Ticket #10745 (Merge emoji into CLDR root, add emoji reordering group) created by mark
It is very clumsy to sort emoji properly if you don't have one of the …
08:50 Ticket #10744 (Add Choctaw exemplar characters) created by sascha
Add Choctaw exemplar characters. See …


18:39 Ticket #10743 (CLDR 32 availableLocales.json includes invalid locale "yue") created by kipcole9@…
Congrats on another great release. One small issue: …
14:46 Ticket #10742 (Change of format for timestamps in metazone data) created by matt.johnson@…
In http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr35/tr35-dates.html#Metazone_Names
14:02 Changeset [13782] by pedberg
cldrbug 10584: copy tags/release-32 to tags/latest
14:02 Changeset [13781] by pedberg
cldrbug 10584: delete current tag latest so we can re-tag it
11:34 Changeset [13780] by emmons
cldrbug 10584: tag CLDR release-32
11:31 Ticket #10741 (Pepare LDML TR35 spec for release 32) closed by emmons
11:19 Build of CLDR ALL [13779] on azure-build1 completed
10:59 Changeset [13779] by ricksvn
cldrbug 10741: Prepped for CLDR 32 release. De-yellowed, bumped date, etc. …
10:58 Ticket #10741 (Pepare LDML TR35 spec for release 32) created by rick
De-yellow and check changes, bump date, etc.
10:04 Ticket #8208 (Make language groups be data-driven (partly done)) closed by yoshito
09:39 Ticket #10679 (Chakma missing its autonym) closed by mark
fixed: Ok, sorry.
02:36 Ticket #10556 (Need spaces between units and numbers: Spanish, etc.) closed by roozbeh
02:31 Ticket #10498 (Persian GMT offsets have sign at wrong side) closed by roozbeh


14:45 Ticket #10557 (Drop space before % in Spanish?) closed by fredrik
fixed: Confirmed with our in-house Mexican translator that there should be no …
12:57 Ticket #9937 (Back end support for emoji annotations in the ST for the summer release) closed by pedberg
12:42 Build of CLDR ALL [13778] on azure-build1 completed
12:25 Changeset [13778] by ricksvn
cldrbug 10584: Minor HTML typo fixed.


06:19 Ticket #10740 (IPA transcription for Maori, Amele, Usan) created by sascha
03:10 Ticket #10739 (Wrong glyph in Kyrgyz (Kirghiz) XML) created by a@…
In https://unicode.org/cldr/trac/browser/trunk/common/main/ky.xml#L861 ӊ …
02:59 Ticket #10738 (Wrong glyph in Kyrgyz (Kirghiz) XML) created by a@…
In http://unicode.org/repos/cldr/trunk/common/main/ky.xml
02:52 Ticket #10737 ("speed-kilometer-per-hour" in br.xml not correct) created by thierry.vignaud@…
00:28 Ticket #10418 (Add exemplar chars to Sindhi) closed by shervin
00:15 Ticket #10047 (Add name of Tai Dam [blt] in itself) closed by mark
00:14 Ticket #10585 (hu: corrections to Persian and Coptic calendar months) closed by mark
00:13 Ticket #10569 (Occitan language: mistake) closed by mark
00:13 Ticket #10605 (tr: typo in translation of "Caribbean Netherlands") closed by mark
00:12 Ticket #10583 (nn: Currency names are inconsistently in singular and plural) closed by mark
00:12 Ticket #10531 (fr: need to push through some changes in Comprehensive) closed by mark
00:11 Ticket #10348 (Enable entry of translations for languages frc, lou) closed by mark
00:10 Ticket #10341 (CLDR main data for Chakma) closed by mark
fixed: Replying to sascha: > I’ve now manually merged Bivuti’s bulk …
00:09 Ticket #10115 (Run exemplars data through data check) closed by mark
00:08 Ticket #9847 (Add yue_Hans locale) closed by mark
00:04 Ticket #10170 (Wrong examples in date field symbol table) closed by mark
00:03 Ticket #10538 (Mistaken y instead of Y for "week of year") closed by mark
00:02 Ticket #10233 (Spec should clarify use of B and b in skeletons) closed by mark
00:01 Ticket #10231 (English yw patterns should use Y) closed by mark
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