Kris Holmes is President of Bigelow & Holmes Inc. She is the designer or co-designer of more than ninety typefaces, including the Lucida family, Microsoft Wingdings, the Apple TrueType "City" fonts (Chicago, Monaco, New York, and Geneva), Apple Chancery GX, and Isadora script. Her calligraphy and lettering have appeared in Scientific American, The Seybold Report, International Calligraphy Today, and other publications, and she is on the editorial board of Written Language and Literacy.

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International Unicode Conferences are organized by Global Meeting Services, Inc., (GMS). GMS is pleased to be able to offer the International Unicode Conferences under an exclusive license granted by the Unicode Consortium. All responsibility for conference finances and operations is borne by GMS. The independent conference board serves solely at the pleasure of GMS and is composed of volunteers active in Unicode and in international software development. All inquiries regarding International Unicode Conferences should be addressed to info@global-conference.com.

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