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Updates and Errata

The following is a list of errata noted for The Unicode Standard, Version 10.0, its code charts, annexes, the Unicode Character Database, and the text and data files for other synchronized specifications. It is periodically updated to include corrections to typographic errors and new clarifications of the text. This list also includes errata noted for the text of The Unicode Standard, Version 10.0—Core Specification.

Current Errata Notices

Date  Summary 
2018-03-16 The glyphs for Brahmi U+1105D BRAHMI NUMBER THIRTY and U+1105E BRAHMI NUMBER FORTY are being changed to reflect earlier sources. The headstroke in 30 appears in later stages of Brahmi, not in the earliest sources. The earliest sources of 40 have a symmetrical form. The current glyphs in the charts are shown on the left. They will be replaced by the glyphs shown on the right (reflecting the earlier sources).

U+033B old and new        U+033B old and new
2018-01-31 The glyphs shown for two Brahmi characters are incorrect, and will be updated in a future version of the standard. The addition of the dotted box to the glyphs reflects the unusual formatting requirements typical of jihvamuliya and upadhmaniya characters in historic scripts of India. The affected characters are U+11003 BRAHMI SIGN JIHVAMULIYA and U+11004 BRAHMI SIGN UPADHMANIYA. The old glyphs are shown on the left, and the corrected glyphs are shown on the right.

U+033B old and new        U+033B old and new

Reports of errors in published documents, such as the Unicode Standard itself or Unicode Technical Reports, may be filed using the Unicode Consortium's contact form. If confirmed, and depending on the nature of the reported error, an erratum may be posted on this page, to be fixed in subsequent editions of the Standard or related specifications.

Formal corrigenda notices for the Unicode Standard can be found at Corrigenda to the Unicode Standard. Corrigenda for the Unicode CLDR are posted at Unicode CLDR Corrigenda. Errata notices for Unicode CLDR and its related specification, UTS #35: Locale Data Markup Language (LDML) can be found in the various release notes accessed from the Unicode CLDR Downloads page. For information regarding current bug reports for Unicode CLDR, see Unicode CLDR Bug Tracking Available Reports.

Archived Errata Fixed in Prior Versions

Updates to Prior to Incorporated in
Unicode 9.0 2017-June-20 Unicode 10.0
Unicode 8.0 2016-June-21 Unicode 9.0
Unicode 7.0 2015-June-17 Unicode 8.0
Unicode 6.3 2014-June-16 Unicode 7.0
Unicode 6.2 2013-September-26 Unicode 6.3
Unicode 6.1 2012-September-26 Unicode 6.2
Unicode 6.0 2012-January-31 Unicode 6.1
Unicode 5.2 2010-October-11 Unicode 6.0
Unicode 5.1 2009-October-1 Unicode 5.2
Unicode 5.0 2008-March-15 Unicode 5.1
Unicode 4.1 2006-July-14 Unicode 5.0
Unicode 4.0 2005-March-31 Unicode 4.1
Unicode 3.2 2003-April-17 Unicode 4.0
Unicode 3.1 2002-March-25 Unicode 3.2
Unicode 3.0 2001-March-23 Unicode 3.1